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MARCH 2018 Some of our News
On the left is Emma Browne, she has come from UK to stay at our shelter for a few days and also brought a donation raised by her and her work colleagues at EY, which she raised back home.
In the middle is Formy, one of our regular and very helpful volunteer dog walker and on the right is Jane, she also walks our dogs as well as groom them if and when needed. Her husband David was cutting the grass at the shelter when this photo was taken. We are so grateful to all of them xx
shelter volunteers
We have been helping animals in Spain sincAID helping  abused abandoned animalse 2002 and on the 27th December 2007 we became an official charity as Animals in Distress (A.I.D.).
So many animals have been rescued and gone to forever homes as well as helping other people with their animals be it food or medical assistance. It has been hard work and it’s getting harder, but can only be done with your support via donations, purchases from our charity shops, fostering, sharing our news, volunteering at our shops, the volunteers that fly over and stay at our shelter helping the dogs... And not forgetting the hard work that our regular volunteers do at our dog shelter to make sure that the dogs have a good life while they are with us.
We also want to thank our sponsors here and in other countries as well as *our main sponsors*: Bibi & friends for paws, Lorna Barford, Emma Browne and just recently Claire Fennelly. You all make such a big difference!
Merlin & Milo (left & right) set off this morning for their journey to meet their new families in the UK. A big thank you for the wonderful job that Will Davis and Karen have done with them and to Joanne Smart who is delivering them. merlin & Milo getting ready to go to forever homes
Suzy left & Sergio right are from a female Chihuahua mum (4kg) and from an 11 year old Yorkshire Terrier male (3kg) that was rescued from a bad gypsy situation. The mum will soon be sterilized.
The pups were born 6.02.2018 (only 7 weeks old this week).
These are real cute pups and will be very small.
suzy and sergio were abandoned
Jane went to TRACES kennels this morning for a couple of days before her journey to Lincolnshire, UK to meet her new family
A big thank you to our shelter volunteers for all the commitment with our rescued dogs.
This is Jane. A young shepherd girl who lost and aimlessly walked along the way. A few times she was seen in the nearby village of 8 km from the shelter. A few days later she walked near the shelter and we were able to catch her. She wandered a long time in the countryside in search of food and water. We are relieved that we have her now safe and sound in our shelter. There was the danger of being hit by a car if she had to cross the road ... you don’t want think about it! Because they drive with high speed on highways in Spain ...
Now she walks neatly on the leash and knows the basic commands.
jane goes to a new home
The lovely Panda.
Part of a litter of six pups fostered by Peter Maters and she is the last one to go. Today she went to TRACES kennels for a couple of days and then she will go to her new family in Jersey (Channel Islands). Good luck little one xx
panda going to a new home
Jacqui Ross: "Thank you to Aid Joe Safont Ruiz Animals in Distress Charity Shop, Joe and Jan answered Last Chance Animal Rescue plea for furniture for our Hospital House. The generosity of my friends is unbelievable, they donated beds and sofas and bedside tables. My post is late but I had to say a massive thanks to them.
Please donate furniture and bric-a-brac to this most wonderful Charity."
AID helping out
Re help with food for 70 cats.
A message from my friend Sency Pericas who between her and her husband run the cat charity Adaypaa and have over 70 cats in their care.
Thank you to all the people that donated: V.Pickering, Clare Watson, Julie Shone, Academia de salsa, Clare Watson, Vicky stone and Pat Myers specially when you don’t know us, so we are very grateful for the 300 euros raised, which will pay for 12 large bags of cat food and thank you also to Aid Joe Safont Ruiz of Animals In Distress (A.I.D.) for their continued support with 2 more bags of cat food and to Becky Sweetman’s support with her group. I attach photo of my husband, he collected 2 bags today. Also a bill from the shop made out to AID who paid in the collected funds raised so we could get their discount. Thank you all
MAYA has gone to her new home in Holland today.
I left our shelter this morning at 07.15 with Simone Jaspers and Maya the Mastin Español and here she is at Malaga airport waiting to go through. She is a very lucky girl, we found her a home in just a few weeks.
2nd and 3rd photo is of Claire Fennelly our UK shelter volunteer with Maya at Fuengirola beach giving them both a nice relaxing and sunny break away from the shelter. Good luck with your new family big girl xx
maya has been homed
Our doggies at the shelter enjoying playtime with Claire Fennelly. Her two weeks as a volunteer finish next Monday. She has been a great help and she also collected funds for the charity before she arrived from the UK. We hope she will come back again soon.
Helping our rescued dogs at the shelter is a rewarding job and for most an experience they will always remember.
If you are in the UK, Holland or any other country and want to stay in our shelter for 1 to 2 weeks helping us with the dogs then please go to this link for information:
clair volunteer
ana saved anacoming to AID
This is ANA. Born approx 22.01.2018 (7 weeks old).
She was found by two people on holidays in Granada by the side of the road and they were going back to the UK 2 days later. They tried several charities but no luck. How could we say no to this little girl. Tested for Parvo and negative and is now with another of our pups for comfort. They came yesterday with her all the way from Granada and drove straight back. I thank them for going to all the effort to help this pup.
Feeling good today.
I went to Malaga airport again with 3 more lucky doggies going to forever homes in Holland.
1st pic is Peter Maters, he fostered Patty.
2nd pic is Peter with Macho, he has been fostered by Sally Seymor and spent his last night with Peter.
3rd pic is of Rabecca in foster with Will Davis these last few weeks.
4th pic is Simone Jaspers. She is flying with them as well as a pussycat that we are also flying from a cat lady called Maren Fuhrberg. Good luck little ones and thank you all for all the help. Cannot be done without you
peter and patty
peter and macho will and rabecca
simone volunteer cat
pandora and peter pandora is homed
Pandora is the last one to be adopted and was collected today. One of her sisters is going Saturday to Holland and another sister at the end of the month to UK.
1st pic is foster home Peter Maters saying goodbye.
2nd pic is her new mum. Thank you all.
Her story:
Part of a litter of 1 male and 5 female pups rescued from a vagabond that lives on the street and were put into safety with our charity.
She came to us in October 2015
Her story:
Part of a litter of 3 pups that were brought into our charity shop by the Guardia Civil at about 1 week old and had to be bottle fed every few hours day and night by our foster mum Simone Jaspers and last year Fanta went to our shelter.
A great result after 2.5 years waiting. Good luck Fanta, a new life starts today and thank you Lida Arnold for adopting her.
Left to right - Simone & Linda
felix adopted felix
One of our lovely girls was homed yesterday here in Spain. So pleased for her. She spent such a long time in our small cattery after being used to a family home. Good luck little one xx
pearlThis evening we took 4 lucky doggies to Malaga airport, where Pablo, Pearl, Paris and Rolf will fly to Holland to meet their new families.
1st & 2nd Pic is foster home Peter Maters saying goodbye to 3 pups he has been fostering since they were 5 weeks old.
3rd pic is Anne Coyle who has been fostering little Rolf since he was just a few days old.
Thank you all for your help.
Fostering adult dogs or pups is a very important job in the lives of animals, please consider helping?
pablo and paris rolf
Today I said goodbye to a lovely boy gandhycalled Gandhy. He was in foster care with Peter Maters and he came with me and Peter this morning at 4.30am to take him to Malaga airport where his new mum Charlotte who was waiting for us. She flew specially from Sweden to collect him a couple of days ago.
GANDHY was part of two pups that were found cuddling each other in a recess of a concrete electric pylon. Very worried and afraid. Good luck little and thank you all.

A lovely surprise yesterday when a box arrived full of goodies for the animals. It was from Birgit Bibi Linssen Many thanks to all that help to make these donations possible xx



bibi donation
rescued dogs
Just about to settle down Saturday night when mayawe get a phone call from the police in Alhaurin el Grande. They have managed to get two loose dogs near our charity shop and we were the only ones they could get on the phone. One was a water dog and the other a Belgium Shepherd type. They were in a bit of a mess and very smelly. Some locals told the police that they had seen them near a builder’s yard and the police tried to chip read but could not find one. They wanted to see if we could take them until Sunday or Monday and then they were going to the Protectora in Malaga. We have other dogs coming in but had to make room for these ones as they had nowhere to go. I went and collected the dogs and took them to our shelter in Pizarra. We did a chip read and the Shepherd did have one in her. We contacted the police and they traced the owner and contacted him and after a long chat they decided he could collect the dog and they also called the Protectora to collect the Waterdog. We met them with both dogs Sunday at 5pm and handed over the dogs. Then today (Monday) two people found an 8 week old Mastin looking pup down a lane and he is now with us in foster care as well as the adult Mastin that was found on Saturday. What is waiting for us tomorrow, we never know? Never ends does it?
dolly neutron nala foing to forever homes

Yesterday morning we said goodbye to three more lucky doggies. They were being collected to go to TRACES kennels for two days before traveling to UK via Joanne Smart of
Left to right: Dolly the black Labrador found by Karoline Coster Barrett in the middle of the road and we placed her in our shelter. The middle one is Neutron, part of two pups found on the side of a river bed at 5 weeks old, which I fostered. His brother has been homed in Spain. Far right is Nala, she was found with another dog and had a problem with a hip and went through a lot of aftercare.

Dolly & Neutron are both going to a family in Kent and Nala to a family in Southend on Sea.
Thank you all for all the help xx

Thank you once again for the two donations we received a few weeks ago to build two new play pens and securing the previous ones in our 2nd play area.
750€ was donated by Bibi&friends for paws by (Anja Kunze-Vetter) and 500€ donated by Molino Property ( via Jeffrey Rijkhoff.
Total 1250.00€ The bills wee a total of 1571.49€ and we still have some more square mesh to buy but the work is 90% done. Thank you once again for the two great donations and thank you Birgit Bibi Linssen for your support in this
2 play areas
secred top secured base
This was just Wednesday pffff
No sooner I send a pup to UK yesterday, that I get three calls for help, one a dog with broken leg but apparently the dog went off somewhere so they could not catch it, another is a mum and 9 pups in a villa, waiting to hear on this one but cant take them in., then a mum and two 11 day pups and on top of that we find and abandoned pup, here she is:
HEIDI, she is 5 weeks old and will be looking for a forever home as soon as she is ready. When we found her, we did the usal routine,which is Parvo test and treatment for fleas and worms.
She is now in foster care with Sally Seymour.
This is Sally who has been fostering Monty and here she is saying her goodbyes yesterday. He is going to UK to his new family via Joanne Smart of Smart Pets. Thank you all xx Monty & Sally
We received 3 heavy parcels today from Birgit Bibi Linssen, & Marcus Lissen. We thank them for all the effort that has gone into getting this ready and sending it to Spain and also thanks to bibi & friends for paws and everyone else that has helped xxx Birgit Bibbi Linsen
I just got back from taking 3 little angels to Malaga airport.
Saying goodbye are Sam and Mango with foster mum Sally Seymour and Lucky from our shelter with Simone Jaspers who is flying them to their new families in Holland. Good luck to them all and a big thank you to everyone involved.
mango lucky
This skinny little soul was found by the rubbish containers near our shelter in Pizarra, Malaga, Spain by one of our volunteers. Yet another Podenco probably discarded like trash by hunters. he is in temporary foster until next Monday, then we will have to squeeze him into our shelter somehow pfff. Please share, adopt, donate, what ever you can do? STARVING PODENCO

A BIG THANK YOU to Molino Propertyfor their wonderful donation of 500€. This will go towards our next project at our shelter which is to make escape proof the outside play pens as well as building new play pens. Visit their website:



fencing repairs

I just want to say A BIG THANK YOU and share the pic with you because a few days ago we had a lovely surprise. A parcel arrived (part of two) and full of items for the doggies donated by the people that came to our first dog walk in Belgium. Thank you all, you are so very kind xx



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