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VITO AND FOSTER DAD Peter Maters vito in holland
Vito flew to his new family this evening.
Here he is with foster home Peter Maters saying goodbye and also his arrival at Eindhoven airport along with other doggies.
Vito was found wandering along the countryside, with no food or water near by. Have a good long life little one xx
The other day I met up with Fede and I fede from AYDAPAAbrought him a few bags of cat food. He along with his wife Sensy Pericas run the charity ADAYPAA. These good hearted people had about 60 cats and last year and now I believe a possible 80? And are always looking for good homes for the cats, and also need help with food and vet bills. Here is Fede with the cat food and believe me when I say that it will not last very long. Last month I left 200€ at the shop so they could draw from it for cat food. If you can help in any way, please contact them
Met up with Alex Huber today, from donation of food to AlexArco Iris charity and gave him 10 x 20kg bags of dog food but he could only get 5 into his car as he was full of items from his stall at the market yesterday. I also paid off 200€ from his large vet bill. We also help him with 5 x 20kg bags of food every month.
Alex is another person that has suffered with the rains, his road is cut off and he cannot even put the food in a barrow and wheel it to the house so it is a long walk of nearly 800 meters carrying everything. If you can help him with his vet bill that will ease off the pressure as his animals always come first
In October 2015 we had a call from Angela mika finally homedOvenden about a mum and 6 pups that needed help. Angela kept the mum and after a while we homed the pups including Mika, but not long after she came back to us as things did not work out. Since then Mika had been overlook while in foster care and a few months ago her foster wanted us to take her back as the situation at home was changing so we put Mika in our kennels. We could not believe it when we had a call from the family that adopted her brother Marko when he went to Finland when he was a few months old. Mika was going to be joining her brother and this lovely family 2 years after she parted from the rest of the pups. Well after a couple of failed volunteer flights, the adoptee decided to come to Spain and fly he back. The lady flew in this morning at 10.00am and was leaving again today on another flight at 4pm. I met her at 2pm at the airport and I have to admit that even though I have not fostered Mika, I got so chocked up that she finally has a forever home with her brother and that the cycle with this mum and pups is finally concluded. I am sooooo over the moon.
Here we are at the airport with Mika’s new mum. Wishing her a long and happy life xx
Well after taking in the two dogs two days 2 abandoned pupsago that are in a bad condition, I had a call from Jill Stonehouse yesterday. She was doing a house clearance in Coin and saw these two pups under the shed. I am full at the shelter and other places, but after several phone calls I have managed a temporary foster for a few days until I can work out where to put them until a forever home can be found. Only 7 weeks old, full of fleas but quite friendly. Worming and then vaccs will follow
new pens
Any donation small or large will be gratefully received.
Due to lack of volunteers, we have had to get paid builders.
They are erecting fencing as we need extra holding/play areas for our adult dogs so we do not have so many dogs together in one pen when they are outside relaxing or waiting to be walked and this will also avoid any possible scuffles. They are also concreting two outside pens for our pups/young dogs so they can be out on a sunny day (see last pic). Plus they are doing other jobs for the benefit of the animals and the whole lot will probably be in the region of 2000euros. I have used this guys before at home and are highly recommened by us, good prices, fast workers and very professional. Coin Gardens do landscaping, gardening, swimming pools and more…
If you wish collaborate please click the donate button where there are set amounts to donate or simply press the button *Other* to enter any amount.
Thank you for your help
bob the waterdog elf the Bodeguero
We have collected these two dogs, a Waterdog and Bodeguero, no chip. The Water dog needs a good groom and could be very thin? the Bodeguero is for sure very thin. They are in our quarantine area at the moment as there are no free pens available. They both seem good friends.
Sad to think they have probably been lost or abandoned for a very long time. Hoping someone will recognise, but I doubt it?
These are the 4 Waterdog cross pups (8 weks old) that needed help and she was looking for foster homes.
I just happened to see the post and I had some pups leaving for new homes so I contact her and I offered to take them and find them homes, so now they are under our care at A.I.D.
Turns out a farmer left a box of 5 pups outside a man’s home that runs and exotic animal shop and the man took them to his shop and was giving them away free as he only stocks pure breed, by the time I got them, one had already been given away. So we have 4 girls but they are more like Mastin cross than anything else, must take after the dad?  
Unfortunately many people don’t realise that we all get so many calls and emails and that we simply cannot save them all, but do what we can and when we can xx
tammy tommy
One yesterday and two more today.
Tommy and Emma flew this evening to Holland to meet their new families.
Tommy is part of a litter of 4 pups found on the side of the road and they are all homed now. Emma was thrown over someone's garden fence
All these 5 pups have been fostered by Peter Maters
1st pic with Tommy going to Holland
2nd pic with Emma going to Belgium
Thank you to everyone involved and a happy on long live for these little ones
Trish flew this evening to Holland to meettrish adopted her new family.
She is part of a litter of 4 pups found on the side of the road.
Her sister Tammy and brother Timmy flew on the 24th October and the last pup Tommy will be flying tomorrow with little Emma who was thrown over someone's garden fence (pics of these two tomorrow)
All these 5 pups have been fostered by Peter Maters in the photo .
A big thank you to him and all that have helped..
We have been waiting a long time for LunaLuna (as she is now called) to find a forever home and 4 days ago we sent her to her new mum in Belgium.
Reason for this post is that her new mum noticed a limp when she gets up after sleeping but then seems to go away. We noticed a couple of times a limp but as young dogs play so rough and one minute they are limping and the next they are not, so we thought it was just the usual sprain in dogs. However she took her to the vet and the result is her kneecaps are loose. It’s called in vet terms Patella Luxation. She will need an operation which in Belgium will cost around 1200€ and if it is left untreated she will have problems as she gets older.
I feel so sorry for this lady because 6 years ago she adopted a little old dog from us and a short while ago he passed away at the age of 16, so we were hoping our little girl would fill that missing gap in the lady’s heart, which it has. We do not really want to bring Luna back and put her through the stress and she would still need the operation here in Spain before we find her a new home. The charity cannot afford 1200€ so we are asking for your help. I know it sounds a large quantity but just one euro from everyone on our friends list would pay for the operation. So please help, it is less than a cup of coffee. Help us to help Luna stay with her new loving family.
Please use the donate button where you will also find other options for less amounts than shown on the buttons .
Thank you xx
Has been a long day today and to finish it off my wife called me to say she met two holidaymakers that found two female pups of about 7-8 weeks old pups.
I went to collect them, then went to vets for a Parvo test, which was negative and then I saw they had several fleas, so the vet sprayed and rubbed some frontline and there must have been 50 fleas jumping out and dying on the table and the majority were around the face, usually we find them down their back near the tail. They are now in our shelter as I don’t have a foster home for them. They are nice and warm and having a good sleep with full bellies We have called them Maisy (the Brindle) & Misty (the cream) she has blue eyes

Tammy and Timmy went to Malaga airport yesterday and flew to Amsterdam with two other dogs to meet their new family.
Pics of Peter Maters who fostered these two lovely pups and also pic of arrival at Amsterdam. Thank you all that made this possible xx


Tight for room but just collected a litter of7 ABANDONED PUPS 7 x 8 week old pups from a lady, 1 boy and 6 girls. A stray dog got into her land and made her spaniel pregnant and she has been trying to find homes for them for ages but no luck. They are all under good care now. The mum is being sterilised and paid for by A.I.D.
The lovely and kind Birgit Bibi Linssen and bibi and marcus donation to AIDher husband Marcus came from Holland to Spain for a few days to meet and play with our dogs and the ones from another charity. I took them to our supplier to have a look around for items they needed and to my surprise, they left 500€ for us to take food out as required. These kind people as well as their group Bibi & friends for paws do some fantastic fund raising for the dogs we rescue and we are so grateful. While they were here 4 parcels weighing 40kg each arrived and we shall open them this weekend if the weather gets better as we are told they are full of goodies for the dogs and cats.
Thank you so much xx
Jools & Judith arrived last Thursday from volunteers at the AID shelterHolland and are going back on the 14th. They are staying in our cabin at the shelter and have come to volunteer in whichever way they can, walking the dogs, feeding and cleaning them etc.
They just told me they want to get to grips with the donated caravan that we collected this week. They are striping some of the inside, cleaning and making it habitable for some of our special case doggies and also for our dog walkers to stop of for a coffee in between walks. So kind of them. Thank you
We want to thank Pablo a lovely Spanish donated caravanman that loves his animals. He heard we were looking for a caravan and he offered his one, which we collected yesterday via Guzman’s tow trucks in Coin. We spent 45 minutes in his plot cutting branches etc so we could get it out and all went well in the end. The caravan will come in very handy for our dogs at the shelter that have problems and require a more comfortable accommodation to stay and sleep in (rather than a kennel). It will also be used by our dog walkers to have a rest and a coffee as the main cabin is used for our volunteers from abroad.
We had to pay for the transport and now we also have to pay for a metal corrugated roof and posts for over the caravan. This is a must for the heat in the summer and also for the winter as some water comes in. We are going to wash the outside and a good clean up inside as well as some minor repairs inside.
If anyone can help with a donation towards this, it will be gratefully received no matter what amount. Please click this link: Thank you
George Fifield our Shelter supervisor long term dogscame to see the 18 dogs we have at home (most are long term) and he brought with him the two shelter volunteers Nicole & Sophie, which are here until Saturday then return to the UK. Well, as you can see my doggies love new visitors and like to make them very welcomed

Do you live in Holland, UK, Germany, Finland or any other country and would like to volunteer at our shelter in Spain for 1-2 weeks in 2019?
Take a look at our video and also go to this link for information, as well as photos of some of the volunteers in 2018.

lpay area 1 play pens
`lay area 2 pens

1st & 2nd pics are of our daytime play areas where our rescued dogs can run around or relax until they are taken for a walk. 3rd pic is our other play are where different groups play together. All dogs from abut 1pm-4pm go back in their kennels for siesta, see 4th pic. They have a great life and are well taken care off by our fantastic volunteers, but you cannot beat having you own forever home so please if you want to adopt, take a look at all the lovely dogs in our website
We have a new and low adoption fee of 150 euros, which includes:
EU Passport.
Health check.
Vaccinations for Mediterranean diseases.
2 Vaccinations against Rabies.
Micro chip in your name.
Blood test for Leishmania & other diseases
Transport fee to another country is extra
If you wish to donate towards the upkeep of the shelter and all the dog's needs, then please use the donate button where you can make a donation from 1 euro or more... THANK YOU


Huge thank you to Jan and Aid Joe Safont Ruiz of Animals in Distress (AID) for the alfalfa and sugar beet for the horses. With all the rescue dogs to take care of things get a bit tight. This is a a big help and you can see from the photo it was very much appreciated. And thank you to the AID guys for delivering it too

Poppy left Peter Maters today, her poppy homeD in UKfoster home for the start of a new life in Wales, UK. Have a long and happy life with your new family xx
This is her story:
As my wife Jan was driving home just now on our dirt track, she saw movement and a brown thing in the bushes. Turned out to be a Podenco girl of perhaps 8 weeks old? Very thin, ribs showing and starving. At first she thought a wild pup? But managed to get her to come to her hand with a bit of fresh ham she had just bought. She was not expecting such a friendly little girl? So probably dumped? She is now save with us.
Yet again birgit bibi linssen, marcus linssen and the group bibi & friends for paws have gone to all the effort and gathered or collected all these lovely bibi donationitems and bagged them all up into 4 boxes and sent them to our charity here in Spain. So much effort goes into planning all this and we are very grateful to them, the people that donated the items and anyone else involved in putting this together xx
Thank you all xx
Sad world we live in. Had a call this morning about an abandoned Mastin dog in an Olive Grove in Coin and in a bad condition.nana found  starvng How long has been been around, no water or food. What can we do we are full already with others waiting to come in, but could not ignore this poor dog. Luckily a friend of ours has taken her in till things are sorted out. What a state she was in pfff. My wife collected the dog and half way to the vet the lady that originally called said there was another one, which Pat Waterhouse has now taken in. Not sure what condition hers is in but this one is covered in sores, has tic fever, absolutley covered in fleas, *high level Leishmania* and in a starving condition as well as a very bad rope or collar burn marks on her neck from being tied up a long time and seems to have a hip problem? The female we have has a chip and the owner has been contacted. Turns out that he gave the 2 sisters to a friend in Monda but the chip is still under his own name and not his friends. I have contacted him and asked him to sign the dogs over to us and Pat or I was going to denounce him for not reporting the dog lost and for not getting his friend to change chip over to his friends name. He has agreed to meet me in the morning to sign the dogs over.
They are about about 9 years old according to the chip on the one we have and with all her problems will be hard to home and will be costly to put her right. If you can donate any amount we be eternally grateful. Thank you

A SAD POST FOR US at Animals In Distress (A.I.D.)
After 8 years our Charity shop aid charity shop opposite Mercadona in Alhaurin el Grande will cease trading as A.I.D. on Thursday 30th August at 2.00pm.

This decision has been in the pipeline for quite a while now and has mainly come about due to our age, our health, the fact we also have the Second Hand Furniture Warehouse, we have the Rescue Shelter as well as 18 dogs at our home and the fact that we are always short of volunteers in most aspects of our work. Just simply too many things at hand.

We simply could not walk away and close the shop after all the effort that has been done over the years in order to help the animals, so it has been offered to the local animal charity Arca Noah and they have accepted. We ask you to carry on with your support at the shop so that they can also help more animals, a task which they have been doing for about 10 years.

The shop will be closed for 3 days:
Friday 31st of August, also Saturday 1st September and Sunday 2nd September.

Arca Noah will be pleased to see you at the shop as from Monday 3rd September.

Animals In Distress /A.I.D.), will still carry on trading to help the animals but only from the Second Hand Furniture Warehouse, which was set up to finance and support our dog shelter in Pizarra, which is where we keep most of our rescued dogs (others are in foster) and we hope to see your continued support by visiting our furniture warehouse.

Nothing else has changed, we will still be doing our regular monthly auctions at La Peña Asfahal and also other events now and then.

Thank you for all your support and thank you to all the people that have volunteered at the shop over these past 8 years.

I have a pup coming next week for 1 week due 4 abandoned pupsto an emergency, then on Monday I have another one that a lady has found and I said I did not have much room but would squeeze it in somewhere and with that, I get a call from my wife saying she heard some pups crying down a dip by the side of the road and she could not get down there, so me and Peter Maters went to investigate and in the bushes we found 3 pups. We could not hear anymore but kept searching and we found a 4th one. No mum on site and next to the 3 pups was a towel, so looks like they had been dumped
We gave them water and were really lapping it up poor little things, then we went and got puppy milk, puppy biscuits and starter pate.
The 2 on the left of the pic are males and the two on the right are females.

Leanne Posthuma and Chris Zwennis leanne & Chris donationare two lovely girls from The Netherlands that decided that rather than go on a beach holiday, they would volunteer at an animal shelter and after much searching and investigating they chose ours. The dates were agreed with them and they finally arrived at Malaga airport where we collected them last Wednesday.

Yesterday I had a lump on my throat and got a bit emotional when they gave me the most fantastic surprise.
Ever since it was agreed that they could come and volunteer, they had been creating a 29 page album with photos from how the two have been friends for 13 years and showing me the passion for animals and how they raised funds to help our charity by asking their friends to save bottle tops. They also made and sold cupcakes, clothes, made dog toys, etc all to raise funds. They also put a money tin at their local stables and at a grooming salon. Leanne also asked her parents about help if she reached a certain number grade in her studies, which she did and they gave her 3 times that , which was 77€. They also got donations at their school. Their initial goal was to reach 300€ but they actually raised 910€ but last minute donation made it 920€

These two have really gone all the way to help the dogs in our care. They are at the moment in our shelter walking dogs and other duties and we will miss their great help with the animals when they leave next Thursday.

The money raised will go towards paying off bills with the 4 vets we mainly use.

This is ANITA. She is about 9 weeks oldanita abandoned and today someone came into our shop with her, saying the found her in the street and the vet sent the person to us. She was full of fleas and ticks. We took her straight to the vets and was treated as well as de-wormed. Again we have her in temporary until she can go into foster next week with Karen Hayes. We think she will be middle to large?
For adoption inquiry please Private Message me.
Location: Malaga, Spain.
This is Lottie. She was found by the rubbish lottie abandonedbins with another pup. She is being fostered by Karen Hayes and Peter Hayes and will soon be having her vaccinations etc... For adoption inquiries please go to:

A desperate happy ending is needed urgently. lako needs helpFor this old boy was left to die twice, 1st in the road then the kill station. He was taken to a pound in the North of Spain and left untreated for 21 days which was the required time to see if his family came looking. No one came. A rescuer in the area saw his leg was broken and he was in agony and believed he deserved life. Many pleas for help failed for many reasons, space, money, time. He's had his leg pinned and is pain free. The rescuers have come to us and he will be taken care of by our volunteers at our shelter. He is taking treatment for Leishmaniosis. The main treatment will be expensive but after that it will be cheap and he may recover entirely. After all he's been through, help us fix his broken heart and put a song back into his soul. HELP US FIND A LOVING HOME.

This is a short video of him

For adoption inquiry please fill in the form in this link ,which will then be forwarded to the rescuer.


Joan Bookman contacted ICELANDS in Fuengirola and they allowed us to have a stand and ask people if we could help with filling their shopping bags at the check-out for a donation?
These 6 lovely ladies, Sally Seymour, Carmen, Joan Bookman, Ann Holloway, Tracy 1 & Tracy 2 (as we call them ) were there last Friday and split up into a morning and afternoon shift. By the end of the day, they had raised a fantastic total of 570.02 € Thank you all for giving up your day to help the charity xx
This morning I went to Malaga airport with Simone Jaspers and we said our goodbye to our lovely girl TOFFEE (1st pic, dog on the left). There we met with other organizations with dogs and all went to Holland via Podencoworld.
Good luck to all the doggies and have a happy and long live
Toffee was one of the six dogs from an owner who passed away. Four were placed by the owner's family, but Toffee and brother Sox couldn’t go anywhere. She threatened to put them out in the street or in a poor shelter. The first week they were with us they were very sad which was very understandable. Now they are happy and play with the other dogs.
Toffe on his way to Holland


we helped this man take his dog back to the UK


Yet another individual going back to UK as things are not working out over here. He approached me for help because a while ago he took in a young Mastin cross (called OSO) and simply cannot leave him behind but he does not know how to get him ready for travel and has no funds.
I told him that it will be one month before he can take the dog with him and he said he was prepared to wait because he was not leaving him behind. Last night I met him at the vet office and I got OSO his passport, cocktail with first rabies and registered the chip in his name. In four weeks time he will bring Oso back for his 2nd rabies, worming and health check and then he will be going to the UK. I wish more people would make the effort to take their animals rather than leave them behind. I know sometimes is impossible but some of the excuses I get are simply ridiculous and some people (not all) take the easy option.
Please note that we help with this sort of thing if and when we can and it can only be possible with your continued support at our shop and or donations. Please go to this link if you wish to donate and any amount large or small will be gratefully received in the page there are several options as well as our 2 Euro per month club if you wish to join?

He just wrote something he would like me to put on here:

Hi Joe

A little back story

I came here in December to take a break from the UK winter and increase my climbing ability and knowledge. Whilst here i saw an awful lot of dogs in need of some very basic attention and love, alongside some more serious cases of abhorrent neglect. It is clear to me that a lot of Spanish do not concern themselves with the basic heath requirements of their dogs. I feel they are simply there to bark at anyone approaching their properties. After some months i went to stay at a farm which had one stray dog in particular. A spanish mastiff who was abandoned and desperate for some hugs, as the area is quite rural i took to training him, walking him and generally just being there for him, he was incredibly receptive and beautiful in his character. I fell in love with him. I knew that if i left him here i would never forgive myself. One day i discovered the bones of another puppy in the garden and that was the end of the story for me, he was coming home to matter what. By this point i had run out of money, having only some cash for a flight home, i spent this on Oso's food, and arranging transport and travel to see Joe. I knew i was in the stink, but Oso was in the stink too and we were family now, so we we would be in the stink together....i took to the internet (free wifi at local cafe) and that's where i found Joe and his organisation. I explained the situation to him and he was nothing short of heroic in his response. He provided me with the opportunity to provide Oso with the necessary ingredients to get him home to England, his forever home. Where he will be free of ticks, fleas, and never sleep in the dirt outside ever again. There's a whole host of reasons to feel down about humanity when you see the state of some of these animals here in Spain, but individuals like Joe show us that there are real, genuine, honest to god heroes everywhere. I cannot thank him enough for all he's done for us, and countless other people like me who truly know what it means in this life to have a "Man's best friend" at his side. A thousand thanks from Oso and myself.


CHICA is leaving us today and will soon be with her new family in the UK.
Left, is Ramona the foster home and right is Joanne Smart of
BOY is the Chihuahua on the right on the floor, he is also looking for a forever home
This is Chica's story:
Chica came together with two other Chihuahuas from a family who could no longer take care of them because of the many journeys for their work. The first day she was a bit shy but that was soon over. Chica is in a foster family where other dogs are also cats are no problem. Chica runs neatly on the leash. This young lady likes to lie on your lap.
Romana the foster home saying goodbye to Chica
simone and nikita nikita and lisa
mnuffy and Peter muffy escort
Yesterday was a happy day, early in the morning I took the large and lovely Nikita to the airport and later on that morning Peter Maters took the very small Muffy to the airport. These two lucky doggies flew to Amsterdam to meet their new families.
1st pic Is Simone Jaspers who has been taking care of Nikita at our shelter and was saying goodbye.
2nd pic is Nikita meeting her new mum Lisa Hofman.
3rd pic is Peter Maters with Muffy, who was fostered by Sally Seymour.
4th pc is the kind flight volunteer for Muffy
Nikita's flight volunteer was the husband of one of our team at the shelter, Formy Groh.
Thank you all.
Together we make all this possible xx


Helping out at Animals in Distress for a couple of hours this morning.
Mr M below walking his namesake Gary (found abandoned by Mr M & my brother on Sierra Gorda last summer) & also Mischa. Gary the black & brown dog is very friendly & playful. Mischa is very sweet & good natured. Both were very well behaved on their leads. They would love a forever home of their own & are just 2 of the many dogs currently being housed & cared for by Animals in Distress.

The charity depends for its survival entirely on donations & the funds it manages to raise from its charity shop & second hand furniture warehouse in Alhaurin el Grande. It is one of 4 charities which will share in the monies raised by the Rambling with Al walkers at their sponsored walk on Saturday 12 May.

To find out more about this charity &/or to make a donation or to enquire about adopting a dog please see Their dogs are re-homed throughout Europe including to the UK.

There are so many abandoned dogs & cats here & others which have endured horrific cruelty & abuse. Any support you are able to give would be greatly appreciated.

gary dog walking
To Vanessa Maile & Graham and Catherine Bradley for putting last night’s fundraiser together and also for the great entertainment from all the lovely singers of Sound Bites, Ricky Leach (a lovely person), as well as D.J. Madrich for coming along to supply music for the rest of the evening. All giving their time for free.
Also, a special thank you to Anita Jordan for the use of her premises to hold this event and everyone else at Jordans Bar that kept the food and bar going during the evening and provided such good and efficient service. This lovely evening exceeded all our expectations with around 80 guests and a fantastic 800 Euros was raised for our charity.
On behalf of the animals that come under our care, Janice and I thank you from the bottom of or hearts
anita jordan

Met up with Angela Allsop last Saturday.
She has not been well due to her hip problem and difficult to get about. Angie has lots of dogs to feed and once in a while we donate food for them. This time I gave her 160Kg, which wont last long, but every little helps. Get well soon Angie

donated food
Today I said goodbye to two lovely dogs. Findley (the Yorkie) going to Scotland and fostered here by Alison Alway (van photo) and Ranger our big pup first fostered by Sally Seymour and then these last few weeks at our shelter with Simone Jaspers (see photo). He is going to Basildon. Good luck to them all and thank you to all that made this possible as well as Joanne of Smart Pets Transport
findley goes to new home Ranger goes to new home
Having a bad time this week. Had a ligament or something wrong with my shoulder for ages, which I will get over it, but have to watch what I lift etc. These past few days my friend has been bad and I have been running him to Malaga hospital, sorting his dogs etc and on top of that My wife Jan drops a piece of furniture on her foot and cracks her big toe. She has had toes bound up and has to keep bandage on for 4 weeks, so she is out of action (she says for two weeks) pfff. Anyone wanting to see her for any business, sorry but she will not be at the furniture warehouse or the charity shop until at least 2 weeks time jans cracked toe
joe & buddy - formy & pepe joe & heidi with buddy & pepe
buddy and new mum pepe & new mum
Went to Malaga airport last night with two more lucky dogs flying to Holland and meeting their new families. 1st pic is of me with Buddy, he had been fostered by Sally Seymour and next to me is Pepe with Foster home Formy. 2nd pic is of Heidy Wiegel, she kindly took the dogs to Holland for us.
They got to Rotterdam safe and met their new families (see pic 3 & 4) . 3rd pic is Buddy and 4th pic is Pepe. Wishing them all a long and happy life and a big tank you to all that made this possible xx
This Wednesday we were notified by Karen McPhee that while she was walking along a country lane she came upon a plastic crate, the type they use to carry oranges and had a cardboard cover on it that was wedged tight. Upon inspection they found inside a white dog all screwed up. How cruel can people be, especially in this hot weather, no food or water and pretty obvious she had been starved where she came from, thankfully she was found in time. Karen contacted us and although we are full, we simply had to help this dog. We asked them to go to the vet and have her checked over and yesterday we collected her. Her skin is quite bad due to flea infestation or something else and she is very thin. She is only 42cm high. This video is of her arrival at our shelter
Please help us to help these poor abandoned badly treated animals, if you can spare a donation it will be very gratefully received.
Go to this link:
bella abandoned in crate
bella starving bella with haircut and people that found her
sita then & 6 weeks later

Two different dogs? NO!!
She was found starving and came to our shelter end of Oct 2017 and after SIX WEEKS of food and love this is the result.
This is her story:
Born 2010
Dear Sita, when you were brought in to us the tears jumped into our eyes. You were more dead than alive by neglect. With a height of 70 cm your weight was only 14 kg, your fur was falling out and your eyes looked dull. You were tested for different diseases but they were negative. We didn’t believe the outcome of the tests and you were tested again, cause where people are there can be made mistakes. The blood tests did not surprise us, you were very ill and it was a miracle that you were still alive. At the same time we started with medication and special feed.

You didn’t have lost the courage yet - you are shining again and your fur was growing again. We took you on a leash for walk and knew some time ago someone must have loved you because you knew the basic commands and there was still trust in people.
Unfortunately you didn’t have a chip and searches made along long-missed dogs didn’t yield anything.
Now we are more than 5 months later and your weight has more than doubled.

This already older lady deserves to finally get a home again where she will be loved and may grow old.

Sita is still waiting for adoption.
Please PM me for adoption inquiry

Location: Malaga, Spain.
If you cannot adopt, perhaps you can sponsor Sita?

On the left is Emma Browne, she has come from UK to stay at our shelter for a few days and also brought a donation raised by her and her work colleagues at EY, which she raised back home.
In the middle is Formy, one of our regular and very helpful volunteer dog walker and on the right is Jane, she also walks our dogs as well as groom them if and when needed. Her husband David was cutting the grass at the shelter when this photo was taken. We are so grateful to all of them xx
shelter volunteers
We have been helping animals in Spain sincAID helping  abused abandoned animalse 2002 and on the 27th December 2007 we became an official charity as Animals in Distress (A.I.D.).
So many animals have been rescued and gone to forever homes as well as helping other people with their animals be it food or medical assistance. It has been hard work and it’s getting harder, but can only be done with your support via donations, purchases from our charity shops, fostering, sharing our news, volunteering at our shops, the volunteers that fly over and stay at our shelter helping the dogs... And not forgetting the hard work that our regular volunteers do at our dog shelter to make sure that the dogs have a good life while they are with us.
We also want to thank our sponsors here and in other countries as well as *our main sponsors*: Bibi & friends for paws, Lorna Barford, Emma Browne and just recently Claire Fennelly. You all make such a big difference!
Merlin & Milo (left & right) set off this morning for their journey to meet their new families in the UK. A big thank you for the wonderful job that Will Davis and Karen have done with them and to Joanne Smart who is delivering them. merlin & Milo getting ready to go to forever homes
Suzy left & Sergio right are from a female Chihuahua mum (4kg) and from an 11 year old Yorkshire Terrier male (3kg) that was rescued from a bad gypsy situation. The mum will soon be sterilized.
The pups were born 6.02.2018 (only 7 weeks old this week).
These are real cute pups and will be very small.
suzy and sergio were abandoned
Jane went to TRACES kennels this morning for a couple of days before her journey to Lincolnshire, UK to meet her new family
A big thank you to our shelter volunteers for all the commitment with our rescued dogs.
This is Jane. A young shepherd girl who lost and aimlessly walked along the way. A few times she was seen in the nearby village of 8 km from the shelter. A few days later she walked near the shelter and we were able to catch her. She wandered a long time in the countryside in search of food and water. We are relieved that we have her now safe and sound in our shelter. There was the danger of being hit by a car if she had to cross the road ... you don’t want think about it! Because they drive with high speed on highways in Spain ...
Now she walks neatly on the leash and knows the basic commands.
jane goes to a new home
The lovely Panda.
Part of a litter of six pups fostered by Peter Maters and she is the last one to go. Today she went to TRACES kennels for a couple of days and then she will go to her new family in Jersey (Channel Islands). Good luck little one xx
panda going to a new home
Jacqui Ross: "Thank you to Aid Joe Safont Ruiz Animals in Distress Charity Shop, Joe and Jan answered Last Chance Animal Rescue plea for furniture for our Hospital House. The generosity of my friends is unbelievable, they donated beds and sofas and bedside tables. My post is late but I had to say a massive thanks to them.
Please donate furniture and bric-a-brac to this most wonderful Charity."
AID helping out
Re help with food for 70 cats.
A message from my friend Sency Pericas who between her and her husband run the cat charity Adaypaa and have over 70 cats in their care.
Thank you to all the people that donated: V.Pickering, Clare Watson, Julie Shone, Academia de salsa, Clare Watson, Vicky stone and Pat Myers specially when you don’t know us, so we are very grateful for the 300 euros raised, which will pay for 12 large bags of cat food and thank you also to Aid Joe Safont Ruiz of Animals In Distress (A.I.D.) for their continued support with 2 more bags of cat food and to Becky Sweetman’s support with her group. I attach photo of my husband, he collected 2 bags today. Also a bill from the shop made out to AID who paid in the collected funds raised so we could get their discount. Thank you all
MAYA has gone to her new home in Holland today.
I left our shelter this morning at 07.15 with Simone Jaspers and Maya the Mastin Español and here she is at Malaga airport waiting to go through. She is a very lucky girl, we found her a home in just a few weeks.
2nd and 3rd photo is of Claire Fennelly our UK shelter volunteer with Maya at Fuengirola beach giving them both a nice relaxing and sunny break away from the shelter. Good luck with your new family big girl xx
maya has been homed
Our doggies at the shelter enjoying playtime with Claire Fennelly. Her two weeks as a volunteer finish next Monday. She has been a great help and she also collected funds for the charity before she arrived from the UK. We hope she will come back again soon.
Helping our rescued dogs at the shelter is a rewarding job and for most an experience they will always remember.
If you are in the UK, Holland or any other country and want to stay in our shelter for 1 to 2 weeks helping us with the dogs then please go to this link for information:
clair volunteer
ana saved anacoming to AID
This is ANA. Born approx 22.01.2018 (7 weeks old).
She was found by two people on holidays in Granada by the side of the road and they were going back to the UK 2 days later. They tried several charities but no luck. How could we say no to this little girl. Tested for Parvo and negative and is now with another of our pups for comfort. They came yesterday with her all the way from Granada and drove straight back. I thank them for going to all the effort to help this pup.
Feeling good today.
I went to Malaga airport again with 3 more lucky doggies going to forever homes in Holland.
1st pic is Peter Maters, he fostered Patty.
2nd pic is Peter with Macho, he has been fostered by Sally Seymor and spent his last night with Peter.
3rd pic is of Rabecca in foster with Will Davis these last few weeks.
4th pic is Simone Jaspers. She is flying with them as well as a pussycat that we are also flying from a cat lady called Maren Fuhrberg. Good luck little ones and thank you all for all the help. Cannot be done without you
peter and patty
peter and macho will and rabecca
simone volunteer cat
pandora and peter pandora is homed
Pandora is the last one to be adopted and was collected today. One of her sisters is going Saturday to Holland and another sister at the end of the month to UK.
1st pic is foster home Peter Maters saying goodbye.
2nd pic is her new mum. Thank you all.
Her story:
Part of a litter of 1 male and 5 female pups rescued from a vagabond that lives on the street and were put into safety with our charity.
She came to us in October 2015
Her story:
Part of a litter of 3 pups that were brought into our charity shop by the Guardia Civil at about 1 week old and had to be bottle fed every few hours day and night by our foster mum Simone Jaspers and last year Fanta went to our shelter.
A great result after 2.5 years waiting. Good luck Fanta, a new life starts today and thank you Lida Arnold for adopting her.
Left to right - Simone & Linda
felix adopted felix
One of our lovely girls was homed yesterday here in Spain. So pleased for her. She spent such a long time in our small cattery after being used to a family home. Good luck little one xx
pearlThis evening we took 4 lucky doggies to Malaga airport, where Pablo, Pearl, Paris and Rolf will fly to Holland to meet their new families.
1st & 2nd Pic is foster home Peter Maters saying goodbye to 3 pups he has been fostering since they were 5 weeks old.
3rd pic is Anne Coyle who has been fostering little Rolf since he was just a few days old.
Thank you all for your help.
Fostering adult dogs or pups is a very important job in the lives of animals, please consider helping?
pablo and paris rolf
Today I said goodbye to a lovely boy gandhycalled Gandhy. He was in foster care with Peter Maters and he came with me and Peter this morning at 4.30am to take him to Malaga airport where his new mum Charlotte who was waiting for us. She flew specially from Sweden to collect him a couple of days ago.
GANDHY was part of two pups that were found cuddling each other in a recess of a concrete electric pylon. Very worried and afraid. Good luck little and thank you all.

A lovely surprise yesterday when a box arrived full of goodies for the animals. It was from Birgit Bibi Linssen Many thanks to all that help to make these donations possible xx



bibi donation
rescued dogs
Just about to settle down Saturday night when mayawe get a phone call from the police in Alhaurin el Grande. They have managed to get two loose dogs near our charity shop and we were the only ones they could get on the phone. One was a water dog and the other a Belgium Shepherd type. They were in a bit of a mess and very smelly. Some locals told the police that they had seen them near a builder’s yard and the police tried to chip read but could not find one. They wanted to see if we could take them until Sunday or Monday and then they were going to the Protectora in Malaga. We have other dogs coming in but had to make room for these ones as they had nowhere to go. I went and collected the dogs and took them to our shelter in Pizarra. We did a chip read and the Shepherd did have one in her. We contacted the police and they traced the owner and contacted him and after a long chat they decided he could collect the dog and they also called the Protectora to collect the Waterdog. We met them with both dogs Sunday at 5pm and handed over the dogs. Then today (Monday) two people found an 8 week old Mastin looking pup down a lane and he is now with us in foster care as well as the adult Mastin that was found on Saturday. What is waiting for us tomorrow, we never know? Never ends does it?
dolly neutron nala foing to forever homes

Yesterday morning we said goodbye to three more lucky doggies. They were being collected to go to TRACES kennels for two days before traveling to UK via Joanne Smart of
Left to right: Dolly the black Labrador found by Karoline Coster Barrett in the middle of the road and we placed her in our shelter. The middle one is Neutron, part of two pups found on the side of a river bed at 5 weeks old, which I fostered. His brother has been homed in Spain. Far right is Nala, she was found with another dog and had a problem with a hip and went through a lot of aftercare.

Dolly & Neutron are both going to a family in Kent and Nala to a family in Southend on Sea.
Thank you all for all the help xx

Thank you once again for the two donations we received a few weeks ago to build two new play pens and securing the previous ones in our 2nd play area.
750€ was donated by Bibi&friends for paws by (Anja Kunze-Vetter) and 500€ donated by Molino Property ( via Jeffrey Rijkhoff.
Total 1250.00€ The bills wee a total of 1571.49€ and we still have some more square mesh to buy but the work is 90% done. Thank you once again for the two great donations and thank you Birgit Bibi Linssen for your support in this
2 play areas
secred top secured base
This was just Wednesday pffff
No sooner I send a pup to UK yesterday, that I get three calls for help, one a dog with broken leg but apparently the dog went off somewhere so they could not catch it, another is a mum and 9 pups in a villa, waiting to hear on this one but cant take them in., then a mum and two 11 day pups and on top of that we find and abandoned pup, here she is:
HEIDI, she is 5 weeks old and will be looking for a forever home as soon as she is ready. When we found her, we did the usal routine,which is Parvo test and treatment for fleas and worms.
She is now in foster care with Sally Seymour.
This is Sally who has been fostering Monty and here she is saying her goodbyes yesterday. He is going to UK to his new family via Joanne Smart of Smart Pets. Thank you all xx Monty & Sally
We received 3 heavy parcels today from Birgit Bibi Linssen, & Marcus Lissen. We thank them for all the effort that has gone into getting this ready and sending it to Spain and also thanks to bibi & friends for paws and everyone else that has helped xxx Birgit Bibbi Linsen
I just got back from taking 3 little angels to Malaga airport.
Saying goodbye are Sam and Mango with foster mum Sally Seymour and Lucky from our shelter with Simone Jaspers who is flying them to their new families in Holland. Good luck to them all and a big thank you to everyone involved.
mango lucky
This skinny little soul was found by the rubbish containers near our shelter in Pizarra, Malaga, Spain by one of our volunteers. Yet another Podenco probably discarded like trash by hunters. he is in temporary foster until next Monday, then we will have to squeeze him into our shelter somehow pfff. Please share, adopt, donate, what ever you can do? STARVING PODENCO

A BIG THANK YOU to Molino Propertyfor their wonderful donation of 500€. This will go towards our next project at our shelter which is to make escape proof the outside play pens as well as building new play pens. Visit their website:



fencing repairs

I just want to say A BIG THANK YOU and share the pic with you because a few days ago we had a lovely surprise. A parcel arrived (part of two) and full of items for the doggies donated by the people that came to our first dog walk in Belgium. Thank you all, you are so very kind xx



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