Animals In Distress (A.I.D.)

NEWSLETTERS from 2016 - 2008

This is Ginger.
He appeared at Loran Baford's home hungry and with a bad eye. She took him to the vet to look at the eye and medication was given and then she contacted us and we took him into our care. Later on an operation was done to the eye, which was kindly paid by Lorna . We think that he can now see a little from the bad eye and he seems to be happy. The main thing he is away from the street where he might have not survived? Problem is that because he does not get on with cats, we have him in separate enclosure that is far too small for him and has no quality of life in there so he needs his own home and the freedom to come and go as he pleases. We simply cannot believe how extra friendly he is. He loves his cuddles and will follow you everywhere. He does not like other cats or dogs he is fully done and ready to go. For adoption inquiry please PM me here or email me at
He has gone to a lovely home with these two nice guys.
This is his story:
This lovely Ginger boy has had his world turned upside down. The owner died and there was no one to have Freddy and now he is in a cage with lots of other cats and he is not happy. He needs someone he can have a cuddle with on the sofa, on the bed or where ever, he is not bothered
3 more lucky doggies on their way to Rotterdam. 2 from us at AID and 1 from Apariv dog rescue. 1st pic is Sally Seymourwho fostered Calypso the black dog, 2nd photo Peter Materswith Ivy the Bodeguero fostered by Corinne Mudie. Ivy spent the last night with Simone Jaspersand Peter. 3rd photo is the volunteer from Apariv with the little Shih Tzu, which went in the cabin. Peter is the flight escort for all three and and will be handing them over to their new families. Good luck and a healthy long life to the doggies. Thank you to all that have helped to make this possible ivy
calypso with Sally & Peter apariv asociation
This is what fostering pups is all about. Keeping them warm and safe until a forever home is found. The front 3 Xanti, Xander, Xenia are adopted. They were found at a few days old and fed puppy milk day and night every few hours. They are now 7 weeks old. The three at the back Johnny, Joey and Jimmy (see pics) are the latest and they were also fed on puppy milk and they are now on solid food and looking for forever homes. They are now 5 weeks old. For adoption inquiry please private message me or email fostering pups
My Ozzy at Malaga airport with Simone Jaspers. After 15 months with me at home, he is finally meeting his new family in Belgium. Simone will stay the night somewhere and then in the morning possibly visit previous adoptions then fly back sometime tomorrow. We are so grateful to her and husband Peter Matersfor all their hard work helping our charity xx
Simone flight volunteer
ozzy arrives at airport and meets his new family ozzy on his way to new home
A BIG THANK YOU TO Birgit Bibi Linsenn and Claudia for their lovely donation of goodies for the cats and dogs including Alopurinol Leishmania tablets. What a lovely surprise these ladies gave us xx donation
ozzy ozzy
I am going to be soooo sad soon. My Ozzy, which I have had since September 2015 as a young pup, is now adopted and he will be going to Belgium in the next month or so. It's going to be hard to leg go for both of us, he loves me to bits, comes to bed with me and when I wake up I find him with his head next to mine on the pillow. Rescue work is hard, specially with these cases, but I cant keep them all, I need room for others and others and others... At the moment he walks on the leash and is ever so obedient, but away from my 27 dogs at home will be good for him and he will get extra attention and extra training. First photo from Sept 2015, second one is from this morning
calypso canela
This is Calypso (black dog). He was left behind when his sister Canela (Brindle dog) was adopted last June and went to Holland to Irma Tigchelaar-Melsert. Calypso was very sad at the time and got a bit nervous for quite a while because he was very close to his sister. Well the good news is that he will be adopted by Irma and will be joining his sister next month. How is that for ending this evening with fantastic news. He has been fostered by Sally Seymour
Very happy today, Diego the dark pup and KC the brown one, went to their new homes in Holland
They were fostered by Peter Maters & Simone Jaspers, which you can see in the photo with the dog crate at Malaga airport. Simone flew with the pups and met their new families
KC Peter & Simone
bibi pup bibi adopted and looking good
This is Bibi.`Peter Maters took her from Tienda Animal in Malaga, when she was a pup (see 1st photo) it turns out that the shop actually takes in rescued animals and puts them up for adoption in their shop, so well done Tienda Animal. Any ways here is a photo of when she was brought home and here is the latest photo from her new family. A beautiful Podenco. I love seeing these updates and how the dogs have turned out :)
Our lovely CANDY is 17 months old and is still looking for her forever home. Sadly last week she was playing with the pack and came in with a nasty cut on her knee. It turns out she has either cut or damaged a tendon nerve? and can hardly put her foot down. We are hoping that it heals OK and that she will be able to walk OK. We now have several dogs that need or have had medical attention of one sort or another and funds are getting low. We hope that you may find it in your hearts to donate towards these poor souls. Please donate any amount or perhaps join our 2 euro club. It is not much to ask, is it? Please go to this link: CANDY
ginger ginger

He appeared at Lorna Barford's home hungry and with a bad eye. She has taken him to the vet and is now on tablets until and eye specialist takes a look on Thursday and decides if it's just a bad eye infection or something else that can be resolved or whether the eye will need removing? Ginger will be looking for a forever home as Lorna is only here on holidays and leaving in a couple of days for UK and he could not be left to fend for himself, specially with that eye getting worse. For any one interested, Ginger will soon be castrated, chipped, vaccinated etc ready for adoption here or abroad. He looks about 1-2 years old, very gentle and cuddly and I only just had him before lunchtime and he is soooo friendly. He is in my small cattery and staying high up until he gets to knows the other cats. A bit cramped in there but it's clean, dry and will be well looked after by me until a home comes up.

Follow up from my post of 27.10.2016 about the 3 Waterdogs new born found by the rubbish bins. Well guess what? We had a call 1 hour ago from a Guardia Civil man I helped a while back. He found this evening 3 pups in a plastic bag and in the rubbish containers. They are 3 boys maximum 5 days old? (see photos) He drove down from near Alozania and I met him and they are now with my foster home Simone Jaspers & Peter Maters. Who said Sunday is the day of rest? 5 day old  abandoned pups
5 day old abandoned pups 5 day old abandoned pups
3 abndoned water dog pups one of he abandoned waterdog puppies
These pups are now with us at Animals In Distress, we took them in tonight. My foster home is already bottle feeding 3, which are now about 2.5 weeks old and we decided to also take these 3. They are about one week old bless them. A big thank you to Laura Gibbinsfor taking the responsibility of them when they were found. They are so similar to someone that phoned me on Monday and said they were 3 Waterdog pups in the bin. The lady took them out and left them in a box outside the bin whilst she went to her sister as she did not know what to do. We said we would take them and when she went back, the pups had gone? Could be another litter and some kind person possibly took them home. We shall never know? Lot of work ahead for those that know what it's like to bottle feed and keep until a home can be found
Some of the long term dogs in my home and also some of the ones looking for new families. First pic left to right, Merlin, George, Pipa, Eddie, Beulah, Ozzy, Julio, Lola & Maika .Please take a look at our website to see these and many more AID long term dogs
AID long term dogs 1 AID long tem dogs taking over my bed
TOBY & TEDDY born15th August 2016. These two brothers were abandoned in a cardboard box and placed outside someone's gate. They are very handsome and very friendly pups and we think they are a Mastin cross so they should grow medium to large.(PHOTOS 17.10.2016)
3 pups from an abandoned mum abandoned mum
These 3 pups are with my foster homer Simone Jaspers & Peter Maters and they are taking care of them until we can find them a home. They are part of a litter from a post that someone put on facebook regarding a mum and10 pups. Apparently the lady had 3, another lady had 4 and we took the last three. All 10 looking for forever homes. If you wish to help towards purchase of milk and after care for these three, please go to this link:
barby bobby
betsy barby bobby betsy
More lovely news!!! Barby, Bobby and Betsy were part of a litter of 8 pups abandoned in a cupboard box. 5 were homed and eventually Barby was adopted and went to Scotland last March. But the unexpected happened, the family decided in the end that Bobby & Betsy should join their sister and they were adopted last August and all three are now together living together in Scotland. Thank you for adopting all three pups Angelica & Dennis Setterington. Here are 3 photos of when they were with my foster home Simone Jaspers and Peter Maters and the last photo was sent to me today. Wowwww they has grown so lovely. To get these updates makes such a different to us. I love happy endings
Just had another nice bit of news from dogs that we find forever homes. Before the lovely Mary Locked Burgess passed away, I took from her 3 pups that she wanted me to home, so I put them in my foster home and eventually after several weeks they all found Homes. Denis went to Belgium, Dulce went to UK and Dina went to Spain.
This is a photo and news received today about Denis
*Denis has settled in very well and is totally perfect - we love him to bits - he's enriched our lives in so many ways - so THANK YOU!! We will one day meet up with his sister in the UK - i will send you pictures when that happens. Also attached a picture of me and Denis in an agility competition - he's very smart - we came 4th out of 10!!*
THIS IS MELISSA FEEDING BELLA. Her story was that she was the last of the litter and because the farmer could not give her away, he was going to kill her. She was taken away and bottle fed day & night by my foster home Simone Jaspers & Peter Maters. 1st photo is of Melissa de Wit, who came to volunteer to fly dogs back and she helped with some of the feeding with Bella while she was here. At the time we thought she was a bit of a Boxer mix? Originally she was homed in Holland and this is her 11 months later. So glad to see how they turn out :) Another little soul saved
rescue dog Gemma wins award Gemma abandoned pup

These 3 lovely little pups were all adopted a while back and I have just received this lovely photo and news from Gemma’s family in the UK. Makes this job so rewarding  
*We've been to our local dog show today and Farley Gem (Gemma) managed to get 2nd place in the best rescue category and 4th for best puppy! And our older dog Fabia got 5th in best rescue. I've attached a picture of them both with their rosettes. We are so proud of them both, they were so well behaved!*
This was their story: 3 x 5 week old pups Guinness, Gypsy & Gemma were found abandoned in the countryside, cold, wet and full of fleas. Last photo when they were debugged etc.

Photo from last Wednesday at Nutripharma in Coin where I met new families Annie Daviesand others with my adopted dogs for rabies, chip etc. All came together on same day and nice to see how they are doing in their new life. On the right is Simone Jasperswith Elmo. This lovely pup is still looking for his forever home. You can see him more photos of him as well as a video playing with very young pups here: adopted dogs
sponsor a dog

Help us with our long term animals
If you cannot adopt an animal, have you ever thought of sponsoring?
For some of our animals, finding a home is extremely hard. This can be because of the age, breed, or long term treatment that some stray/abandoned animals may need, In particular as some of the animals that we rescue might have a behaviour problem, which some families might not be able to cope with unless they were animal experts.

These animals will probably have to stay under our care for a very long time and sponsoring helps to cover some of the huge costs involved during their period of stay with us or at one of our foster homes. E.g. every dog that comes under our care is wormed, tested for Leishmania, vaccinated, micro chipped, and sterilised. The medical bill for each puppy or grown dog can be from 100 - 250 euros each. This amount does not include things like other operations, food etc.

Each long stay animal can cost on average 30 euros per month to feed, worm and flee treatment. This cost does not include vet treatment for other medical conditions that the animal may have.

Help us to maintain a happy and deserving good life for our long term animals.
Your Sponsorship will help towards the well being of a Long Term Animal in our care. We will email you a Certificate with a photo of the one you sponsor. To sponsor please go to this link:

Little WISP got adopted today and will live in Marbella. He was adopted by Chanel Mcavoy and her two daughters. Wisp will be joining a 1 year old Pomeranian that the family has. Very unexpected, the family also donated bags of food, toys, blankets etc to our charity. We are so happy for Wisp. This is now the 2nd pup adopted from the three that were found by Peter Matersin a bag hanging from a tree near the rubbish containers. wisp
Well what's new? Yes you guessed, another abandoned pup :(
KC was found in the countryside thin and starving hungry at 8 weeks of age and all alone. He is a sweet little pup and does not deserve this. His is now in our foster home until some kind person will adopt him. Is that you? We simply have nowhere for them, but it's just one more we say, just one more!
Prince prince
I took PRINCE to Malaga airport this morning, and he flew to meet his new family in Holland. He was Escorted by Peter Maters and had been fostered by Annette Rosengren (both in the photo). Thank you everyone. That's around 10 animals adopted from our charity Animals In Distress (A.I.D.) and gone to new homes in the last 16 days But always more coming in needing help and forever homes
SISSY is just 8 weeks old and she has been abandoned outside someone's house. What a start to life. Good job the people saw her. She is now under our care. If you can find it in your heart to give her a forever home, please private message me here or email she should grow to medium size? sissy
sissy sissy
lola lola
LOLA is a female BELGIUM SHEPHERD MALINOIS/MALIBU. Only 1 year old and had been on a chain every day at the fruit market in Alhaurin el Grande, Malaga and fed when the man thought about it and she had a bucket full of green water, this was in the hot July sun. We have had words with him before but all ignored, so we called the police because previous to Lola, he also had another dog chained up there by the fruit lorry very thin and in a bad condition and simply ignored all day and night. The police said that Lola had shade from the lorry, food and water and that she looked ok. We told them that she is never let off the chain and the reason she was recently looking good, is because we and possibly other people had been putting food and water down for weeks. We don’t really know why he just puts dogs there like that? Anyways, the owner has now been warned by the police that if he puts another dog there and simply ignores it, he will be in trouble. Apparently Lola was previously always on a chain. She is now in my foster home and she is a lovely and strong girl, very healthy, we have sterilized her, vaccinated, e… She is a darling of a dog that simply loves everyone. She cannot have enough cuddles. What a difference to the life she was having previously. Are you the person for this lovely girl? for adoption inquiry email me at
simon with bobby and betsy blacky
Farewell to 5 rescued dogs today. They went to kennels for a couple of days, then they will go to their new families in the UK via Paws Transport Services (Thanks Diana Laurie). First pic is Bobby with foster home Simone Jaspersand Betty in the cage. Rocky in the kennel, the 10 year old fostered by Sally Seymour. Gemma and Gypsy in the kennel fostered by Shan. They should all be in the UK by Frid/Sat. Good luck to them and a big thank you to the kind foster homes. gemma and gypsy
JULY 2016
semiwild pups hiding place
hiding place for pups Jen & pup
3 PUPS IN A BAG HANGING FROM A TREE THE OTHER DAY. pffff never ends and we are more than full. For adoption inquiries please email me at
bag with 3 abandoned pups
Pony in a dangerous place pony in a dangerous place by main road
MA3303 From Coin to Fuengirola, Malaga. Between Km1 and Km2 and just before the Silos.

Two days ago my wife asked me to call the police because she saw a pony between fencing from a field and the main road. She did not want to get closer in case the pony went onto the main road and she was also on her way to work, I was also busy so I called the police. Later that same day I went to have a look and the pony was still there. So I approached slowly and saw he had a rope around him and as he turned and I notice he was tied to the fence on the outside of the field, so I approached. There was poo and the remains of straw on the floor as well as 10-20 meters away, so looks like someone ties him up on different parts of the fence. There are also some bushes where he seeks shelter from the sun and in the afternoon he puts himself behind those bushes for shelter. There are also small plastic buckets, which I gather it’s his water but as usual they are knocked over and don’t know when he last had water. I told the police and even though he was tied I said that if he broke loose he would go onto the main road and they said they would check for chip and contact the owner. That was two days ago and yesterday he was still there. My wife has been taking water to the pony daily and later on I will check if the pony is still there. The pony is tied to is outside the fence but it is only fenced on one side, so the pony could be tied to the inside of the fence, if it belong the pony’s owner? however it is only one line of fence with no gate. See photo. The mentality with some people is beyond me. All that roaring traffic, no proper shade in this tremendous heat and no regular water as far as we could tell?
bag with 3 abandoned pups bag with 3 abandoned pups
My foster home Peter Maters went to dump some rubbish at the containers by the Silos on the Coin to Fuengirola road just outside Coin and saw a Mercadona bag hanging from a tree next to the container. He took the bag down on the ground and found 3 pups inside 8-9 weeks old. (3rd photo safe in the foster home). Why or why would people do this? did they think that perhaps someone would see them and give them a home (assuming that the heat from the sun did not kill them first?) No explanation for these heartless people grrrrrrrrrr
fed watered & sleeping
Big smile on my face today We have homed 85 animals so far since January this year. Here are some of them. There's also 4 more going to Holland on the 22nd July and 5 more going to UK 3rd August. See them here: A big thank you to their new families and my wonderful team. That works out at 3.5 animals per week. I don't remember sending half an animal every week though? 85 animals homed in 6 months
bongo & Monnette spot & Sigmund
A better day today and to top it all, I went to Malaga airport this evening with 4 more lucky rescue pups, which were flying to Eindhoven, Holland. They were fostered by Jan and I, also by Simone Jaspers & Peter Matersand escorted on the plane by Valery Jaspers. She is meeting their new families in Holland and handing the dogs over. Also while we were at Malaga airport, we waited for the arrival of 2 volunteers from Holland that are coming for 8 days and taking back 4 more doggies and a cat to their new families on the 22nd. I am so grateful for such a kind team that we have and I thank them all including the ones that do all the home visits over there. The pics are: Left to right Simone with Bongo and me with Monnette, 2nd pic of Peter and Spot and Simone and Sigmund, 3rd pic, Valery and Simone. valery & Simone
Scruffles is now 5 months old and has finally found a family to love her for ever. So please with this little one, she was fostered by Sally Seymour and was the last of a litter of three. One went to Holland, one to the UK and she has gone to a family from Finland. A good result all round for these pups dina (Scruffles)
indy galgo
I went to Malaga airport with Simone Jasperslast night and delivered the lovely Indy to the flight volunteers Myron Wouters & Danny Smetsers. They flew Indy to Amsterdam airport to meet his new family. Indy had been fostered by Sally Seymour(1st photo) also on the same flight they escorted a very nice Galgo from the Cordoba charity Galgos del Sur (2nd photo) Good luck two these two doggies in their new life. Thank you all
Do you want a dog that gives fun, excitement & loyalty?
Then you need a Podenco. These breed is often overlooked because it is associated with hunting yet they make a very good and loyal family pet. All these young Podencos in this photo are available for adoption from our charity in Coin, Malaga, Spain
For adoption inquiry send me a private message or email me
podencos make fantastic pets
JUNE 2016
bibi in shop window Bibi in foster care
You might have seen the post of this little Podenco girl, just 12 weeks old and being displayed in a pet shop window FREE. She has now been taken away from there and is with my foster home getting loads of love and cuddles. She and her 5 sisters were dumped in a rubbish container and they were rescued and bottle fed by several individuals. What I still don't get is why she ended up in a pet shop window?
Our foster home was there when a Gypsy woman and her two kids were about to have her and the shop owner handed the pup to us instead. Anyways please note that regardless how sad it might be to see dogs in shop windows, we are not in the habit of taking or buying dogs from pet shops as all it does is make the shop owners buy more and the breeders breed more. This was just an exceptional case and a real tug at the heart.
This is Blacky. A lady had been feeding him in the countryside for about three weeks and eventually she got him to the vets and found a chip. The people were contacted and they said that it was their mother’s dog, she had died, the family did not want him so they abandoned him. The lady that had been feeding Blacky had the chip swapped to her her name. She eventually contacted us and we put Blacky with one of our shop volunteers, but Blacky could not stay long and he is now with Sally Seymour, one of our main foster homes.
Ronney & Reggie dulce
Well folks, this is the bit I hate, I have had to put my 4 rescued doggies in kennels as the vet has to inspect them and do the TRACES paperwork then they will be on their way in a couple of days to their new homes. Ronnie & Reggie to Jersey and Dulce & Zaza to mainland UK. Photo of my foster home Peter Materssaying goodbye to Ronnie & Reggie. Peter and Simone Jaspers have had them in their care since they were babies. 2nd & 3rd photo is Dulce the white one fostered by Janet Parr one is in with Zaza (in the kennels). Zaza was fostered by Sally Seymour Wont be long babies, you will be in your new homes on the 24th. zaza
kennels in foster homes kennels in foster homes
UPDATE - The appeal on Fundrazr for 5000 euros for the construction of concrete bases and kennels in foster homes has only reached 590 euros plus we have had private donations to the amount of 160 making a total of 750 euros. The appeal has now sizzled down and no more funds are been put forward We want to thank the few people that contributed. We have put 250 euros towards the kennel in the first photo and 500 euros towards the kennels in the second photo. If you wish to contribute to the appeal, please go to this link:
.MAY 2016
These two 5-week old kittens are looking for a home. Mickey the Ginger one, was found in the rubbish container next to is brothers and sisters, which were all dead. Minney the Tabby was found under a car in a separate location. They are with my kitten foster home. For adoption inquiry PM me here or email if you are serious about adopting then please let me have some information about you in here:
silver with pin in leg silver
I keep saying, 'Sorry but cant take any more dogs' but how can I refuse something like this little boy was put in a stable by some Spanish people when he was about 5 weeks old and got kicked by the horse. The man to it to vet (very kind of him to do so) and the x-ray showed a broken leg. The man said he did not want to pay for the operation and did not want the pup. The vet contacted us and we gave the go ahead to operate and the pup is now under our care. Yet another case of 'I can always get another pup' grrrrrr. Silver is now 8 weeks old and the pins (last photo) will come out soon.
11 May 2016

OK folks, here we go again!!!
3 x 5 week old pups were found abandoned in the countryside, cold, wet and full of fleas. Photo is from today after they have been debugged etc. They look like small breed, my cropped photo makes them look bigger than what they are. left to to right is 1 boy and 2 girls.


Guinness Gyosy Genna abandoned
8 May 2016
This is soooo nice to see. so proud of my two rescue dogs, passed their test. Nina (now Jules, left) & Django (right) both were adopted and living in Belgium. Both these dogs were found in different occasions, thin and abandoned in the countryside. Django was adopted first then Nina followed. I am so grateful to these two lovely ladies for adopting them and giving them a wonderful life.Thank you both xx
jules & django pass their test
APRIL 2016
30 April 2016
These 5-week old kittens were found in a house about 2 weeks ago. The mum was killed on the road. These are very sweet and in good health. Looking for forever homes.
FUDGE. Tortoiseshell female
FIZZY - FIGARO - FINDLEY. All Ginger males
fizzy figaro
findley fudge
27 April 2016

About 3 weeks ago, an English construction worker who temporarily works here found Marc one early morning. Upon leaving his caravan, where he is temporarily staying, he saw Marc sitting alone underneath. Four weeks old and already smart enough to sit next to the toolbox so that he could be found. Because the worker was about to return to England, he asked us for help. Marc is named after him!
Born 15.03.2016. For adoption inquiry email


25 April 2016
The 3 pups were found early March, abandoned in the countryside with their Podenco mum. They are friendly, full of life and make wonderful pets.
Photos & information about them in this page:
For adoption inquiry email
21 April 2016
People ask:

Your adoption donation covers worming, flea treatment, vaccinations, micro chipping, spaying/castrating, EU passport, flights, also any vet treatment e.g. illness, operations like broken bones, kenneling, food, bed, toys, treats, collars, leads, harnesses and anything else the dog had whilst waiting to be adopted. Some of it was probably paid by the few donations the rescue receives or by fundraising by the rescue. The time, the phone calls, and petrol involved in networking, home checking and transporting, were given freely by the rescue volunteers. Donations, never covers the amount spent on a dog.
Adoption donations, allows rescues to pay they high vet bills, kennel bills and to be able to help the next dog in need.
why do we charge an adoption fee?
15 April
tango had his head split open tango had his head split open

Tango is a 6-month male pup. On examination he had a long wound from between his eyes to the middle of his head. There was red matter coming out of the wound. When he was taken to the vet, he said that he has obviously been hit with something and left for dead. Also if the position of the wound had been slight different he would have damaged the brain. An abscess had also developed due to floating fractured bone. He is at the vet having an operation and we will take care of him. When will people start respecting animals? Please help us to help these sorts of cases

12 April
Henry is 8 years old. He followed a lady to her home and he was then taken into our care. We don't know what sort of life he has had but he had hard patches where he has been laying in hard ground and his gums were bleeding and had no top front teeth. He appeared to have problems with his back legs when walking. He is fine now so was either shut in small space or cage or tied up outside. He could not have had much food because his stomach was full of grass. He is now much better and considering all of this, he has settled down quite well with our foster home. He is gentle calm and non aggressive towards other dogs or cats He eats well despite having no front teeth and his many scars look better after some cream was used. Because of his age, we have decided not to castrate him. This dog deserves a much better life with his own family.
11 April 2016
2 abandoned pups 2 abandoned sisters
One of our foster homes went to the rubbish containers yesterday and as he drove close, two nasty looking characters got quickly in their car and went speeding off. When our foster home went to throw the rubbish in the container, he heard noises and found 2 puppies about 5 weeks old. By then too late to get number plate grrrrrr. I had already had two calls on Sunday about abandoned litters and had to say no because I have about 47 pups at the moment, but we could not ignore these poor little souls in the rubbish containers. If my foster home got there earlier he would have missed these pups. I sometimes wonder if there is a strong force out there that guides our path, or is it because there is so much dumping that we are always bound to come across pups in bins.
First photo, is pups arriving home in a crate, second photo in my foster home, save and warm. Were they lucky or what? Brown one is FAYA and Black one is FAITH
11 April
We found this Podenco today just around the back of our house in the woods where hunters come with their guns and their Podencos in their trailers and set them loose to chase anything that moves. We checked for a chip but the body was too broken up and decomposed. This poor little soul could have been abandoned, or shot because he was no good for hunting or simply got himself lost, or perhaps if he had any brains, decided he was better off away from his master? who knows?
RIP little one
dead podenco
9 April 2016
marina needs help marina putting on weight
My name is MARINA. Nobody wants me because I had high level Leishmaniasis, but now it is low and I only take two tablets per day, which only cost 3 euros per month. I also have a deformed left paw, which you can see in the first photo, which was taken when I first came to Joe's home. The other photo is from last August, you can see I have put on weight. I realise that there are lots of doggies looking for homes, but I have so much love to give and my two small problems are not my fault. Please give me a chance? If you cannot adopt me, perhaps you can sponsor my long stay or maybe sponsor another of Joe's dogs. See us in here:
MARCH 2016
29 March
Your donations and your support at our charity shop is not just for helping the animals that come under our care, will also use the funds to help people with operations as well as supply them with food for their rescued animals. Here are just a few. Some we supply on a regular basis and some now and then. Please help us to carry on with our work by making a donation, large or small it all helps. Go to this link THANK YOU!!!
some of the people we help with food for their rescued animals
26 March 2016
elmo ebony
edge enzo
elsa emma
This is the second litter (7 this time) from a mother we have been trying to catch for a long time now. We got the pups two weeks ago and are in my foster home. Mum is friendlier everyday and hopefully she will be caught soon? the pups are 4 girls and 3 boys, seven weeks old emely
20 March 2016
ronnie reggie
This evening I collected 2 pups, that a lady found abandoned a few days ago in a country lane. Poor little souls. Ronnie & Reggie are only 4 weeks old. They are now in a cage in my living room as I have no other place for them. I have in my foster homes about 30 pups at the moment.
15 March 2016
This is Chica. A Podenco girl, found with a long chain attached to her neck. Looks like another victim of the all mighty hunters. She is very thin and needs feeding up. Considering what life she has had, she is quite friendly. chica found starving
12 March 2016
Eva and her 3 pups were found in the countryside. She was very thin and the pups full of fleas. They are now in foster care, The pups are clean and healthy and she has put on weight. The mum and pups are all very friendlly considering what they have been through eva and pups abandoned
9 March 2016
I went to the airport very early with dogs going to Holland and i have the flu bug pffffff.
So at last my two babies went to new homes Riley the brindle dog and Nina, which is adopted by Els De Graef. Also going is Ella the Springer, which was fostered by Birte Svendsen. Riley was the brother of our Rosie, which was previously adopted by Charlotte McCann. So nice to see adult dogs finding homes. Also going is Barby the pup, fostered by Simone Jaspers & Peter Maters. Thank you all
riley nina ella
5 March 2016
moli & marietta angel king gabriel
I went to Malaga airport with Peter Maters last night and delivered 4 more doggies to our flight volunteers.
A farewell by foster homes Liz & Marietta with Moli (brown dog) and Janet Parr, which fostered Angel, King & Gabriel. Their other brother and sister went 2 days ago to new families in Holland. Good luck little ones. No sooner these went I already had a call with more dogs looking for forever homes. See next post. Do I dare say it again? IT NEVER ENDS!!!
2 March 2016
A friend of our foster homes found Marley on the dirt road with what he thought may be a broken leg, he asked at a couple of houses but no one knew the dog and had no chip. Liz the contacted us and he was taken to the vet to have an x-ray, which revealed that he had a bad injury from no long ago. For now the vet has placed a support on his leg and we wait and see. He is only 14 – 16 weeks old so he should recover, but an operation is the most provable. Liz is now looking after him until we can find Marley a home. Anyone wishing to help towards vet bills or any other of our dogs, please go to this link and for adoption inquiries please go to this link marley
29 February 2016

Cookie, Mary, Tiger & Joseph meet their nw families.

Well here they are with their new families at Eindhoven airport in Holland. Unfortunately my cat Cookie had to stay in his box until they get him home. Thank you all and specially Esther Jansen for flying into Malaga yesterday and escorting the animals to Holland today

cookie joseph mary tiger cookie
24 February 2016
Jan & I want to thank our small team for all 41 adoptionsthe effort put into helping our stray dogs. The foster homes, the flight volunteers, the adoption coordinator Esther Jansen, the flights coordinator and foster home Simone Jaspers & Peter Matersand of course the families that have adopted our stray dogs & cats. A total of 41 have found homes since mid 15.11.2015, that's an average of just over 3 animals per week. They all went to their new families in Spain, UK, Belgium and the majority to Holland. Here is just a few of them
22 February 2016
WHY NOT VISIT THE A.I.D. SECOND HAND FURNITURE WAREHOUSE – the aid second hand furniture warehouseOpened on the 22nd February 2016. The main purpose is to raise funds to help even more animals. Please come and pay us a visit. We have all types of hanging lamps, pictures, furniture and more…. All at *BARGAIN PRICES* . We are at 43 Blas Infante, Alhaurin el Grande, on the variante at the top of the town. We are a few doors away from Ye Old Butchery and next to the car hire. We are open Monday to Saturday from 10.00am - 3.00pm Tel 626 942 427. ARE YOU GETTING RID OF ANY FURNITURE? PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING IT TO OUR CHARITY. Contact Joe 626 942 427, email Reg. Charity 7974 - CIF G92937002
18 February 2016
These 3 lovely little pups, 10 weeks old, were brought into us by a friend. Apparently they were found by the rubbish containers in the Rio Grande. They seem to have a bit of Labrador in them?
CANELA (Brindle) CARMEN (Cream) CALYPSO (Black)
They are now in my foster home
carmen calypso
17 February 2016
A lady walking in the forest found Laurel & Hardy, 2 x 5-week old pups and very cold. They must have been out all night. Within a few hours they became very friendly and playful pups. At the moment we think they could be small breed?.
laurel hardy
14 February

Left ouside somone's gate at 2 days old. Now with my foster mum and she says that the pup is taking the milk but early days, so fingers crossed. Black curly coat, could be Waterdog.

UPDATE: He did not make it, so sad for this little pup

abandoned 2 day old pup
abandoned 2 day old pup
abandoned 2 day old pup
2 February

Two more abandoned pups.

A lady took her dogs out for a walk in the morning and found these two pups. Looks like they been out all night, even when they arrived to us they were very cold. They are now in one of my foster homews doing great and getting very friendly.

Laurel (left) Hardy (right)



laurel & hardy
laurel hardy

The lovely Moushka arrived safe in the UK today. Great relief once they get there. Thanks to Sally Seymour for fostering her and thanks to her new mum Sian Donovan Leniston for adopting her. The last photo is Mushka with her foster mum shortly after we took in the pups.
This is Mushka's story:
Part of a litter of 1 male and 4 females - Since they were born they have been living in a shed in bad surroundings. The mum is a Mastin cross, the dad has not been seen but he must be a full Mastin.


15 January

The last of 3 pups (Jensen) has been caught. Let's hope we can catch the mum and sterlise. Next 2 photos are his brothers Jackson & Jody, which I posted earlier on. He is about 7 weeks old jensen
jackson jody
9 January

The 3 pups landed at Eindhoven last Thursday. Peter Maters my foster home flew them and they met their new families. Left to right Bella, Moli & Timmy. Peter (in the middle) had fallen in love with Timmy but you have to let them go. Bella has been with him and with Simone Jaspers since a few days old and Simone bottle fed her day and night. Another good result .

3 rescued pups land in Holland
8 January
abandoned dogs

It really saddens me when people decide to leave Spain because of a financial situation, death in the family, no work etc. But what really gets me every time it’s the animals that are left behind. Why do some people take on so many rescues and then when it is time to pack up and go back to their native country or another country they leave them all behind or perhaps take a few and leave others?
What’s even worse is that some of these dogs have not even been vaccinated, chipped or sterilized and also the litters are being left behind.
Now and then when we think it’s a genuine case, we offer to help with transport costs and several times we have paid the full amount just so that the animal does not get left behind, but typical answers we get and in order of most mentioned are:
1. Where I am moving my landlord will not allow any dogs.
2. I am moving into a smaller house or apartment.
3. I am moving with my parents and they won’t accept the dogs.
4. I am moving to my friend’s house and they are allergic to dogs.
5. I cannot afford the transport to get them back home.
6. Well at least I gave them a few years of good life and off the streets, it’s not as if I did not care?
I know that sometimes there is a genuine reason and I would not like to be in their situation but at least these people are going back to a home and possible help from their family or government but these so called ‘beloved pets’ that are left behind end up locked in a villa or let loose in the countryside and owners hope that someone will find them sooner or later and give them a home.
Wrong!!! The majority of these dogs will starve and or get killed by cars or get shot.
We always say we will not take in people’s pets, mainly because it is their responsibility and if and when we have room in our house or our foster homes it’s for the adults that we take in from the streets that are starving or had an accident and also for the pups we rescue from the rubbish containers. But sometimes when you see what is being left behind by these individuals, we just cannot turn a blind eye, but where to put them is the question most of the time?
I dare say some of you will not agree with my post and will have something to say? But just be in our shoes and have to listen to all the bullshit excuses when people phone us or email us every single week to take the animals and then have the phone slammed down before we can even offer alternatives, or we get a rude snotty email reply when we don’t agree to take their treasured pets.
I know what to say next time to save a lot of problems. I’ll say ‘No sorry, I have no room’, but wait… then I will probably get the usual remark ‘Well you are a dog charity, you are supposed to take in the animals. Oh well, if you cannot take them I’ll let them loose’

7 January

I have been ill these last few days but my spirits are up. From mid October to yesterday have homed 24 animals, that works an average of 3 per week and 99% have all had a home check and have gone to lovely homes.
Later today I will be taking another 3 dogs to Malaga airport (see pic) and I have 17 more dogs/cats adopted and or reserved and waiting to go to their new homes. So yes I am on top of the world even though I feel ill with this bug that someone gave me.

moli timmy
1 January 2016

MORE PUPS LOOKING FOR GOOD HOMES - Litter of 13 pups from 2 mums that are small to medium and very friendly and will be sterilsed soon to stop further unwanted litters. The mums seem to be a Shar pei cross (see last two photos) We don’t know who the dad is but there are 12 Mastins dogs loose next door that belong to the local shepherd and some of these pups have the double claws on the back legs, which is typical of a Mastin breed.

Below are the two mums
shar pei mum
shar pei mum
14 December 2015

Some people say ‘Why do we charge an adoption fee rather than just give the animal for free, surely this is selling an animal?’ Well we have to recover some of the cost involved otherwise we would not be able to function. Most of our rescued animals go jan & joeabroad where we have to subsidize the cost from our charity shop and our fund raisers. The few animals that we find homes for in Spain are not just simply given away free or for a small donation because we find that the majority of animals once they have left us end up having anything else done by some of the owners.

OUR POLICY IS NOT JUST TO HOME AN ANIMAL BUT TO ALSO PROTECT IT, therefore when you adopt e.g. a dog from us it will have:
1. Health check
2. Worming
3. EU Passport
4. Vaccination/s against diseases
5. Vaccination against Rabies
6. Micro chip
7. Sterilising/Castrating (if adut)
8. Blood test for Leishmaniasis (if adult)
9. Health check before adoption

The cost of the above is expensive to the charity and regardless of male, female or size, when you collect a dog from us here in Spain, we ask for a minimum adoption fee of 150 Euros and for delivery to Holland we ask 290 Euros, which includes the above list, the passenger flight ticket from Malaga to Holland and the box space on the flight. We do sometimes receive donated volunteer flights and or someone that will fly with the dog but when these are not available we have to supply the volunteer and buy the flight ticket.

For adoptions to other countries we can supply a delivery quote but these adoptions are minimal as we do not have any connections.

Animals In Distress (A.I.D.) rescue animals from the streets and bad situations and place the animal in our home or our foster homes and therefore get it used to a home environment.

In some cases the dog may have a broken shoulder or needs some other type of operation or expensive treatment for whatever illness it might have. The cost to our charity for just for a broken leg, shoulder etc can be 300-600 Euros depending on the severity of the injury and there are many other instances. This is never passed on to the adopter. No matter what has been done to the animal we still ask for the same low adoption fee.
We have to find the shortfall via our charity shop and our fund raising events as well as the few donations we receive.

We always ask people to get more involved in our charity, which would give an insight as to how things work, also the hard work that goes into running it and the fact that we at A.I.D. or none of our few volunteers take a wage, so 100% goes to help the animals in one way or another.

Please remember there is no RSPCA out here just private charities trying to help the bad animal situation with no help from the government or local authorities.

Since January 2014 Jan and I (A.I.D) have been trying to cut back on the number of foster homes that we have, this is due to personal reasons and other factors involved. This has been hard to implement due to the volume of animals always looking for homes, but these last few months we had started to really cut back and we were hoping that in the future we would only have a few foster homes, mainly for what we call emergency cases.

The reason is that our charity is not just about finding an animal and then finding it a home, which is hard and complicate enough but we are also about helping individual people that have come into hard times and barely have money to buy food for the animals that they have rescued and are looking after and some individual have as many as 40-60 dogs, which means when they are ill the people cannot meet expensive vet bills and the animals do not get the necessary medication.

We also help people that might have found a dog involved in an accident and they are prepared to keep it but cannot afford the operation costs etc.
We also help people that have to return back home but cannot afford the costs involved in transporting their pets.

These are the types of things that we were hoping to increase more and therefore decreasing the amount of animals we rescue.

However all well laid plans have gone out of the window as the influx of animals needing help is always on the increase so we are back to square one with even more dogs looking for forever homes, especially puppies, which are dumped alive in rubbish containers on a regular basis. There are simply too many animals needing help and it cannot be ignored.

To be able to help these individual people that take in so many strays plus the strays that we rescue, we need your help and ask you to support our shop by bringing in goods for us to sell, plus purchasing goods from the shop and attending our monthly auctions, our dinner dances and also by sending any donation you can afford to our charity. Our work is never ending.

If you wish to donate no matter how small the amount, it will be gratefully received, please go to this link:

If you wish to adopt a dog please go to this link

We also have long term adult dogs and you can also help by sponsoring one. Please go to this link:

My wife Janice and I, wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

9 December 2015
donated 200kg of dog food to Tika Art
donated 200kg of dog food to Tika Art
Met up with Tika Art this afternoon and I donated 200 kg of dog food to her as she has so many stray dogs to feed with not much income. It is not just charities like ours that save animals, there are lots of individuals out there doing what they can and when they can, some are on a pension and have 50 to 60 stray dogs and we also help them. Please help us to carry on with our work. Please support our shop and/or donate via this link:
29 November 2015
pregnant mum
pregnant mum
Had a call the other day to take some pups in that were only 2-3 days old but simply could not take them as we had a pregnant mum due in in a bad condition.
Roughly this is the story:
Some English people had only been here one week when they saw this mum heavily pregnant in an Olive grove and they gave her some food as she was starving. As they started walking towards Alhaurin el Grande she followed them all the way so they came to us for help. She was thin but the pregnancy made her look in better condition than she was in. Our vet did an ultrasound and saw there were lots of pups. Kept her in overnight as she was about to give birth. The following day he did another ultrasound and found their heartbeat dropping and she was too weak to give birth so he did a cesarean and found 9 pups. The mum showed no interest in them, did not clean them, cut the cord and she had not much milk for them. It was decided to take 5 away from her and hoped that by leaving the 4 with her and with a bit of sedation she would be ok, but after a while she attacked them and killed 4. We have now taken the other 5 into our foster home but 2 might not make it as they are very weak?
23 November 2015
A Gipsy came to our shop this morning with a little male dog and the girls told him they could not take it and to come back tomorrow when Jan would be there. The dog was panting a lot so the girls went and got a bowl of water and the man took the water and the dog outside the shop, he then tied the dog to a tree and left it there Girls went off shouting at him but he was running and never even turned around. The dog was screaming when he saw the man run away. No words for this but have met this type before, a waste of space as far as I am concerned. We are now calling the dog Sammy and he is about one year old. sammy
jodi when found and washed
jodi when groomed
This 2.5 year old little darling was abandoned and was found just over one ago. She was very dirty and full of leas. She was washed and a few days agfo she was groomed and we found out then she was a Silver Yorkie. She walks on the leash, very friendly, always has her little tongue just showing, wants to be with you, a real sweet little dog
9 November 2015
These are the other 4 pups that were dumped outside the mans gate, just like the previous 4. two 2 boys & two girls. Now with my foster home Sally Seymour. Whisper, Willow, Walter, Wilber. For adoption enquiries please PM me or email me at
7 November 2015
This is now getting silly, 4 pups dumped outside a gate, followed by 4 more outside the same gate the following date. Here are the first four, 2 girls and 2 boys and in that order. Only 4 weeks old. Looks like small breed.
3 November 2015

What a misty and wet morning and what a start on our usual long days!!!
I had just finished sorting out all our dogs at home this morning and left to deliver a sofa chair and 100 kg of dog food to Angela Allsop to help her with the stray dogs she rescues, when my wife Jan called me to say that she was on the by-pass and saw 2 pups with bags around their heads and in the middle of the busy road. She pulled over and put her hazard lights on and went towards the pups and waved for cars to slow down, she grabbed one pup but the other got away. The the first car that came started to slow down straight away only to find a car slamming his brakes and skidding into his car. By the time I got there, the police were already on the scene. I went to take the pup from the back of Jan’s van and he was terrified, screaming his head before I could even touch him. I had to quickly grab him by the back of his neck and you think I was going to kill him by the way he reacted, I even have a present from him in the way of two bleeding punctures in my finger. The first car is claiming of the car that hit him from behind. This second car is putting in a 'Denuncia' against Jan at the local police station. I wonder how it will turn out? The on the way back I went to the local animal food store and met Paul Dunt, he also had 100 kg of dog food to help his dogs. Poor old Paul has been in out of the hospital due to heart problem and we wish him a good recovery.


19 October 2015
We have been trying to keep our numbers down but we could not leave these 5 pups where they were (1 male & 4 females). Since they were born they have been living in a shed in not very good surroundings and the person could not find homes for them so we decided this was an emergency. They are coming up for 7 weeks old this Wednesday. The mum is a Mastin cross, which will be sterilised asap, the dad has not been seen but he must be a full Mastin, just look at the pups? They are now use to human touch and very friendly. Lovely bundles of fun.
They are being fostered in a nice environment with Sally Seymour.
The pups are:
Merlin - Male Brindle
Magic - Female white
Meeker - Female smooth coated brown/white face
Mischief - Female brown
Moushka - Female long coat wit patch on face
They cannot be adopted until they have been vaccinated.
17 October 2015  
This Bodeguero (Sam) was found not far from a heavily wooded area simply lying by the side of the road, not moving when traffic went past. The front left leg was missing from just above the wrist, the only thing remaining was tissue and broken bone, looking at the way the leg was severed it looked like he had been caught in an trap, The lady that found him came to us for help and Sam was taken to the vet. There was no way that the leg could be saved as he had no foot in which to walk and was trying to use the damaged bone which was twisting out, he was also crawling in tick and fleas, flies were starting to congregate around the smelling wound. X-rays were taken the damage was so bad that it was decided to take the leg off. Sam is now with the lady that found him and we are paying all the vet bills. The lady would rather that we found a home for him as she already has another rescue and is asking for our help in finding a forever home for both dogs.
Sam is about 18 months old, has an amazing character typical of a Bodeguero, he just gets on with it, he is getting around really well on his 3 remaining legs and seems to have coped really well, he gets on well with other dogs and is able to hold his own at playtime.
e will castrate and vaccinate and get him ready for adoption very soon.





13 October 2014
abandoned female dog
Went for a meal at the local restuarant yesterday and saw this lovely girl, very friendly and very thin. Had a line all round her neck with hair missing where she had probably been tied up with a wire rather than a collar. She was hanging around for food so I gave her some as well as water. I had nowhere for her but some guys that were at the restaurant said they could take her home and put her in the garden so that was a result. I told them them to check for a chip today at the vets. Also if it had no chip then to do a Leishmaniasis test, which I would pay for, just to put their mind at ease. She did not have skin sores or long nails but you never know. Although the photo where she is sitting she looks good, when she stands up you can see all her spine and ribs and she also had couple of bites on her and must of had several litters
13 October 2015

These 3 pups were brought into our charity shop yesterday by the Guardia Civil. First one is a girl (FANTA). Second one a boy (FLIP). Third one a boy (FLOP) About 1 week old and have to be bottle fed every few hours day and night by foster home Simone Jaspers and Peter Maters. Our regular bottle feeding mum is not here at the moment.



6 October 2015
Had an emergency and had two take 2 pups in, which I was not going to due to a change in circumstances. Poor little things have ring worm at the moment and has made the from of heir rear paws hairless. The black one is a boy and the brown one a girl. They are 6 weeks old and could be Labrador or cross? Get those names rolling please
6 October 2015

Today was the first time I have seen Paul Dunt in ages. I heard he had an opperation and did not realise what he had been through. Some people take so many things for granted and you never know when something is going to happen. Any ways we had a chat and I gave him 120kg of dog and puppy food today to help the many animals that he has taken in.





donated food
22 September
We were contacted a few weeks ago and we promised to take in these pups when they were old enough and they arrived yesterday. They were from a mum that was found abandoned and very pregnant. The mum has now been sterilised and kept by the lady. The pups were 3 boys and 3 girls
19 September 2015
This Datchund (no chip) was being fed by a lady for several days in a cul-de-sac. Looks like she has had a few litters and has a bit of skin problem? At present, we are not taking in any more dogs so she has gone to another charity that will find her a forever home. So many poor little souls about :(
15 September 2015
This is FRODO. A 5-month old Waterdog cross that was abandoned at the local vet. The skin all around his body was torn and the vet reckoned that someone had put one of those spiked metal training collars around his body and kept him tied up like that. The hair around his neck is also missing. This little boy must have suffered so much. He is very friendly and his tail does not stop
30 August 2015
This time 9 puppies from the countryside. 3 females and 6 males. They are now with one of our foster homes. They are 5 weeks old and will be medium-large size. If and when the mum is caught, we will sterilize her because this is her second litter that we are aware of. Pups are now all clean. Wont be going anywhere until all vaccinations including rabies chip etc are done
17 August 2015

3 little Chihuahuas found about 3 weeks ago in an open cardboard box by the rubbish containers. They are now approx 7 weeks old. They are now safe at our home but will have to be moved on to a foster home as we are very full and we are hoping that our friends will find some room? They have been wormed and as soon as all vaccs, rabies, chip etc are done they can go to their forever homes






14 August 2015
SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!! A caring Spanish couple approached us about Sultan. He is Chow Chow, 5 years old and has been in a chicken run chained for 3 years. The owner only comes to feed him table scraps every 2-3 days and changes the water when he remembers. We persuaded the owner to let us take him for a groom but because his coat was so bad, he had to be shaved completely. We also did a Leishmania test and unfortunately he was positive so he needs treatment. The dog had to go back in the pen afterwards but the lady now talks to the farmer and let’s Sultan come out for a walk, feed and water. Take a look at the 2 videos, one is his pen, see the parasites in the water. The other video is when I took him to the vets for the test. A very friendly dog, walks on the leash and gives you his paw. He does not deserve this life he is having and we are looking for someone that will take him on. We will pay for castration and the Miltoforan treatment for the Leishmnania. Then you only need to put him on two tablets a day which are very cheap. Please find it in your hearts to give this lovely boy a home. Please contact or Tel (0034) 626 942 427
5 August 2015

This little girl was found in the gipsy quarter full of fleas and ticks. She is now also in our home and playing with or other pups. We have named her CHULA. She is 10 weeks old






4 August 2015

Another little soul abandoned and being abused by children. It is now under our care in our house. We have named him Maurice and he is about 12 weeks old





JULY 2015
18 July 2015
And so it goes on and on and on and onnnnnnnn pfffff.
2 more abandoned pups. Come on folks lets have a couple of nice names for these 6-week old sisters. Need to have the same initials for both e.g. Flo & Flora and so on one for the smooth coat and one for the rough coat. They are both with one of my kind foster homes
14 July 2015
bonnie bean
bouncer buxter
butler bimbo
Oh dear, what a week!!! yet more pups at home. These 6 Mastins pups of about 8 weeks old came today into our care at last. They came via another association that mainly rescues cats. They have been in contact with me several times and after several weeks, they have persuaded the goat herder to part with the pups and we are now trying to get the mum and or dad sterilised. The goat herders reply was that if the dogs are sterilised they wont do their job properly with herding and guarding the goats 'CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
The pups were infested with fleas and have now been cleaned and wormed. Here they are all together at my house (as if I did not have enough pfff).
In order of loaded pics: Bonnie brown & white female - Bean Dark brown & white male - Bouncer beige male - Buxter white male - Butler white male - Bimbo white female. If you can please donate towards these beauties please click this link
13 July 2015

Meet little Gerald 3-4 weeks old, another unwanted little soul (Mastin breed). Found dumped just in time with daytime temperatures at 38 deg, full of ticks and fleas. He has been de-bugged and is in full health.






8 July 2015
A lady found this pup in the road and took it to the vet and got a packet of milk and as she came out, she saw my wife locking up the shop and the story starts here AGAIN!!! Eyes are just opened and we are feeding it and hoping to find a bottle mummy this afternoon? SHOP PUPPY
3 July 2015
Stray mum had crawled under a fence and made a nest on the earth and had 1 boy and 3 girls in someone's land on the 30.05.2015. Friendly pups, which should be medium-large size. They are now under our care and will fly to new homes at about 15 weeks old once all vaccs etc have been done. They have been wormed and de-flead.They are Bonzo, Bona, Bek & Bali. Mum will be going to a new home in the UK soon.
JUNE 2015
12 June
tito tito

I know it never ends but this week it's getting ridiculous. Yet another little soul. This Podenco puppy of about 10 weeks old (now called Tito) was found starving near the rubbish bins. Not wild, simply scared and has signs of becoming friendly.









9 June 2015
Had a phone call yesterday from a friend about a Belgium Shepherd type dog (now called Angela) that was outside her gate more or less starving and in a sad way. We went to see it and all you could feel under all that hair was bones and flesh, no meat on her at all. Her ears were slowly being eaten away, body covered in thistles, dirt and some sort of parasite eggs all over her body. She has a bare patch around her neck possibly where a chain or collar had been too tight for a long time and she has no hair at the front of her neck just above her chest. She is a bit bloated so we are hoping it is worms rather than being pregnant. Her toe nails are extremely long so were thinking 'Leishmaniasis?' We got the vet to take a blood sample, which he sent away and it turns out that she has NO Leishmaniasis. I have taken out hundreds of thistles from her body and when she is more relaxed she will need a good hair cut and body treatment to make her feel better. Tomorrow we are starting on antibiotics to try to control the bad infection in her ears. If anyone wishes to make a donation towards Angela'ss long time care please go to this link and when you make the donation please enter 'ANGELA'. Thank you
8 June 2015
carlos cally

Cally & Carlos were abandoned by the side of rubbish containers. Some people have no heart!!!





carlos & cally
MAY 2015
20 May 2015
These 4 Bodegueros, Marina and her three 7-week old girls were walking along the side of a busy road. Marina was limping badly so we took her to the vet only to find out that it is an old injury. Her front paw is crushed or badly broken and the same further up her leg. How much she must have suffered, poor little thing and on top of all done , getting pregnant. We have a dilemma as the vet says that it cannot be operated on with a good result do to the amount of fractures, this mean that she will be wearing out her paw from rubbing on the floor and we are not sure what pain she is in or will be in the future as she holds it up all the time. The other option is to take the leg off and she will probably be better off as dog on three legs still have a happy life. She is a real friendly little girl. Don’t know how she was suppose to hunt to help feed her litter considering the state of her leg?. A few weeks ago we also had Xena with a leg broken in two places. Please consider a donation, even if it’s very small as it all mounts up. Just 1 euro from everyone would make such a difference. Please click here
9 May 2015
5 x 5-week old stry kittens now under A.I.D. care and kindly fostered by Jackie Muscroft. They will soon be going to new homes once all vaccs etc are completed
BORN 7 March
Tabby male - Cosmo
Tortie female - Cookie
Tabby female - Cleo
Black female 1 - Cinder
Black female 2 - Coco
I dread this time of year, kittens, kittens and more kittens
1 May 2015
rescued donkey
7 abandoned pups
rescued brother & sister
rescued brother & sister
A few days ago we had a complaint about a donkey in bad condition, normally we don't get to involved and would pass this on to CYD Santa Maria horse rescue, but we new this donkey from previously where we had warned the owner about the donkey's hooves being too overgrown. Anyways, this time on arrival we saw that his legs were covered with blood and one of the front hooves was overgrown. To cut a long story short about this poor, old animal, the owner agreed to give up the donkey and after all the paperwork is sorted she will now be going to the donkey sanctuary- It so happens that the donkey sanctuary were also in the middle of a rescue of three donkeys in another area and when they arrived they were presented with 14 dogs and asked us if we could help, it was 7 pups and 7 adults. We had no room but our friends from Arca Noah said they would make room for the pups so we met the donkey sanctuary in Coin, we did not realise they had come all the way from Almeria until then? anyways when they opened the back door of their van, there was 3 cages. One with the 7 pups covered head to toe with ticks and also the 7 adults in another 2 cages and also covered in ticks.. What a sorrowful site that was. We had to do something even though we really cant take no more but we ended taking home 3 young adult dogs, 2 brindle small dogs and a nervous Mastin/Shepherd cross and we delivered the 7 pups to Arca Noah. Yesterday we put the drops on the dogs and today we started counting the ticks dropping off but some we had to spray/pull out. They gulped their food down yesterday and today were more relaxed and now well fed and watered. Photo of the pups in my van's cage yesterday and the 3 photos of the young adults were taken today at my house.

abandoned mastin cross dog











1 May 2015

Xena is a long haired Podenco (Spanish hunting dog), which in the UK we would call it a Lurcher. She was found by the side of the road injured, covered with several large ticks, dirty coat and under weight. On inspection we saw that she had been in an accident or someone had damaged her as she could not put her rear leg down. We took her to the vet and he x-rayed her. Her Femur was busted we also counted a minimum of 15 lead pellets in her rear, (see x-ray) so we assume that she was shot by the hunter by mistake when she got in between him and a rabbit perhaps, which sometimes happen over here. Anyways a plate with screws was inserted to fix the broken Femur. She was then checked with another machine after the operation and was found to have fractures on the same leg but further up, so a second operation was done the following day with pins inserted. We decided to sterilize her at the same time and also take a blood sample to check for Mediterranean diseases to save putting her through more stress at a later date. A loose fragment had also been spotted on the other rear leg and near the ball joint and this will need to be taken out in the future. Two days later we collected her from the vet and she was just about putting weight on her leg so we are hopeful of a good recovery, but it will take time so she will have to stay with us until she is fit before we can even consider putting her up for adoption. This girl has a lovely character and friendly from the minute we took her in. The other part of this story the vet billm which will be a minimum of 600 euros? These tragic situations are so sad for the animals a drain on our charity but we cannot see them suffer and leave them to their fate, it is against what we stand for. Good thing that Xena was found in time otherwise think of her suffering. She is approximately 18 months old, lovely and friendly and deserves a chance in this life of a loving family who will keep her save.

28 April 2015

This is Nobby, he appeared outside Finca Rincon ut one week ago full of ticks and dirty. We were contacted via Jackie Mushcroft to see if we could help Mandy. We are very full but I rearranged some dogs at home and at one of my foster homes and today I collected Nobby. 99.9% of the time I guarantee it will not have a chip, but I have to check that later on and if he does not have a chip then Nobby will be looking soon for a home. Simply cant take any more. How many times have I said that lately lol. Thank you for your kind donation Mandy xx

By the way, he did not have a chip

rescued dog




26 April 2015
4 more pups found in the countryside at 4 weeks old. They are now with one of my foster homes. They are all reserved now and will go to their new homes at 15 weeks old when they would have had all their vaccs, chip. It never ends does it?
Jemma, Jenny, Jessie & Jinny
21 April 2015
abandoned pup abandoned pup


This puppy appeared at Adrian Brown's house in Alozania but he is going to UK soon so I met him this evening and took the pup home with me. I am quite full at the moment, but what can I say? and this one is only 6 weeks so he will have to be separate from the others. 1st pic is of Adrian with the pup now called Tony and the next pic is the pup sleeping under my wife's chin. He is already reserved










abandoned pup
17 April 2015
doggies going to forever homes doggies going to forever homes
Four more of our doggies on their way to Malaga airport where they will be escorted to meet their new families in The Netherlans. Macho, Wiston, Mossie and Solome. Long happy life to all. Tomorrow morning at 08.15 I am collecting two more of my dogs and they are flying to Amsterdam. Next Flight will then be Tuesday doggies going to forever homes
16 April 2015
paula and joe with food donation pups in temporary cage

Today I delivered 120 Kg of puppy and Adult biscuits to Paula Young, she is fostering dogs for us (A.I.D.) and also looks after stray dogs that she has found or that people have contacted her about. At the moment she has taken in six 12 week old stray pups from a place full of rubbish. Meanwhile please help us to be able to carry on helping strays. You can donate via this link with the button marked ‘Make a one-time donation for a rescue dog’ Thank you .








pups found amongst rubbish
14 April 2015
joe tara ellen yoel
Here I am with TARA the Labrador and Ellen her new mum. Tara was kindly fostered by Ann Holloway. In the boxes were also YOEL the Black/White) pup and ABBY the Brown Terrier fostered by Simone Jaspers. We had three different associations phone as about helping TARA, which was in El Paraiso dog pound and we took her out the day before she was due to be put to sleep in early March and she had a temperature and an infection in a wound. Now here she is on her way to Malaga airport with her new mum Ellen flying to Amsterdam. Ellen kindly flew in to collect her and to also volunteer to take the other two dogs to Amsterdam. Our thanks to Arca Noah
9 April 2015
paddy tuie
3 more pups came into our care and are now in foster homes. PADDY and 8 week old black Waterdog cross found abandoned by a lady and taken to the vet but no chip. TUIE a 17 week old Pointer cross wandering lost in the countryside and very thin. ROONY a 12 week old Labrador cross, which was originally found at 8 weeks old with burns on his back and now is starting to heal. This is so sad and we are so full. Please help us to carry on with our work. If you can donate any amount towards all these rescues it will be gratefully received, please go to this link roony
6 April 2015
7 rescued Mastin pups

Had a call on Sunday 5th April about 5 Mastins pups, which were in a drain pipe but only 3 were around at the time. Looks like there were abandoned and no sign of mum? When we got there there was 5. The following day our friends also had a call about two more pups not far from that area and they are now together (bottom right hand side) so all 7 are now safe

7 rescued Mastin pups
MARCH 2015
30 March 2015
This is Smokey, born around 23 February. Found under a bush and then brought into our shop. Our foster home has been bottle feeding him and we thank her for her total dedication. He is now 5 weeks old and ready to go on our website. He will soon start his kitty vaccs, chip and rabies vaccs then he can go to a new home.
26 March 2015
This afternoon I met Jo Stonley and loaded her with 200Kg of dog food, which A.I.D. has donated and Jo is kindly taking it to Alex Huber. That's 8 bags of 20Kg of adult & 2 x 20Kg of puppy as I have been told he also has pups, Hope you don't mind Alex as we help where we can and when we can. Good luck with your car. food donation to alex from A.I.D.
9 March 2015
WAS DUE TO BE KILLED IN 24HRS We do not usually rescue dogs from the dog pound as we mainly concentrate on the abused/abandoned dogs in the streets or countryside, but we have been contacted by three different rescue connected people asking if we could help this dog as it was due to be put to sleep last Friday, so after speaking to someone connected to the pound, she was taken out the day before and temporarily placed in our friends shelter and on Friday we brought her up to Alhaurin el Grande for a thorough check up by our vet. She had a temperature and an infection in a wound. She is now in one of our foster homes recovering. Tara is a one year old Labrador and a very friendly girl. tara
7 March 2015
kennel base
kennel path
This is the base that we are putting down at Paula Young's home and for which we are paying. Total cost 480 euros. First photo is of the concrete over the mesh, 2nd photo is the path to the concrete base and 3rd photo is is the drainage. The kennels will be arriving in two weeks. Please help where you can, we need spaces for the stray dogs that come under our care. To donate towards the concrete base please go to this link:
kennel drainage
2 March 2015
lyons club donation
the pen
We built another new pen the other day for the pups 2m x 4m as we always have so many abandoned pups but funds are short so we were having to pay for it ourselves and then hopefully get it out of the charity a bit at a time, the cost was about 600-650 euros with the roof to follow. Meanwhile a few days ago I had a conversation with Carol McClusky as she wanted to know of any new projects, so I told her about the puppy run and the next thing I know we get a phone call saying that the Lyons Club in Fuengirola had a cheque for our charity. Off we went this morning to meet Carol at her home and Anne Bowles of the Lyons Club arrived and presented us with WAIT FOR IT!!! a 650 Euro cheque and also Carol gave us a cheque for 100 Euros so that the whole thing was paid for in full. Well we were gob smacked, in fact my gob has never been so smacked lol. We were so thrilled as this was a generous donation by a private individual and also from Anne Bowles from the Lyons Club. Who said there are no Angels on this Earth? Thank you xx
1 March 2015
5 male pups in drainpipe
The mum
It was supposed to have been a quiet afternoon and we were going down the coast to have an early evening meal with friends that had arrived from the Uk and they were going back today. Well had a call from our foster home to say she saw two tiny pups on top off a concrete drain pipe and on investigation there were 5. My wife Jan rush out while I sorted all our dogs out and when she got there was only one captured and the others would not come out of the drain pup. Janice could not get in there so she called Janet Derieu as she was smaller and thinner and she is another of our foster homes. Janet went in while another person crawled into one end while Janet crawled in at the other end with a swimming pool pole & brush to start to ease them towards her, then Jan pulled Janet by her feet to get her out of the concrete drain pup. This is no job for the older generation lol. They are now save with us. 5 week old Quintuplet males. We arrived half hour late for our meal but job well done by everyone.
27 February 2015

Did a few trips today giving dog food to people that have far too many animals to look after and or low income and could do with a bit of help, included were:
200Kg to Angie( with cap on), she has 60 dogs.
200kg to Tika(photo with 2 dogs) and she has about 40 dogs.
200Kg collected by Paul Duntdirectly from the shop.
There are lots of people trying to do their best for the animals, but it's never ending. We also sterilised Angie's little dog that she is holding



delivered food
22 February 2015
4 days later
Had to take one of our 11 week old pups to hospital yesterday afternoon during emergency hours, both sides of mouth swollen, saliva all around her mouth, could hardly breathe, purple tongue way back in the mouth, by the time I got to the vet there was a massive lump under the throat and the tip of the tongue had a bubble on it and under the tongue and also gums had white bits. For those that have not yet guessed it was the Processionary caterpillars. Somehow they were on our land, perhaps the wind blew over some of the hairs, we will never know, we don't have Pine trees. The vet gave it two injections to reduce swelling and also had to sedate the pup as we could not open the mouth properly so as to clean the tongue. She is on antibiotics for 4 days. Today I am feeding and watering the pup with a syringe (without the needle). If the tongue starts to turn yellow in the next few days then she will need an operation to cut out the bad part. If you go for a walk keep away from the pine trees. You will see lots of white candyfloss type nest, that's where they are until the come out in their hundreds and crawl along in a line as this picture from the interned shows
18 February 2015
Mum and 6 pups found under a convrete staircase in Malaga. The place was fillthy and full of rubbish. They are now in foster care until suitable homes can be found once they are older.
10 February 2015
Rescued pups - This is a long on going story but basically there are 2 - 3 Mastin mums and a dad (Mastin/Shepherd) running around free. We saved 2 litters of 5 and 7 and managed to home all of them. One mum was caught and sterilised but another has had a litter of 6 shown here and cannot be caught. All boys except last photo, which is a girl. These pups are now reserved and are being fostered by the same person that fostered the previous ones xx. The other day when the pups were rescued, the dad was found dead, 'HE HAD BEEN SHOT' by someone
3 February 2015.
Monda with plastic container
Monda with plastic container off

Monda is 12 weeks old. She was found very distressed amonst loads of rubbish, She had her head stuck in a plastic olive container. Our friend Paula found her just in time. She is now reserved an will be flying in a few weeks to her forever home





1 February 2015
jade & sol at the shelter
jade and sol at home
Sol & Jase, brother and sister were born in June 2012. Our foster home had been looking after them as pups and for nearly two years; this is because they had Leishmaniasis. Sadly our foster home could not stay in Spain any longer and Sol & Luna were put in our friends kennels as there was nowhere else for them to go. They have never been inside the house but obviously the kennels are not quite the same as a foster home. After months and months of treatment they came up negative Leishmaniasis. A couple of months back a Spanish couple came forward to foster the dogs and they simply fitted in so well that they decided to adopt them. These two doggies are the longest we have ever had without their own proper family and now just look at them. Words cannot convey how I am feeling right now!!!
19 January 2015
24 hr old pups abandoned
24 hr old pups abandoned

2 Little boys found in a bag with some shoes and jumpers. How can be people be that cruel? They are now in my foster home and having puppy milk at short intervals day and night. Let's hope they make it?




16 January 2015
6 pups & mum avabandoned
6 pups abandoned

A lady has been feeding for weeks a small mum and six pups in the large Alhaurin el Grande car park in the old town. The pups are starting to come to her so yesterday she called us at lunch time and we went to meet her. Took one hour to get one as they had already eaten and they knew we were there even though we kept out of the way. They are very nervous of strangers so this will take a few days? Here is the first one, a little girl 10-12 weeks old. We put her in a large cage last night. Still nervous this morning and not eaten yet, but a few reassuring cuddles during the day, it will start the process going as usual. Never ends, does it?

UPDATE - The other 4 have just been caught this morning and have joined the little female. One more to go but he/she is harder to catch and no chance with the mum at the moment

13 January 2015
Joe is 65 today and officially retired. Really? I don't think so :)
13 January 2015
31 December 2014
Part of a litter of 6 pups. Mum is a Boxer/Sharpei cross and dad a Mastin. Pups have been rescued and mum sterilised. Here they are, Ivor, Izzy, Indy & Isaac. Now 5.5 weeks old (all reserved) but have to wait another 10 weeks before they go to their forever homes
17 December

Someone found these 8 week old pups in a ditch. They are under our care now. I said I could not take in any more but look at them, those looks says it all.




3 abandoned pups
13 December 2014
These 6 pups were abandoned by the rubbish bins. We managed to take these but cant take any more for a while. Such a sad situation out here :(
11 December 2014
doris carliito
chucho cookie

Our friends just took in 17 pups. They belonged to 3 mums that another rescue took but could not take the pups due to Parvo in their shelter. On the same day we have also also taken in 1 Podenco female pup 10 weeks old and 3 brothers 6 weeks old found abandoned. It never ends. Thse are photos of the 4 that we have.


28 November 2014

Fifi was found abandoned. She has gone into foster care by the person that found her and then she fell of their spiral staircase and broke her leg. Shuch bad luck for this lvely friendly pup. The vet bill came to 434 euros, which is a big lump out of our charity funds, so we ask for your help please. To donate please click here and mention Fifi

14 November 2014

Roaming the streets lost. Most probaly abandoned by owners. Very friendly, walks on the lead but not house trained yet, so we are working on that. A delightful dog full of love.

7 November 2014

Photos of Franko, one of two pups found starving several weeks ago, full of fleas and in very bad condition. We took him home and after lots of care and worry here he is now photos from 6th November. What a difference


franko found starving
franko franko
26 October 2014
This female dog was found collapsed outside someone’s villa, her coat was full of all sorts of Parasites, her nails were very long and she was hardly moving. We took her to our local vet for a close examination and her coat had to be completely shaved off. Her skin was terrible and she had maggots all over her body and in her Valva, she hardly moved and she had given up on life. At the vet's, she had an x-ray and was put on a drip, where she perked up a bit after 24hrs but sadly her insides were all inflamed and the vet also also thought that she might had been given some sort of poison. She was too far gone and the kindest thing was to put her to sleep. This girl was 13 years old and who knows what she has been through during her life. R.I.P. little one, no more pain for you. SOMETIMES I REALLY HATE MY JOB
13 year old abandoned dog
13 year old abandoned dog
13 year old abandoned dog
13 year old abandoned dog
13 year old abandoned dog
13 year old abandoned dog
13 year old abandoned dog
13 year old abandoned dog
10 October 2014

Born 4 September 2014

5 Mastin/Shepherd cross pups living in the wild and rescued by neighbours near one of our foster homes. They have now been taken to us and we will look after them in our home. They will be ready to travel once they have been wormed, vacinated inc rabies and micro chip. They will be large size



6 October 2104
My wife Jan had a phone call this morning from Tamsin Rowles  about a female dog that she had seen with what looked like a hole in the head. I got there as soon as I could an on arrival I saw that Sabrina Hope was also there. The dog was lying down with lots of fly’s in and around the head wound, which was about half to one inch deep and weeping and her eyes had white/green  muck in them. The dog was very friendly but very weak on her legs and actually took food from Tamsin as he was very hungry. I mentioned that the fly’s will be laying eggs soon unless they have already done that and she said that she saw a  maggot come out of the hole earlier on (bad news). After a few minutes the vet arrived as my wife had already contacted him earlier on. On close inspection the vet said that it was a wound that burst open or that at some time someone had shot her. He said there could be complications and that the best thing for this dog was too kindly put her to sleep, which I agreed with. She did not take long to pass away in her weak condition. Later on the vet phoned me and said that what we saw in the hole was part of her brain and that her skull was broken and he found more maggots in the hole and that most likely she was hit with some sort of spike? Some people have no feelings or souls :( May her poor soul rest in peace
4 October 2014
Franko & Franz are 2 brothers about 6 weeks old. They had been found and taken to the lovacal vet. The vet phoned us and we took them in. These two pups have several parts of bare sking due to bad living conditions and flea dirt and have a mark around their neck as thought they had been tied with a wire or chain?. The are very thin, you can see all their ribs and must have been with out food for a long time, so found just in time. This last photo is of them settling down for the night on a warm bed with toys :) franko & franz
franko & franz
franko & franz
franko & franz
1 October 2014
Orlando & Olympia . Born 20 June 2014. This brother & sister were found abandoned on top of a bridge and were rescued before they could fall on the road below. They are a German Shepherd cross and very friendly. Now safe with us and hopefully will be adopted soon orlando & olympia
21 September 2014
This is the Waterdog that was thrown out of a car the other day by 4 men in it. Apparently when the lady that saw it started shouting at the men they threw some stones at the dog to get him away and one hit him in the head, luckily was just a surface wound. The lady that picked him up could not keep him so he went to a kind lady for a couple of days and has been fully shaved and frontline because he had hundreds and hundreds of ticks. jasper
20 September 2014
Yet another casualty. This is Jango and he has just come out of hospital yesterday. He was attacked by other dogs and has bites all over his body. He is now in our home until he gets better and hopefully we will find him a forever home. He is about 1 year old and very timid at the moment. For donations to help us with our work please go to this link
jango jango
16 September 2014
I have taken in two more pups today. Born 1 August 2014. Ebonisa and her brother Elton are from a stray Mastin mum that lives in a field. A lady has been feeding the mum for about 3 years but still cant get near her. These are very cute pups and should grow to be large?
ebonisA ELTON
14 September 2014

These are the 5 pups that our foster home took away from children at La Trocha shopping center yesterday. Seems to be like this every Sunday. I am pushing my foster homes to take extra dogs. Running out of options lately 3 boys, Victor, Vernan, Vinnie and 2 girls Violet & Vera (6 weeks old)





vernan victor
vinnie violet
9 September 2014
Jan brought home another abandoned pup today . Had her checked out at the vet and no apparent illnesses, but with a skin problem, bloated tummy and ribs showing Poor little thing has been through a lot. Lucinda is about 16 weeks old
6 September 2014
The other day a lady came to our shop crying and told my wife Janice that a pup was dying on the forest road outside Alhaurin el Grande. Jan rushed up there with the lady and on arrival she thought the pups was dead (a Shar-pei cross) with ants all over his body but the pup was alive. This little boy was rushed to the vet hospital and a Parvo test was done, which came up negative. He went onto a drip as he had total dehydration & starvation as well as sun stroke. He stayed in the vets for 5 days and then he went to our foster home Janet Deriu. shar-peiGreat I thought! A 3 month old cheeky pup full of life and fun, with lots of cuddles and love from our foster home and her friend that was staying with on holidays, we thought this pup may make it? But no a few days later the pup started being sick, not eating or drinking and very quiet, which was unusual so he was rushed to the vet on Saturday and was Parvo positive and lost his battle for life during Sunday night. So sad and so unnecessary. What a terrible life this pup had seen in such a short life, nothing good for sure apart from the few happy days with our foster home R.I.P. little one
23 August 2014

What a morning with the dreaded hunters pig frantic to get outand their dogs. 7.00am and bang, bang with their guns getting all my dogs going and waking up all the neighbours. Anyways that is another story. This is the main post. I had a call at 1.45pm today from my neighbour who lives high up on the mountain and said she saw pig swimming in a large water tank similar to a swimming pool and the pig could not get out. You can only get to it by parking the car below the land and the going by foot to the water tank. I called the Guardia Civil as I would need help and they said that Seprona are back at 2pm and I said the Pig might be drowned by then.

Anyways they arrived in a 4x4 at 3.30pm with gloves and grasper in hand and I took them to where I thought the land was. The gate was pig in tanklocked but we were able to walk around the side of the gate via a small alleyway. 300meters later up a steep slope of loose terrain, which I was hanging onto one of them as I have a doggy leg for those things, we arrived at the water tank, which the owner obviously uses for irrigation and there was 2 piglets a few meters from the tank and a huge porker in the tank swimming frantic trying to get out. The Seprona man put the grasper on one of the legs and started to pull him towards the other man to be able to get hold of it but it was so heavy that the grasper came off and the pig and the pig went under, but he soon bobbed up as he was so fat. The grasper went on his leg again and the other man grabbed his ear, which was doggy as the pig kept turning towards him as though to bite him. There was nothing I could do  (grabbing wise)  free at lastso I got my mobile phone out and took these photos. Anyways after 5 minutes of pulling and the pig screaming his head off, he was ¾ out of the tank with just his bum in the water and the grasper slipped off again but the porker little legs by now were going like egg beaters, she did the final push on the side of the tank and he managed to get out and we all backed off a few yards in case she turned towards us, but she did not and went straight ahead towards the piglets. Seprona will have a word with the owner about putting some fencing around the pool, but I know this man and nothing will happen. Anyways folks, what a lovely ending that could have easily turned into a tragedy.

14 August 2014
8 COUNTRIES IN 8 DAYS Bike ride to raise much needed funds for A.I.D.
Today Jan & Phil Lee arrived after 8 exhausting but interesting days across Europe. They have only been riding their bikes for one year thus making harder than for most people and they also took the long way round to Spain. Starting with the UK, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain. They raised just over 1200 euros via Fundrazr and to our surprise they handed us a cheque for 2000 Pounds (approx 2400 euros) this was very unexpected and they kept this quiet until their arrival. The total raised stands at about 3600 euros and apparently there are still some funds in collection tins in a few pups and some funds from friends? in UK. We cannot thank them enough for raising these funds for our charity. A wonderful couple that looked into the work we do for the animals and they decided to help in their own way ‘FANTASTIC’ xx
8 countries in 8 days
8 countries in 8 days

1 August 2014

These 8 pups (4 boys and 4 girls) now older, were left near the rubbish containers. These are very similar to pups we have found 6 months earlier. Looks like a farmer is getting rid of the litters once the mum has finished weaning them

JULY 2014

25 July 2014

These two pups (Baggins & Bilbo), which are about 8 weeks old were put in a dirty bird cage and then dumped inside a rubbish container opposite Mercadona supermaket in Alhaurin el Grande, Malaga. They are now in foster care

23 July 2014
Take a look at what someone brought into our charity shop today. Claws are a sure sign of Leishmaniasis and look at the coat. This female is in a real bad condition. Took her to the vets and it turns out she had a chip. The vet contacted the owner and they came to collect her during the morning. We don't know if she had been lost a long time or just neglected?. Vet cant give out information on the owners but hopefully he would have had a go at them if it was neglet.
18 July 2014

A BIG THANK YOU to Bryony Maunder. These lovely people in the photo Busked in their local town in the UK and raised £178.55 for our charity in Spain Animals In Distress (A.I.D)



Busking for AID
18 July 2014

Vicky was found starving and very ill. The lady that found her could not keep as she afraid her children or dogs might catch something bad. My wife and I are now taking care of her. She has come out of hospital after 4 days of being on a drip and medicine. We first thought she had a bad case of enteritis but it turns out that she had an infection in her intestines and was making her ill and vomiting and giving her high temperature. Unfortunately it looks like another dog has been added to my 25 at home. If any can help with a donation it will be gratefully received as the vet bill for this pup came to 174 euros, which includes the emergency week end fee, blood tests, on a drip for 4 days with injections to stop the vomiting and a few other items. She has now recovered and is a bundle of love, she is very affectionate. Please help if you can, go to this link The video is of Vicky the day after she came out of hospital



7 July 2014

More and more abandoned pups each week. Today I felt really sad as I went to see two abandoned pups that a kind lady is going to look after until we can find them a home. Both 8 weeks old. One is a cream Mastin girl (Bonnie) the other is a brown Mastin cross boy (Clyde) He has a deformed leg. The leg seems to have two bones running down the length and her right paw is split into two paws. Looks like he was born like that. We will be asking the vet what the best option is to make his leg much more comfortable?


4 July 2014

On Sat evening (9pm) my husband and I were passing by the bins on the Cartama/Coin rd, opposite Venta Las Cabales, when the car in front of us suddenly opened his door and flung out 7 puppies, one was so badly injured that nothing could be done, but we managed to catch the other 6 before they ventured into either the rod or the river. ++ are fabulous little pups, although infested with tics etc ( treated by A.I.D.) they are now all clean , healthy and very friendly and loving....

4 July 2014
Oh dear!!! 2 more pups abandoned pups
Lima & Luka were found abandoned in the street. They are small Chihuahua cross and they are in one of our foster homes.
3 July 2014

Wowwww!!! what a year for abandoned pups. Born 15 May 2014 - These 3 pups (2 girls & 1 boy) were abandoned by some rubbish containers. They are very small breed (Chihuahua) - Tye (right) the male and Tilly & Tina both females




1 July
Pups born 21st May 2014 - Bodeguero female was found abandoned and pregnant and now her lovely pups will be 4 weeks old on the 21st June. Photos are of 5 girls and 4 boys.
JUNE 2014
ABOUT Animals In Distress (A.I.D.)
My wife and I came over to Costa del Sol in 1998 and moved inland to Coin in 2002. After a while we got involved with helping some charities here in Spain. We were already experienced in this line of rescue as we had worked independently and helped the RSPCA in the UK. Eventually when we saw the dire situation of stray and abused animals in this part of Andalucia and we decided to go our own way and do what we could for them. In 2007 we really started to get involved with homing animals and in 2008 we became a registered charity.

We found that having stalls was not bringing in enough funds for the amount of help that the animals needed so we dug deep into our own money so that we could have our own charity shop, which we eventually outgrew. Three shops later we are now situated in Alhaurin el Grande, Malaga nearly opposite Mercadona supermarket and have the largest selection of clothes, books and more… all this thanks to the generous public bringing in unwanted items for us to sell so we can help the animals.

aid shop

We are a non-profit organization and we have not taken any wages since we registered and that means us as well as our wonderful shop volunteers, so 100% goes towards helping the animals in one way or another..

In 2004 we found a plot of land which we turned into a small rescue shelter for about 30 dogs and the rest of the rescue dogs were kept in our home and a few foster homes. In 2007 we had to give up the shelter due to lack of volunteer work. We had been in contact with S.O.S and they told us that they had to move their dogs and give up their shelter so we offered them ours.

our previous shelter

They had no problem finding volunteers as most of them come from abroad and are able to stay in accommodation provided by S.O.S. which is the one thing we could not provide. Since then all our rescue dogs are being looked after in our home and our kind foster homes. To be able to give the dogs the best quality of life, which is what they deserve until a forever home is found, we keep to a maximum of 50 at any one time. We also have a small cattery in our home.

the aid cattery feed time

With the help of our network partners most of our rescued dogs and cats go to forever homes in Holland, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Spain and we average about 300 adoptions per year, the majority being dogs.
(Shown photo at airport)
Each dog that we send to a new home has to have:
1. Health check
2. Worming
3. EU Passport
4. Vaccination/s against diseases
5. Vaccination against Rabies
6. Registered Micro chip under your name
7. Sterilising/Castrating
8. Blood test for Leishmaniasis
9. Health check before travel (if going to another country)
Although we ask for an adoption fee, it never covers the true cost of a dog and our charity shop has to pay the shortfall, especially when quite a few of the dogs that we rescue have been in road accidents or are in a very poor condition due to the amount of time that they have been roaming loose.

some of our dogs at our home starving dog

Our work also involves helping individuals that are in a bad situation and we supply food for their animals as well as help with the sterilising of their animals.

We also help people that are out of work and need to go back to the UK for good, by organizing low cost transport for their animals as well as obtaining special rates with our vet to make their animals ready for travel.

This is another example

cat boxes taken o our ransport man

A lady called came into our Charity Shop and informed us that her mother had died very sadly and had about 30 cats in and around the house, domestic and semi domestic and wanted to know her options, so we gave her several options and she decide that she wanted to take them all back to the UK. It came to light that none of the cats had pet passport, vaccinations or micro chips. Also a couple of them may be pregnant. We started the process with our charity and sterilised the two pregnant cats. We negotiated prices with the vet to get the other 30 ready for travel and also negotiated a very good price to get the cats transported by road to the UK. The lady meanwhile with her friends in the UK had created a Facebook page to raise some funds and to find homes for some of the cats. A cat rescue in the UK also took in some of the cats.

But our main work is educating the Spanish farmers that lack on animal education and that is where we feel all charities should be concentrating on.

Animals In Distress (A.I.D.) is a small non-profit animal charity based in Coin, Malaga and we are registered in Andalucía, Spain Nº 07974 and also with the Government Tax office CIF, Nº G92937002.
15 June
blind chiuaua
2 little souls

While I was liasing with Arca Noah and  Tony Rush about the mum and 9 pups in the drain pain, my wife had arranged to take some dogs away from a breeder. 5 little ones were rescued from a live of misery, hardly seeing daylight or decent living conditions. The chiuahua was blind and others had tumors and long finger nails. Earlier I posted about never buy from a breeder and I used an internet photo, and you might have read the story about the breeder and the vet in Mijas, well this is happening here right on your door step. These 5 that we collected today were in Cartama. We could not take them home as we had Parvo so our friends have them and my judgment tells me that these 5 would have had no vaccs or anything else done to them. Just a money making machine :(

11 June
abandoned pups
abandoned pups
abandoned pups
abandoned pups
These is the second lots of puppies that were taken to our shop today. Luckily Jan was there. They were found by the bins opp Posh Pets in Alhaurin el Grande and filthy dirty Here they are having a bath at Arca Noah our friends
8 June
Joe & Julio
These are the 3 surviving pups from the Mastin Mum (Justice) that had 5 pups in the dog pound. We rscued her and put her in our foster home. Sadly some of the pups did not do well and only 3 have survived. Julio, Jessica and Juan. Juan is lucky to be here because the mum turned on him and you can see his injuries in the photo so we hope he makes it?. All 3 pups are now in another of our foster homes. We also have Brutus from the dog pound whom we think is the dad. He has not been eating well and today we took him to the vet and went on a drip and special food. He is quite old and thin and about 10 kg less than what a boy his size should be and the vet reckons he is 7-8 years old not 1 year old as we were led to believe before we took him out!!!
7 June
UPDATE ON RIVERBED PUPS (30th May post): These three pups are the survivors of a litter of 8 that were found in the riverbed inside a bag. These three are now being bottle fed and doing well so far. Left to right, Barden, Banjo & Bamma. They will go to forever homes once they are old enough
4 June

This lovely boy /Alex) was thrown in someone's shop door way. We have him in our care at Animals in Distress He now has enquiries and will soon be adopted





3 June

This female kitten (Fluffly) was running around loose on the street opposite out charity shop and cars nearly run her over. So many enquiries that it will be adopted soon







2 June

These two Siamese x are just 3-4 weeks old and all alone in the world, they are brought in very bad etate after spending a week in the hospital. They ae now in foster care. They do well after full recovery and if they what are stronger we're going for them a home





2 abandoned siamese kittens
2 June
This is Justice. She was at the local dog pound along with another male called Brutus and she had a litter of 5 pups while she was in there. Unfortunatelly one of the pups died. She was brought to our atention and we took her out and into a foster home and a few days later we also took out Brutus, which we think was the dad and he went to the same foster home. Once the pups are old enough to have their own forever home, we will Sterilise Justice and Brutus
MAY 2014
30 May
6 abandond pups
6 pups abandoned
It is now nearly 10pm and we have just finished another rescue. Some one phoned us because they found a sack on a river bed with 8 pups inside. 2 were dead already so we have been trying to sort out our foster homes for somewhere for the other 6 as these pups will need bottle feeding. What a way to end the day, Photos and video are from the following day.

9 May

This Mastin (now called Macho) was brought to everyone's attention two days ago. He is starving and people have been feeding it. The local bar owner called the police and the dog went to the local pound where he only stayed a very short period of time. We have taken him out and is now under observation at our vet and might have to spend the night there. We are paying for whatever treatment will be necessary now or at a later date and he will probably go to our friends Arca Noah España where he will get the much needed love and plenty of rest with good food. Because he is 7-8 years old he will probably become one of our long term residents because his recuperation will be slow. At the moment we will not be considering any forever homes. If you wish to contribute towards his bills please click here

UPDATE - 10 May We took him to the vet and was deflead and washed as he was yellow from laying in his own urine. This is a post that I put earlier on on another page as Macho is in different pages: He has came up positive Leishmaniasis and Ehrlichia (tick fever). His main problem is starvation and weakness due to that. On close inspection he was black with flea dirt all over poor thing. Arca Noah are looking after him now and feeding him up. I am going to the vet to pay my bills on Monday and will sort out Macho's bill as well. He has to have more medication next month. If in time they decide that he could be castrated then I will pay for that as well then Arca Noah will carry on from there and decide on staying with them or adoption. I am 99% sure that he will become a long term dog with Arca Noah. There is no way he is going up for adopting now or in the very near future. - This is Janice, she went to check on him at Arca Noah España macho

4 May

We had a call about a mum and two pups on the highway and possibly getting run over. As we could not go at the time, we called our friends at SOS to try to catch them and when they got there the mum and one pup run away but they managed to get Foxy. We have now collected her from them and she is now safe in our home until we can find her a forever home

APRIL 2014

24 April

These poor little pups are now safe with us. The mum gave birth in the field next door to the lady that called us. We are hoping to catch the mum sooner or later and sterilise her. The pups will come indoors soon to socialise them as two of them are a little bit nervous

3 abandoned pups

22 April

Peludo had been seen in the street for two days looking for food and lost. He is a very friendly dog that wants to be with you all the time. A beautiful puppy






8 April

This is Carlito and Christian. These 2 pups are about 6-7 week old and were abandoned this morning at our local vet. They left them in a box under the security camera 'crafty people'. The pups were covered in fleas and ticks all over their body. We could not say no when they phoned, so yet another two have come to our home and as soon as their vaccinations are done and they are of age they will be ready for new homes.

7 April

7 more pups looking for forever homes (5 boys & 2 girls) It never ends!!!
They have been wormed and next week the will be having their 1st puppy vaccination. As soon as they are up to date and old enough they will be ready to travel to their new homes. Bamba, Bomba, Bill, Ben, Bongo, Bronco, Bruno. See the short video here


7 abandoned pups
3 April

This lovely small female was found abandoned. She was chasing and looking to get into cars so we think she was thrown out of a car. When she was found we open the car door and she jumped straight in. She had no chip and her coat was full of Thistles. She is quiet, very adorable and a nice family dog


MARCH 2014
25 March

8 pups abandoned in the countryside. The person that found them manged to home 2 and we took in the other 6. They are only 5 weeks old. 3 boys and 3 girls




6 pups
22 March

This lovely large pup had been abandoned inthe countryside and then person that found it phoned us and brought it to our charity shop. He is very affectinoate and now in safe hands until a forever home is found





white pup

21 March - Part of a litter of 4 pups put in a plastic bag and left by the bins. The lady that found then gave two away and we now have the other two with one of our foster homes being bottle fed








young pups

20 March - This little German Shepherd cross was part of a litter of two pups. The woman that found them kept one and needed a home for the other, which she dropped off to us, only to find out a few minutes later that the pup was not well. This poor little thing had a bite on his throat. We took it to the vets and after two days on a drip has now a clean bill of health and is being looked after by our friends at Arca



shepherd pup

16 February 2014

These 6 pups were found and taken to us to see if we could help? They are now being looked after by our friends until we can find them a forever home. There are 3 boys and 3 girls

10 February 2014

This is a video of Johnny, which I did today. I posted about Johnny previously on facebook with basic information, but here is his full story.  A young couple picked Johnny up from the road side because a car had knocked him over. Johnny was taken to the vet and was found to have a chip, so the Spanish owner was contacted and he said he did not want the dog and he did not want to pay any bills, so the vet contacted us to see if we could help. We took over the ownership of Johnny and told the vet to go ahead and do whatever needed doing to make Johnny well- Johnny had a dislocated shoulder and needed pinning down to make sure it would stay in place. We found out also that the owner’s other dogs had previously attacked Johnny and ripped open his skin on his back as well as also having several bites in his legs and other parts, This poor little dog has been through so much that there was no way it was going back to this man whether he gave him to us or not. Johnny was operated and his wounds stitched up. A pin was inserted in his leg to help the healing process and a week later we took him home. Last week his pin came off and is now recovering slowly. This little boy is very quiet and full of love but he needs lots of cuddles as he is still not sure if he is save or not. We are taking care of him in our home and when we think he is ready then we will put him up for adoption. A lovely little boy that will make someone very happy!!! Please help us with a donation small or large it all helps. This is the second dog in as many weeks that has had to have leg operations and without regular funds we cannot help them all. Any donations will be gratefully received. Click this link


15 January 2014

Apparently two men got out of a van with a cupboard box and were going to put it in a rubbish container but when they saw someone coming, they tossed it and missed the container and drove away quickly. The box landed on the floor and the pups were thrown out of the box and started to scatter bur were picked up by the people that arrived. These 3 males and two females are beautiful pups and should be small to medium size?



11 January 2014

This pregnant dog was thrown over a wall. She is now in foster care and and had 7 healthy puppies on the 10th January 2014. She is so loving, how can people be so cruel? This sort of thing happens all to often. It never ends and it is so sad for these poor dogs




mum and 7 pups
1 January 2014

This is Debbie. We ha d a call about a dog that had been run over on Sunday 22nd December and we told the people to take her to our vet for x-ray. Debbie had a bad brake on her rear leg. You can just about see it where it is, close to her belly. Due to the holiday she was not operated until last Thursday the 26th December and was released yesterday.  We had no more room in our foster homes so yet another dog had to come home with us. She will now be looked after by us until she is fully recovered and hopefully a forever home will eventually be found?
Debbie’s bill for the x-ray, operation and the 9 nights at the vets is about 300 Euros (cost to us). This is yet another drain on our charity but we cannot let these poor little souls suffer so we are desperate for your help. She is one of many that need operations or intensive care. The appeal that I put on the 26th raised only 20 Euros and that was from one individual. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS POST!!!! Please share and we ask you to dig in your pockets for any loose change. You will be surprised what just 1, 2 or 3 Euros from each one of you can do to help us to help the animals. Click this link:

24 December 2013
A few days ago we had a call from friends about a mum and pups in a very bad condition. A torn bag was near them. We guess that the puppies must have been in the heavy duty plastic bag. It was tied to a stone outside a villa and across the path to the river and the mum was next to the bag. The bag was tied with a type of cord that does not tighten very well and we guess that the mum somehow managed to undo the cord and ripped the bag open. The mum's coat was so long that it looked like a skirt around her and she had no milk for the puppies. The pups are like skin covered bones and their bellies are the only thing that sticks out, poor little things. Mum and pups are being fostered by Pat Jay and Poppa Lee Jay. Pat has cut the mums hair to make her more comfortable. She is a lovely Dog, which must have been someone’s pet and walks well on the harness.
15 December 2013

These 5 pups were abanndoned at the local shopping mall before all the market stalls started to set up. They are only 5 weeks old and were very cold so we took them home. The same morning someone left a box next to a charity stall and walked off. Inside the box were 7 puppies, so sad.



5 abandoned pups
17 December 2013

This female dog (Blanca) has been on a short chain 24hrs a day 24/7 and is starving. She has been taken away from a Spanish farmer and persuaded him to give up ownership. Then dog is now chipped under A.I.D. and the farmer is being denounce to Seprona by the lady that contacted us because she has also other facts to bring forward. We took her to the emergency vet on Sunday morning and she was put on a drip. At the moment she has  Erlichia (tick fever). Today we collected her and she is now being looked after in the home of our network partner until she is better and can be re-homed. So sad for these poor dogs, mainly due to ignorance.

6 December 2013  

Amy and Abby have been taken away from a Spanish man who was not looking after the mum very well and were living in very bad coditions. The mum will soon be sterilised

17 November 2013

This is one of many people that we help (no names) that has fallen on hard times and has been without work for ages. We supply him with regular food for his dogs. So sad nowdays



A.I.D.donates more food
10 November 2013

5 pups taken away from people at a shopping centre. First 3 are 5-6 weeks old. The last two are 4-5 weeks old. Some of the children were walking around holding the pups by their ears.





26 October

When I was on my way back from the coast this morning I had a phone call. A man had seen a starving little Podenco girl for about 3 days with a puppy half hanging out from her rear. He tried to catch her but was unable so I went out with a box hoping to find the dog.  I spotted her quite quickly and she was in a bad condition.  She was near his workshop so we cornered in and blocked the door ways and was able to pick her up very easily. I took straight to the vet and they removed the rotting dead puppy. The puppy had blocked her bladder and she could not wee, so with gentle pressure he managed to get the urine, muck and blood out of her.
She is now in intensive care on a drip and antibiotics. I am looking for someone to foster her when she comes out of the hospital in a few days until we can find her a permanent home. Can anyone help? Contact Joe 626942427
This is Jan loading boxes and then collecting 7 out of 30 homeless cats, then she will meet the transport that is taking the cats to the uk, THIS IS THE STORY!!!. A lady called Louise came into our Charity Shop and informed us that her mother had died very sadly and had about 30 CATS in and around the house, domestic and semi domestic and wanted to know her options, so we told her several options and she decide that she wanted to take them all back to the UK . It came to light that none of the cats had pet passport, vaccinations or micro chips. Also a couple of them may be pregnant. We have started the process with our charity and sterilised the two pregnant cats. We have now also negotiated prices with the vet to get the other 30 ready for travel and also negotiated a very good price to get the cats transported by road to the UK. The first two are going on the 23rd of this month. The lady meanwhile with her friends in the UK has created a Facebook page to raise some funds and to also find homes for some of the cats. Also a cat rescue in the UK will also take in some of the cats. Please help with a donation towards the above go to jan on her way to strat delivering the rescued cats
15 October 2013

15 oct malaga airport

christel from Arca Noah
Here I am 7.30am at Malaga Airport with Christel from Arca Noah who will be escorting 9 dogs to their new owners. Some from us at A.I.D. and some from Arca Noah España.They will be met at the other end by their new family.
10 October

If you want to know what 100% committed to animal work is then take a look at my wife Jan. She had been at our charity shop this morning due to lack of volunteers, then running around placing dogs, then collecting goods for selling at the charity shop. She came in tonight at 9pm, had a bit of dinner and a glass of wine and then Zzzzzzzzzzz, bless her!!!

Jan very tired

7 October - UPDATE: Sad to report that HOPE the Mastin has had to be put to sleep. See here






5 October - UPDATE: Dolly has had her pups. See here





28 September
wendy with elena and kate with leroy
rescue dogs
Went ot the vet at lunchtime with Wendy, she is fostering Elena the black and whitre dog and with Kate who has Leroy the wirehaired Podencoj. They had their pre travel health check before the go to their forever homes in the UK tonight. Well we met at 6pm with 2 dogs from SOS, one from a lady that also rescues dogs and also with 2 of our dogs Elena and Leroy
23 September 2013
dolly 7 pups

Today someone left a dog at someone’s gate. It was a Bodeguero female and very pregnant. In fact we thought she was ready to give birth. We took her to the vets to examine her and we left her there. At 8.45 pm the vet phoned us and said that nothing had developed yet, so we picked her up and one of our foster homes will keep and eye on her tonight, so we might get a call in the middle of the night?

5 October UPDATE: - Dolly has had 7 healthy pups

23 September 2013

Had a call from a lady in Alhaurin el Grande about a Mastin that was collapsed on the side of the road. Told her to take it to the vet and we would meet her there. When we arrived we realized that the dog was very thin and starving, full of fleas and was passing blood from his rear and her gums were very white. We told the vet to do an ultra sound and it turned out that the dog had a strangulated gut and had to have an emergency operation. The dog was operated earlier on and apparently it all went well but there was a possibility that we could loose him so it is going to be an anxious long night.

UPDATE 7 October - Had a call from the vet this morning that HOPE was no longer able to fight her illness so the decision was made to put her to sleep. We thought that there was a ray of hope the other day so we decided not to put her to sleep as the vet wanted a couple more days to see if any improvement could be seen but sadly her body could not cope any more. I would like to thank Lauro Vet Hospital in Alhaurin el Grande for trying so hard. R.I.P. my sweet xx
We now need to find the funds for her operation and treatment, which originally was estimated at 400 Euros and we asked for donations via Fundrazr, The vet bill will be much more than that and so far we have only raised 70 Euros via Fundrazr and 120 Euros via direct donations to us, total 190 Euros. Pleaseeeeeee help us even if it’s only a small amount as every little bit helps and the money that we will have to find is money that can be helping other dogs so please dig a little bit in your pocket. We know times are hard but if only all of you gave 1 or 5 Euros it would make such a difference. Please donate via Fundrazr or via our website.  We usually only ask for donations now and then on Facebook but there is simply too many animals needing help so please forgive if we keep on but WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!  click this link thank you

28 August
China and her last pup finally flew to their forever home. THE STORY: China and her 5 pups had taken refuge in an empty house. By the time we were told about it there was only 4 pups of about 3-4 weeks. She was gentle and trusting with us when we handled her pups and has the makings of a good dog. see the video here
16 August

These two pups Flossy & Frankie were abandoned in the street. Some people can be soooo heartless. I expect these same people go to church every Sunday as good catholic persons or some other religion do. It makes my blood boil!!!

12 August

Here are 4 more pups abandoned. 2 boys Tombo and Turbo and and two girls Tonka and Tootsie. Usual thing, once they are of age 5- 7 weeks they are taken away from the mom and thrown out onto the streets or  put alive in rubbish containers. Why can’t they take them to a rescue centre or worst come to worst put them humanly to sleep, but NOOOOOOOO that is too much effort and cost money at the vet!!! and why bother after all, what is it they say? ‘Animals have no soul’ well what do you think?

9 August

Mable and Mac have been taken away from a bad situation as there was no food and the mums milk had dried up. The pups have been wormed and deflead and are now normal healthy puppies

9 August

Cookie was no longer wanted and was given to a neighbour. After some time Cookie was lost and when we found her the people did not want her either. Poor little Cookie was homeless again :( This is a small dog, very quiet, full of love, she will sit with you and follow you everywhere see more photos.





7 August

Rokky and Rokko were abandoned ouside someone's house. They could be a Shepherd cross but cant tell yet as they are only young pups at the moment. See more photos





rokky and rokko
4 August

This morning Sinead (our foster home) and me went to Malaga airport with 3 of our dogs at (A.I.D) and 1 from Arca Noah. They are on their way to Belgium to their forever homes.







Malaga Airport Aug 2013

sienad & Joe at Malaga airport
3 August

FUDGE was found lost a few weeks ago, probably thrown out of a car in the local village. He is now being fostered by the kind people that found him until we can find him a forevere home. Fudge is very loving, effectionate, playful, obedient, likes walks on or off lead and will come when called, quiet rarely ever barks. What's not to like about him'
See the video and photos in my website





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JULY 2013
24 July

Yet another discarded pup. Had a phone call for help yesterday to see if we could take in a pup. A car in Coin drove along the lane between La Trocha and the BP garage, opened the door and this little pup was thrown out. Never mind there's always plenty of pups he can get after he comes back from his holidays grrrrrrrrrrrr



15 July  
A mum and 5 pups were found inside the rubbish container when we had a close look the mum and two pus were dead, we saved Badger, Bonnie and Bertie. They are now in foster care and doing well
14 July
Stella, Sammy and Saxon are 3 pups that were found inside a sealed sack and left under the rubbish containers to die. These are lovely puppies and now under our care and in good health 3 pups abandoned
14 July
Had a phone call this Sunday morning about this female German Shepherd. She was found on Saturday night on the side of the road and the person kept her in his car during the night. She went to our vet this morning and was put on a drip. She... could hardly walk, had a couple of bites that had gone septic and she is really dehydrated. Her mouth is very bad so cant tell age at the moment. Who knows what she has been through? Please help us to help the animals. Without donations we cannot do our work
12 July

These 4 pups are around 8 weeks old, and probably lost their mother. They were in an absolutely horrible state when they came - exhausted, boney and dirty.





4 podenco pups
3 July

Dinna and brother Danny were in the middle of the road and a car hit Dinna and she will now have to loose her tail and she also had a slight fracture on her leg but she is now ok. These are very friendly and lovable pups...see more here





1 July

Gloria had been abandoned a long time. Her coat was very bad and the vet shaved it all off. She had a very tight rope cutting into her neck. Gloria is now learning to trust people and will be a nice dog for an older person and needs a secure and quiet lif...see more here




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20 June

Stella was tied up to a tree without food and probably water. We do not know how long but due to her condition it must have been for a long time. People found her and brought to the veterinary clinic. She could not stand up so weak she was. She is a Mastin cross and her weight was only 5 kg, just skin and bone and could only see out of one eyeand sjhe also had several burnson her feet.

24 June update. She is now much stronger in just a few days. Stella has certainly blossomed. She is a beautiful and sweet dog. She is still a bit weak but gets stronger every day.

18 June

Sleepy is nearly 3 years old and he has had about three different homes. The last one he was not cared for very much and the owner was pesuaded to give him up. Above are photos of before and after!!!

10 June
Three more dogs going to forever homes in Holland and Belgium. Right Luna. Left below Bozo and right below Lilly
9 June 2013
Busy week and lots of joy with dogs going to new homes this week. This morning 7.00am I was at the airport with Arca Noah with 4 dogs. Tomorrow evening 3 more and Wednesday two more. Two of the dogs from this morning, they were Bonney 10 years old and Tramp 7 years old, which had been abandoned in a villa by their owners when they returned to the UK and today they went to forever homes in Belgium although not the same home. Take a look at the above video from this morning.
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26 May 2013

China and her 5 pups had taken refuge in an empty house. By the time we were told about it there was only 4 pups of about 3-4 weeks. She was gentle and trusting with us when we handled her pups and has the makings of a good dog. Click here to see photos and video when she was rescued

19 May

This dog is a white Samoyed type and is now under our care at A.I.D. We asked the lady that found it to take it to our friend so it could be taken care off. Don’t know if it’s a boy or girl as it was all a rush job and the sex was not our priority.
UPDATE from our foster. It has been fed and watered. Apparently it is full of ticks and fleas, the coat is very long, the ears are really bad inside and out and the claws are very long, which is usually a sign of Leishmaniasis, the teeth are very bad, which could be bad diet or old age and he has trouble with his back legs. The tongue is very worrying as it looks as though someone at one time or other tried to mutilate it? The dog has been given a parasite bath as there was so much muck, fleas and ticks on it. The ears have been cleaned out and have had antibiotic drops.
The dog is now in a warm bed with good food in its tummy. We shall give it a couple of days to settle down and then we shall take it to the vet for a full medical e.g. blood test, see to his teeth and legs and find out approx age.

Rocky as he is now known is eating well as is more relaxed and will be visiting the vet tomorrow. He will also be groomed. At the moment his hair is coming out in lumps when you brush him.
Please help towards his recovery and possible long term stay. To donate please use this link, which is especially for Rocky (take a look).

20 May - UPDATE.
One of our foster homes in Alhaurin el Grande has a dog going tomorrow so when Rocky comes up from Benalmadena tomorrow to be groomed and the vet checks him over and do the blood tests then Rocky will go to our foster home ......where we can keep a close eye on him. So far we have about four people that might want to adopt him when and if he is fit and well. Keep fingers crossed and let’s hope it’s good news from the vet!!!


15 May

Honey was walking along the road limping on her rear leg. We took her to the vet and her leg was broken. She has now been operated but still not putting it down straight (see photo). This is a lovely little girl that needs a lot of loving with a new family

2 May 2013
very ill mastin
very ill mastin
This thin Mastin was spotted 2 months ago but was so terrified of people that it simply run away every time. I then received a call the other day to help a Mastin, which happened to be this one and that the people that were living near and had been feeding it and trying to get close to it, managed to get it to go into an enclosed area, so they called us. The dog was very ill and simply had given up. He had scabs all over the body with bleeding spots all due to Leishmaniasis and Mange, he also had Tick fever and we also found out that people were throwing bricks at him because they did not want it near them. His head was shaking and quivering so he also had neurological problems. We gave him some food with a high dose of sedative tablets. Three hours when he was more relaxed we took the vet with us to see the dog and he administered some more sedative via injection so he could examine him. He said the dog was too ill and had too many problems and the kindest thing was to put him to sleep, so that is what he did it there and then. What a sad and painful life he must of had. R.I.P big boy, no more worries now :)
2 May 2013
lila and janice
This is Lila (now called Tilly) she was thrown out of a 4x4. Her coat was matted and long. This little girl is so friendly with everyone from the first minute she sees you, cant understand why people do this to their pets. What were the cir...cumstances for this to happen. This little girl was lucky for we no sooner had her that she was adopted by a kind lady. Tilly is being sterilised today. Photo oh her new mum Laura and of Tilly after being groomed

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APRIL 2013
22 April 2013
luna luna

Luna - This lovely Mastin female was found abandoned. The person that found her advertised in Facebook and we decided to help. She has now been adopted and is staying with us and will soon be flying to the Netherlands to her forever home where she will stay with another 2 dogs and three cats This is Lila (now called Tilly) she was thrown out of a 4x4. Her coat was matted and long. This little girl is so friendly with everyone from the first minute she sees you, cant understand why people do this to their pets. What were the cir...cumstances for this to happen. This little girl was lucky for we no sooner had her that she was adopted by a kind lady. Tilly is being sterilised today. Photo oh her new mum Laura and of Tilly after being groomed

20 April 2013
sinead james

Just as we were going to put our feet up for 30 minutes, we had a call. Two more poor little souls found last evening. They were seen on the side of the road struggling to get out of a paper bag. We have called them Sinead. the little femal...e water dog cross on the left and James on the right. When will it ever end?????
JUST LOOK AT THOSE EYES it tells you their plight. Now we start he whole process as usual, health check, worming, EU passport, puppy vaccs, rabies vaccs

17 April 2013
elena the mastin at Malaga airport elen
Elena the Mastin at Malaga Airport
Elena in her new home in Germany

Well all dogs away to Holland and Germany this morning. Bambi the little chihuahua in the top little box, Luke a black dog in the box and Elena the Mastin on the lead with me and Sarah that adopted the Mastin and came all the way from Germany to collect her and she also escorted the Chihuahua. Luke went on a separate flight and we have a cat going this afternoom. Feel soooo good today :)

15 April 2013
pepe and pilar jan and the pups
Pepe and Pilar (7 weeks old) were thrown over a fence. Frankie B above contacted us for help and they are now safe in our house. We want to thank him for rescuing these pups. Frankie kindly donated his time last Valentine's where he sung and entertained our guests at La Hiedra restaurant in Alhaurin el Grande.
12 April 2013
2 pups rescued bottle fed

2 pups rescued - These two pups were found in the countryside and the man took them to the local vet and asked the vet to take them. The vet said he will phone a charity to see if te would take them. His reply was 'Oh well if they cant then I will take them back and leave them in a field. The 2 pups are only two weeks old!!!

11 April 2013
6 rescued pups
6 pups on their way to be fostered

6 pups taken away from a bad situation just in time and they are now safe in foster care.

11 April 2013
mum and pups
mum and pups
A lady telephoned our friend yesterday because she found 7 pups in a cupboard box in the rubbish bins with the eyes not opened yet and  WAIT FOR IT!!! The mum was also in the box, how unscrupulous some people can be!!! Our friend phoned us for help and we have taken them in. These lot were lucky to be spotted others are not so lucky
11 April 2012
joa and roxanne with sasha and rusty
Joe& Roxanne at Malaga airport with Sasha & Rusty - The dogs were bound for Belgium
rusty sasha
Rusty and Sasha relaxing at their new home after the flight
MARCH 2013
26 March 2013
Joe from A.I.D with Jim - Lollie - Bracon
Sinead foster home - Joe A.I.D - Ellen the escort

3 more dogs gone to a forever home in Holland.
JIM (Black dog) was tied up outside the gates of one of our foster homes last October but could not stay there so we placed him in another foster home until a forever home could be found.
OLLI......E (little tan dog) was found abandoned.
BRACON in the travel box was rescued a few weeks ago from El Paraiso dog pound
The photo was taken by Sinéad Quigley Maher, which is the foster home that had been looking after Jim and came to the airport with yours truly (on the photo) to see the dogs off to Rotterdam with Ellen the escort where they were met by their new family and a member of our network partner Arca Noah

25 March 2013
2 pups dumped in rubbish container
2 pups dumped in rubbish container

Janice was at Los Arcos event last Saturday with our A.I.D stall when she had a phone call about 2 pups in the rubbish containers. She got someone else to take care of the stall and rushed to find the puppies soaking wet and shivering. They are now being looked after. These were two of the lucky ones as many are never noticed and end up crushed by the collecting truck.

17 March 2013
Last night we sent 3 more dogs to their forever home in Holland. SAM the grey dog was found lost and starving in the countryside last October. ADAMNAN the black pup was found dumped by the rubbish containers along with another 8 pups last November.
DJANGO the black and white was rescued by from El Paraiso dog pound by our network partner Arca Noah just a few weeks ago.
joe at amlaga airport with sam - django
Joe at Malaga airport with Adamnan, Sam & Django
Adamnan with his new mum
Sam with his new dad and mum


Mum was found in a barn with 4 puppies on a cold floor -   Mama was in a barn with 4 puppies on a cold floor with just water and food. Via a tip Janice from A.I.D. found them and they are now safely housed. They soon come up for adoption, they are now 10 days old and their eyes just opened... see photos

before and after
Janice from AID went along to El Paraiso the local dog pound today with our network partner Arca Noah, a foster home as well as two new contacts that flew from Belgium and we rescued 6 dogs from there

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22 February 2013
Bobby when rescued
Bobby two days later
Couta when rescued
Couta two days later
Last week we met a lovely and dog caring lady called Jaqui Ross who is doing her own rescue work by taking dogs out of 'El Paraiso Dog Pound in Churriana Malaga and finding forever homes for them but she is limited on contacts and like most private individuals short on funds, so we have decided to work with her and whenever possible foot all the bills until the dogs are homed. Well a few days we took out 4 dogs from death row, Bobby is being fostered by someone she knows and the other three are with us and hopefully we shall find them all forever homes very soon.
21 February 2013
Buddy - He had been sleeping in the school bins for about 6 month and was sharing scraps from children's school dinners with the wild cats.  He is very friendly but was too excitable for the children at the school so he was going to be sent to the local dog pound to take his chances in there when a very caring parent brought him to stay at a foster home. We finally found him a home in Belgium and will be flying early March, but poor little Buddy has to jump one more hurdle!!! We found a small pouch on his righ hand side of his throat and it turns out to be salive leaking from one of he three hands so he has been operated with 3 weeks to go before he flies to his forever home. Dogs take take it all in their stride unlike as humans!!!
15 February 2013
DJ Lee Jay
valentine guests
DJ Lee Jay
Over 100 guests
valentine desserts
Delicious desserts
valentine raffle prizes
delicious desserts
Valentine Raffle prices
Hand made desserts
Janice AID
Janice A.I.D.
Joe A.I.D
DJ Lee Jay provided music and entertainment until 12.30am and Frankie B sung for 60 minutes and had everyone dancing to Boogie Nights. Over 100 guests came to support the A.I.D. event, which raised just under 850 euros. A great result and much needed for our ever increasing vet bill. A lovely selection of Valentine Raffle prices on display from A.I.D. La Hiedra restaurant in Poligono Rosa, Alhaurin el Grande provided 3 courses of food and Arca Noah donated these hand made puddings created by Channah from Arca Noah
10 February 2013
esmo eefje

Esmo & Eefje - This brother and sister were found at the bins by a Spanish man and phoned us to see what we could do. We manage to place them wit out friends afer they wen to our ve. As in most cases they were filthy and covered in fleas. They have now been treated and have a lovely, glossy wooly coat


3 February 2013

Danny & Merry finally depart for their new homes in Holland. Danny has been in our home for the last two months and Merry has been in one of our foster homes for the last 10 months...see video at Malaga airport and photos with their new family. Two dogs from our network partner Arca Noah also went on the same flight

Video taken 3 February from foster home to Malaga airport


danny in Holland
merry in holland
Danny with his new mum
Merry with his new mum

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20 January 2013
pipa pipa
Pipa enjoying the snow in Holland

Pipa - This little pup was found lost in the road, no micro chip. She was a very friendly little dog, very gentle but also courageous. after several weeks of care Pipa was adopted. Her new dad flew to Spain on the 19th January and spent the night in a hotel. The next day I meet him with Pipa at Malaga airport and she departed for the Netherlands to her forever home where she will have a little dog friend to play and a cat. The photo shows her with her new designer coat and wool collar to keep her warm in the cold weather. What a lucky girl!!!. The second photo she is relaxing on the rug with her new collar and ID Tag. See the video from her first week in our home. Click here

19 January
Jenny when she arrived at her new home in Holland
Jenny a few weeks later enjoying the snow

Jenny - People moved out around June 2011and left her locked up in the villa. She was a friendly little pup, hardly barked and would sit quietly by our feet but was also full of life. We had been fostering Jenny along with a lot of other dogs since she was a young pup and finally 18 monhs later we found a forever home for her. She is now enjoying full attention by her new family in Holland and is enoying her new life.

13 January

Katty & Kitty - Some children were walking around the market with 2 female pups and were simply giving them away. Janice took the pups from them because what usually happens in the end is that they are left abandoned at the market or they are put in the rubbish containers. They arenow safe with our network partner where they will be looked after , vaccinated etc until they are ready for a forever home.





13 December 2012
Today I went to Malaga Airport with our foster home Sinead to deliver two of our rescued dogs. Ruffie on the left, which has been looked after by Sinead and Lulu on the right, which has been looked after by us at our home. Three other dogs from Arca Noah were also travelling and you can just make them out in the box. These dogs are the lucky ones that have found a forever home, far to many are not so lucky, they roam the countryside and end up starving to death, or being run over by a car or found and taken to the the local pound (killing station) because most shelters are full. What is so sad is that some of the dogs we find belong to someone but they have not had a micro chip inserted. Once in a while we find one with a chip but it is blank because the dog has come from abroad and the owner has not registered the dog here in Andalucia, so no information appears.
On the left is 'Thijs' a volunteer for Arca Noah España and Joe from A.I.D. at Malaga Airport. with Ruffie and Lulu and three more dogs from Arca Noah España in the box. Thijs is very kindly escorting all five dogs to Amsterdam airport where they will meet their new family. All the dogs were found forever homes via our Net work Partner Arca Noah España.
Lulu and her new mum with the Arca Noah representative at Amsterdam Airport
ruffie and new mum
Ruffie and his new mum at Amsterdam Airport
7 rescued pups MASTIN
9 December 2012
9 abandoned pups
9 abandoned pups
Had a phone call from a Spanish man at about 10.30pm Sunday night saying that he had found a pup a few days old. With the set up we have at home and out on the road most days we cannot take care of bottle fed pups so we contacted our network partner and they went to meet the man only to find 9 pups in the tied bag, only a few hours old, cold and hardly moving. They were quickly taken home and put on top of hot water bottlesrapped up in towels and fed puppy milk and the pups started to recover. more updates later on.
1 December 2012
Down with the old timber aviary and up ith the new meta aviary.
old aviary
old aviary
Birds inside cages (keep the dogs away) awaiting the dismantling of the old timber aviary
Bill and his mate dismantling the old timber aviary. The parrots need something stronger
Just the roof to go on
The new metal aviary will house the parrots
Just the roof to go on
new aviary roof
tea break
The roof is on and the parrots are in
Tea break for bill and his mate. Cant keep my dogs away from a nibble :)
the birds
The Amazonian
Rosellas, Parakeets and more in their new home
Big boy in his own cage

9 pups - They were abandoned at six weeks of age in a cardboard box and lef necxt to the rubbish bins. All black with white chest. They will all be wormed an vaccinated and made ready for adoption here and abroad.




The 9 pups at home and at the vets
23 November 2012

These 4 pups (1 boy & 3 girls) were abandoned in a cupboard box outside our charity shop and it was done in the afternoon when the shop is closed. They were there a few hours before someone phoned us and told us about them. There are so many unwanted pregnacies and all because of religion, lack of education and lack of finances.



4 pups in cupboard box
9 November 2012

This is Edwin Nienhuis at Malaga Airport one of our very few and kind volunteers who escorted 4 rescued dogs two Holland. We met him along with 2 dogs from our A.I.D charity and 2 from Arca Noah España. If you are flying to Belgium or Holland and would like to escort a dog please contact Joe on (0034) 626942427 it is very simple and rewarding job and will not cause you any inconvenience.



edwin at Malaga Airport
adalene alfie
Adalene at Amsterdam Airport
Alfie at Amsterdam Airport
5 November 2012
TIMON is a little dog that was run over by a car, which drove off. It was so bad that people had to get the police involved. The poor animal was crying. Janice from the A.I.D. charity shop is next to the vet and she heard the howling. Most of the skin in his left leg was peeled back by the accident. He had the same problems on his right hand side and below his throat. They had never seen something so bad, you could see the bone and muscles, everything was exposed. The vet had him immediately anesthetized. He wanted to do a scan to see if there were serious damage to internal organs and whether there were fractures. Fortunately, this was not so. After a long operation Timon had to have lots of stiches to put his skin back in position. He also had to have four drainages in place and be on pain killers for the next four days. There is an area in his body where the skin may die and he might need another operation. A.I.D are taking care of all the vet bills until he recovers properly. He is now being looked after by our network partner Arca Noah España and it will be at least 2 weeks before he starts to get better. Timon can count himself lucky that it happened near people that care and that no serious internal damage ocurred. He will soon be up for adoption. Donations towards his operation and after care are very welcomed.
Please make a donation towards Timon's operation and recovery
Help us to help the animals


Joe from A.I.D & Timon
23 Oct 2012
Thanks to your kind donations we have been able to to give our cats a better and warmer living environment. Many thanks to Bill Hill for completing the job before the rains came.
2 of the 5 sections of the previous cattery
Bill starting on the new accommodation
16 new bed areas constructed
Top and bottom accommodation. This is so much better daddy!!!
Dirt trays and feeding bowls area
22 October 2012
Pocholo is reunited with his little friend Snow Flake - They had only known each other for a few weeks but when Snow Flake found a forever home in Holland Pocholo a 9-year old German Shepherd missed his little friend a lot. Well within a few days, Snowflakes new family decide to adopt Pocholo and they were reunited on 22 October 2012. Pocholo will now have a secure home along with his little mate :)
snow flake
Snow Flake at our home - We found her 8 August 2012
Pocholo at our vet - We found him 6 September 2012
pocholo and snow flake
pocholo and snow flake reunited
Pocholo and Snow Flake were just getting to know each other when Snow Flake found a home
Pocholo and Snow Flake reunited in their new forever home 22 October 2012
21 October 2012
4 pups abandoned in a cardboard box outside the agricultural shop. When I arrived one female was taken by a Spanish man as a present for his littel girl. I asked him if he would sterilise her when of age and his reply was 'I don't belive in that, all animals should be left to do what is natural'. I thought to myself, I hope his mum was sterilised after she had him!!! Needless to say and although I am full, I could not leave the pups there.
beatrix - babel - bart
21 Oct - beatrix - babel - bart
22 Oct - beatrix
22 Oct - babel
22 Oct - bart
6 October 2012

The A.I.D.Fashion Show at La Trocha, Coin, Malaga was again a wonderful event with winter fashion clothes and accessories all at very affordable prices and all worn by volunteers and their friends, which gave up their time to support the event. Arte Hair did a fantastic job on the girls with hair and make up and commentary was by DJ Lee Jay and we thank them all for their continued support

The event raised much need funds for our charity but we had a disappointingly low attendance of only 35 guests, yet managed to raise a fantastic 715 Euros so we thank of those people for their support.
These much needed funds will help to pay our on going vet bills which at the moment average 2500 Euros every single month and keep increasing due to the amount of animals and people that we are helping

A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
Getting the clothes rails ready
Lovely selection
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
DJ Lee Jay & Janice from A.I.D.
The guests
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
A.I.D. Fashion Show Oct 2012
The volunteer models
2 October

Had a call this afternoon from Karen Stone about 6 pups left in a cardboard box by the rubbish bins. After sorting out where we were going to place them, I went to meet her and it turns out that they were only 3 days old.
I took them to our friend’s house where they will be 6 pups foundlooked after and also took along a large container of puppy powder milk, which will last only a few days, so more will be needed pretty soon because the bigger they get the more they need and want.
These pups will need feeding every 2 hours day and night for the first week then every 3 hours and so on until they can start to eat by themselves at 4-5 weeks old so we are grateful to our friends in Arca Noah for taking on these pups until homes can be found for them. If anyone wishes to make a donation be it large or small for the  upkeep of these pups, please do so via this link:

Information regarding these or any other pup that we help:
Each pup will have it’s first vaccination at 6 weeks old.
Second vaccination at 8 weeks old.
Third vaccination at 10 weeks old
Micro chip and Rabies vaccination at 12 weeks old
21 days after that it will be able to travel to the UK and other parts of the European community.
If the pup stays in Spain then a second rabies vaccination has to be given 30 days after the first one.



28 September 2012  
la trocha 28 sept 2012

LA TROCHA EVENT IN COIN Friday 28 and Saturday 29 September - We really want to thank the organizers of the event at La Trocha. These events are not usually well advertised in advance so when the organiser came to our shop to invite us it came as a nice surprise as we did not know that there was an event on those days.

We were also grateful that we were allocated double the amount of space compared to the other stands. The organizer said that this was due to the fact that when she visited our charity shop in Alhaurin el Grande she was amazed atthe large and lovely selection of goods on sale to help the animals, where as the other stands were there attending mainly to promote their businesses.   

We are so lucky that we have such kind volunteers that whenever something like this comes up, they are always ready to lend a hand if means gathering funds for the animals. A couple of the volunteers had to be collected from their homes as they have no transport so everyone helped where they could.
On the Friday and the Saturday we had 6 volunteers, each pair working a four hour shift as our A.I.D stalls was there from 10am – 10pm

The A.I.D stalls raised much need and unexpected funds for our charity and they will be going directly to pay the vet bills, which are always on the increase and normally average 2500 Euros every single month.
My wife and I were there during several intervals on both days and we both manned the stalls on the Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Our main object was not just to sell items to raise funds for the animals that we help but also to put the message across that people should sterilize their animals and that they should adopt a stray, abandoned dog from a refuge or dog pound rather than buy a dog from a pet shop or breeder. In other words the message was that every time you buy a dog you are condemning another one to death.

It was good to be able to speak to many local persons, the majority being Spanish and they were amazed at what lengths we go to in order to help the animals. Most were amazed when we told them that there are hundreds of charities and individuals out there working to help the animals and without any government or local funding. Several people did agree that in the old days there were more stray dogs roaming the streets and thanked us for the work we all do.

We were happy to see during the event that other worthy animal charities were invited on the day like P.A.D. from Fuengirola, Refugio Parque del Duque from Alhaurin de la Torre and the Donkey Sanctuary from Antequera.

A big thank you to all of you who came to support us on the day!!!

See the short video of ourstalls:




25 September 2012

Sasha finally goes to her new home in the UK. We found her at 8 weeks of age with a broken leg and she is now 18 weeks old and has had two operations on her leg since then. Poor little thing does not know what running around and being a boystrous puppy is all about.

Gavin & Carol Smith from are delivering her tonight (Tuesday) and she will arrive Thursday pm where she will meet her new mum and dad and start a new life... Read her story here






sasha sasha
18 September 2012

On the 14 September 6 pups were found in a plastic bag in the rubbish bin. Two were dead and the other four went into care with our friends at Arca Noah. Sadly two more died but these two in the photo are surviving and have to be bottle fed every 2 hours. They have an infection but the antibiotics seem to be working. Their eyes are now starting to open.

18 Sept 2012



Poppy - This little Bodeguero Ratonero (a Ratter) was found with hafl her body sticking out of a bag in the middle of the road. Looks like she was chewingh her way out of it. She could have been run over at any time. She has a bad skin problem due to flee infestation and we are now taking care of.

15 September 2012

Jada - Janice was driving home when she saw the Mastin walking along the middle of the road, head dow, dehydrated and very thin. She looked like she had had pups but non could be seen? She took her to the vets only to confirm that she probably had a litter 5 days ago

2 September 2012



Stella & Lola - The mum became pregnant and Stella and Lola were going to be abandoned because they were now older and a niusance to the owners. We took the pups from the owners and got them to sterilise the mum. See video



Fires in Coin, Alhaurin el Grande & Marbella - We had no sleep thurday night as a huge fire was raging only a few Kilomtres down the road from us. We gathered all important documents and also organised to evacuate all our animals from our home (14 dogs, 13 cats and several birds). The following day (Friday night) we removed all the AID & SOS dogs out of the refuge and into foster homes temporarily because the fire that was just past Monda was starting to come towards Coin. The planes were still flying with water and they pack up when it is dark so they have to do as much as poss until they come back in the morning, meanwhile ground crews had been working all day and night. I am going to the refuge tomorrow evening and if the news is good then we will get the dogs back in there.

Take a look at this video


Sasha - NO ONE WANTS HER BECAUSE OF HER BROKEN RIGHT LEG. She was found with her sister by the side of a country road, most likely abandoned. Sasha had a broken leg, which the vet put into a splint straight away. Both pups had lots of ticks and fleas and now they are all clean, however because she is a puppy and always playing, the splint did not stay in place so the leg was then pinned. A short time later the screws were taken out and her leg looks better although it is still not right so it does not look very nice and it's putting people off from adopting her, however the vet said that the leg will get better as time goes on because she is still a puppy. She is a sweet and bright little thing that needs her own family that will take care of her and love her. She was born 10 May 2012 so today 19 August she is 13 weeks old in this photo.







Sasha with leg in a spleen after we found her

x-ray shownig the break

15 August 2012
minstral minstral
Found 2 days ago, lost, starving, dehydrated, long fingernails, open sores, Leishmaniasis Posite and has also taken hold of internal organs. What a shame. R.I.P. :(((
4 abandoned pups - These 4-week old pups were abandoned in a cupboard box next to the rubbish containers. 1 female and 3 males
3 Aug 2012
Mavis is part of a litter of 3 pups (1 male & 2 females) They were found in the countryside in very hot summer weather, full of fleas and ticks, very hungry and very thirsty and would not stop drinking when we gave them a water bowl. They have now been wormed and cleaned and are being looked after by a foster home. These photos were taken the day they were found 3 August 2012 matt
mavis matilda

JULY 2012

Bandit was tied up at the rubbish bins near a shopping centre so that people could find him and possibly take him. Problem is temperatures were very high as usual. Also there was no water available for him. How thoughtful of people. He also had three bad teeth, which were taken out by our vet. Poor little Bandit!!! He is a very sweet and happy little dog, which must have had a previous home.
27 July 2012

Tika & Teka - These two sisters were thrown over someone's fence when they were 9 weeks old and they were covered in ticks and flees and were very dirty. Poor little things must have been living a very rough life in the countryside and what is amazing is that they are so very friendly, which makes us think that they were with someone but kept in very bad conditions. They look like they are only going to be small dogs when they are older...see more photos


23 July 2012

Margo abandoned - This little 7 week old female pup was abandoned at the local vet. We had to take her home temporarily, we had already taken in some dogs two days earlier and we simply have no more room but now someone has agreed to foster her. It never ends, we receive phone calls and emails every single day.




18 July - We received a call from a dustmam in Alhaurin de la Torre. He was about to empty the container when he saw inside 5 puppies. They are now in the care of one of our network partners. We had to take one of the pups to the vets for a small operation because he had a Hernia and an eye lash turned inwards and after his small operation he is now ok. This Spanish dustman has a heart of gold when it comes to animals and always looks first before taking the rubbish away





jan (A.I.D.)


On 4th April 2012 Gracey was found. Her brother had been run over by a car and was lying on the side of the road. Gracey was found on top of her brother crying and wondering why her brother was not moving. Gracey was a very gentle, sweet and confident puppy and we placed her in our foster home. Eventually we received an adoption enquiry from the UK and Gracey was made ready to travel. She was driven to the UK by Posh Pets Spain, which is the only Pet Transport company that we recommend.


Gracey April 2012

Gracey left Malaga on the early hours of Tuesday morning 10th July and arrived in UK the following Thursday.
gracey and her new friends
gracey and her new family
Gracey and her new friends
Gracey and her new family

This letter was writen from Gracey's new mum and dad to Posh Pets Spain

Your correspondence was very quick and gave me all the information I needed thanks very much! Our new little girl "Gracey" from animals in distress came with you as I did not want her to come with just any one I liked the look of your company on the website and felt this was the best and least stressful way for her to come! I only received a couple of emails from you which were very helpful & thorough though. We absolutely loved the facebook page!!! It meant we could see our beautiful girl on her way here. We knew she was okay and happy and it was exciting to know where abouts they were and how close you were to arriving! Gracey was not upset or traumatized in any way! She cried by the door for a little while wanting your carriers to come back so she obviously was very fond of them! We Just want to give a big thank you for bringing our beautiful girl to us so easy and trauma-free for her! xx

The day after we received this letter from Gracey's new mum and dad

Hope you are well!

Thought I would update you on how Gracey is getting on!
She has settled in so well and has made new friends ( my friends dog and our parents dog).
She walks well off the lead in the fields and loves a cuddle on the sofa!
She is trying to make friends with our cat but is not too sure of her as of yet.
She is so well behaved and asks to be let in the garden so she can go to the toilet!
She follows us if we leave the room and gets worried if she wakes up and you are not there.
She loves her new bed and all of her cuddly toys, she plays so well and brings them to us to play with her.
Thank you so much for bringing us such a wonderful and beautiful little girl; she is one in a million and is perfect for us.
We love her so much already and look forward to our lives together with her.
Thank you for bringing her up so well and for taking care of her before we could!
From Leanne (mum) Elliott (dad) and Gracey.


4 July


Sasha and Suki - These twin sisters were found sitting together by the side of a country road, most likely abandoned. Sasha has a broken leg, which we will be put into plaster straight away. They had lots of ticks and fleas and now they are all clean.




Vido of Sasha - 48 hours after the repair on her leg


1 July


SPECIAL ANOUNCEMENT - We no longer have a refuge. As from July 2012 all our rescued dogs will only be kept in foster homes and in our own home. Animals In Distress (A.I.D.) is collaborating with the new S.O.S Dog Charity in Coin, Malaga. S.O.S. is managed by Tony, Theresa and a team of devoted volunteers and they work in conjunction with S.O.S. Sweden. Working with SOS will enable us to extend our network abroad. The majority of the dogs from S.O.S. in Spain will now be relocated to our small refuge in Coin, Malaga. We decided to help them because they were put into a desperate situation with nowhere permanent for their rescued dogs and they have been looking for a suitable place ever since.
The decision works to the advantage of both organizations because we did not have the necessary fulltime volunteer help required at our refuge where as S.O.S. did not have their own refuge but they do have their European volunteers and they can offer them accommodation, which during their stay they clean, feed, play, walk the dogs and give them company for most of the day. At the same time we will try to find homes for their dogs here and in other countries and they will in turn try to find homes in Sweden for our foster dogs.
A.I.D as always will be concentrating on placing new dogs in our ever increasing network of Foster Homes because the majority of dogs we take in are in a badly neglected and abused condition and need to go into foster care.
Our aim with the A.I.D. Charity is to continue helping and finding homes for stray dogs and to help them in which ever way we can, which includes our ongoing work with helping individual persons that do not have any money to help the dogs that they rescue, so whenever possible we supply them with dog food, vaccinate and sterilise some of the dogs under their care. We also help some small charities that are overloaded with dogs and lack the funds.
A.I.D. is a registered charity in Andalucia (Nº. 07974) dedicated to finding homes for stray/abandoned/abused animals found in Coin and surrounding villages in this part of Malaga. All the Dogs are looked after by our network of volunteer private foster homes as well as in our own home in Coin, which helps the animals get use to a family environment. As well as looking after dogs in our own home we also have a cattery for about 20 cats. Please note that 'we do not take in peoples own pets'. Our mission is to try to find good secure homes for the stray, abandoned, abused animals that we find and look after. At anyone time each one of us will foster from one to several animals.
Most of our dogs and cats are homed in Spain and a few go to Germany UK. In order to further help the animal situation here in Spain we network with several organisations. Since 2010 we have had a close relansionship with Arca Noah España in Alhaurin el Grande, Malaga so that dogs can be relocated to the Netherlands and Belgium.


JUNE 2012

June 20

Sarah's little Claude

CLAUDE was found half buried in a pile of rubble in the aceqia  by my other dog ruby whilst we were out  walking , I really thought when I picked him up he wouldn’t make it through the day so skinny with no hair at all and weighing in at 400 grammes. After visiting the vet to find out he was suffering from malnutrition and dermodex mange we decided we  had to give him a chance however small it was. After 2 months he now weighs in at 5.2 kilos and is getting over his Mange with medicine and is a very special little dog as I,m sure they all are given half a  chance with love and with all the help A.I.D.) give.

claude april2012
claude june 2012
Claude - April 2012
Claude - June 2012

Jun 14

Nina - After 1 year in a foster home and 2 years in our refuge 8 year old Nina has found a home. She has gone to an elderly gentleman that a few months ago also took in a 10 year old dog called Bubu from our network partner Arca Noah.

This is Nina's story - A miserable morning raining as had been all night. We were just about to go out to take two of our stray dogs to the vets for castration, when we received a phone call from Concordia of the CYD Animal Sanctuary for ill treated and/or abandoned horses. Concordia had come across a mum and ten pups living in very bad conditions and telephoned the full story

bubu and nina
nina and pups
Bubu - David -Nina
Nina and her 10 pups


June 13

AGV The Galgo rescue in Belgium after gathering, sorting and storing dog food and medical supplies from the 23rd May 2012 have now arranged the transport to Arca Noah in Malaga. The transport left on the 13th June for Spain. Several people have put in lots of hard work to make this possible. In total 9 pallets of food, medical supplies, dog beds, and blankets will be delivered to Arca Noah and they will deliver 4 pallets to Pepis Refugio and one pallet will go to us at Animals In Distress (A.I.D.) to help the stray abused animals that come our way. A big thank you goes to the helpers: Erwin, Gaby, Susy, Lizzy, Ann, Dirk and especially big thank you to DHL for sponsoring the transport!


items start to arrive
the items are boxed
The supplies start to be gathered
They are loaded into 9 pallets
Helpers make the boxes ready for travel on pallets
They are then loaded onto the lorry to go to Spain

MAY 2012

9th May

Pluto, Goofy and their mother were thrown out of a car and left alone in the countryside with no food or water. The photo shows the people that found then with a sign next to them. A witness says that the mum and pups were thrown out of a car and the mum went chasing the car but never came back. Some persons have been leaving food and water for thee pups. Both were covered with hundreds of Ticks. The pups would have had to been abandoned a long time to have that much infestation so we reckon that when they were thrown out they were already full of Ticks possibly because the owner had them in fields. I took the photos at our local vet where it took 1.5 hours to get rid of most of the ticks. The rest started to fall out because of the Frontline treatment administered. These pups are a Mastin Cross and they will grow to be gentle giants. We have them in our house and will care for them until a forever home can be found

2nd May

My wife Janice went to the bins to dump the rubbish on the way to our Charity shop and parked in front of them and got rid of the rubbish, as she turned the van around to pull away the sunlight made a glimmer on something on the floor. It was the wet coats of 6 dead puppies and on inspection; they had not been dead long. She could not leave them there to rot etc… so she put them in an old bucket that had been left there by the bins and she took them to our vet so that the dog pound could collect them for incinerating. This is an occurrence that happens far too often, we usually find them alive in a carrier bag in the bins and we have to find a foster home to take them and feed them puppy milk every 2 hrs 24/7, all because people will not have their animals sterilized. They did not ask to be born just to end dead like this grrrrrrrr

6 dead pups pups in bucket


APRIL 2012

The Animals In Distress 4th Charity Fashion Show was held this year at La Trocha Shopping Centre, Coin, Malaga on Saturday 28th April at 3pm at the Wellington Centro de Cultura and was a great success with over 90 people attending. There was a fantastic range of clothing from beach to summer evening ware all modeled by our volunteers and friends.
The clothes were all available for purchasing before and after the show and also there was a large selection of goods for sale at the stalls, which included handmade cards, jewelry, shoes, handbags, hats and much more. We thank Arte hair from Alhaurin el Grande for the continued support for doing all the hair and makeup for the models and Lee Jay from Heartfm 96.1 for his commentary and wonderful music. A good atmosphere was created during the afternoon and the total net figure raised to help the animals was 1080 Euros.
Thank you everyone that attended and also all the other people that helped in the background.

Left: Pat from Heartfm 961.1- Right: Janice (A.I.D.)


16th April

We had a phone call last night at about 7.30pm from one of our foster homes that was walking her dog in the countryside a couple of Kms behind La Trocha shopping centre.  Apparently there is a house with and large pen/cage area where there are chickens and a couple of Labradors. One of the Labradors did not look very well a couple of days ago and tonight it seemed to be suffering and lying on the floor of the caged area. As there was no one about and the house was locked, the foster homed called us and my wife Janice went to investigate.  When Janice got there, the dog was having fits and vomiting blood and also loosing blood from the rear.  Janice phoned me and I phoned the Police as Seprona only do the mornings.  After much persuasion and also letting them know that we were an association, the police then came out very quickly and on arriving at the scene they were not sure what to do because the dog was in someone’s land even though it was not fenced. Janice told them that we had already contacted our vet and it was on standby and if the dog did not go it would probably die.
It wasn’t until Janice started to lay down the law and the dog started having more fits that the police realize how bad it was and straight away authorized Janice to get the dog. The police forced a small opening and the foster home (she was the smallest) went in on all fours to get the dog. It was then put on a quilt and dragged out and loaded onto Jan’s van with the help of two other people.

The dog was not micro chipped so the owner could not be found.
At the vets the dog was put on a drip and they tried to relieve the pain as well as making several tests to determine what the problem was but they said not to hope too much. We received the call at 12 midnight to say that the dog’s lungs were full of blood so it was difficult to breath and had also total kidney failure as well as other bad symptoms, so the dog was humanly put to sleep.  
We told the vets to hang onto the dog for 24 hrs in case the owner should show; if not then the dog would be collected and taken to the local pound for incinerating.

All the tests, medicine and putting the dog to rest and incinerate will be met by us as it is not the vets responsibility. The alternative would have been to leave the dog there during the night with probable slow death. The police would have waited until the morning before they called the local pound for collection and put to sleep straight away.

It is very difficult for a member of the public to get help from the Police in many of these cases as the police have no power of entry unlike the UK where the RSPCA can gain entry with the Police. In this particular case the land was not fenced but the dogs were in a locked cage and if it wasn’t for Janice persuading the police then the dog would have still been there.

Please remember the above if and when you find a dog, because if you trespass the owner can denounce you to the police regardless of the condition of the dog. So always try to do things with the police in attendance no matter how bad the situation may seem to be.
I have explained the above as it more or less happened for those of you that do not know how things work out here.

MARCH 2012

Milly - Another victim of neglect. She was pregnant and she was unceremoniously thrown out of a car! People of a restaurant saw it happen and took her. They contacted us but we had no room so we contacted our friends at Arca Noah in Alhaurin el Grande and they took her in. She had an ultrasound and blood test, and 5 pups were expected within 1.5 weeks but she had them within a few days.


Photo with her first 3 pups


RUBY - Our Ruby finally gets adopted after 2 years

Ruby in her new home
Video from Podencoworld Netherlands of Ruby and the other Podencos departing from Malaga airport and being met by their new owners at Rotterdam airport




Mischa - This sorry looking female Podenco was found by a volunteer dog walker near our refuge on the 8th February 2012 in very cold weather. She is all skin and bones, had Ticks on her and is only 5.4KG (should be about 10-12Kg). We are now going to get her on the road to recovery and when she puts on weight we will start with the vaccinations etc...and then hopefully find a forever home for her.

UPDATE on Mischa!!! - After 2 weeks she went from 5.4Kg to 7.8Kg

23 March - Siobhan Lyons foster home and Janice A.I.D. with Mischa at Malaga airport
Mischa finally flyes to her new home 7 weeks after she was found starving and dehydrated. She has gone from 5.4kg to 9kg
siobhan and jan with mischa



URGENT DONATIONS NEEDED!!! - A Galgo (Greyhound) was left tied up markooutside Pepis Refugio The dogs were barking as normal but Alan and Jane new the different barks and this meant a new arrival. Alan walked down to the gate with a small torch only to see two green glows at the gate; yes it was Marko (his new name). When Alan reached the gate he saw Marko lying on the frosty ground a beautiful boy but something told him not to grab him up, which was what he wanted to do. He saw a thin metal wire around his neck tied in a slip knot. If he panicked the wire would have tightened and cut into his neck so he sat on the ground and talked to him until he thought he was happy with him. This was a sight he will never ever forget, Marko looked at Alan his eyes as if to say 'Sorry but it's not my fault that I am here' that hurt him even more. He then felt confident to pick him up; he was ready to be helped. Alan took the wire noose from his neck and cuddled him up telling him nobody will hurt him again, His pelvis looked dislocated and he was unable to walk properly but Alan had no idea what the extend of the problem was as Marco's hip was very bad, the ball joint had risen high up his hip and was wearing out part of the bone as you can see in the x-ray, also the injury was old and tissues and other things had started to develop around the ball joint and the hip cavity. Pepis being greatly overworked & understaffed and short on funds, we offered to take the injured galgo and two other dogs, as its possible to home them quicker here in Coin, so my wife (Janice from A.I.D), went to the refuge, which is in Pedrera, Seville to collect all three dogs. We had no room at the time so our friends at Arca Noah took them in. They will look after Marko so that he can put some weight on before the operation as the poor thing is skin and bones and hopefully by then enough funds will be raised by us at A.I.D., the Galgo Rescue in Belgium and Arca Noah to pay for the operation and after treatment, which will be about 2500 Euros.

X-Ray showing the ball joint wearing out his hip
This is the wire snare with was tied up with to the gate



Good news for Marco! , and have now collected the 2500 euros needed for Marko’s operation and aftercare. As soon as he puts some more weight on, the vet can then begin with a special custom-made prosthesis for him.

Everyone thank you so much for your donations and in such a short time to get this whole amount together, we never expected this. These are difficult times for everyone and we are therefore very surprised and happy

2500 euros Needed for the operation Starting funds needed
18 January 2012
2500 euro
21 January
2000 euro
23 January
1500 euro
24 January
1200 euro
31 January
590 euro
02 February
400 euro
06 February
0 euro
The total of 2500 euros has been reached
2 February - Totals raised to date for Marko's operation a local Dog Rescue Charity and the Belgium Galgo Rescue Charity, both this charities Network with us (A.I.D.) in finding homes for dogs and both have raised so far a combined total of 1930 euros
. have also raised so far 570 euros

We thank the following individuals for their kind donations to A.I.D. for Marko's Operation and after care:

Oliver Taylor-Griffiths Melvin Beasley
Arthur Webster Joe & Janice Safont Ruiz
Dianne Jones Maureen Shebro
JJ Spencer Elizabeth McCusker
Penelope Guest Kerstin Lassen
Beth Buckelew
Olivia Littler
Jane Eskdale Michelle Morley-Clarke
Lynda Wilson (Happy Dogs) Gail Leavitt (Animal Ministries)



This is marko15 February putting on weight and playing with some of Arca Noahs dogs



7th April 2012 - After a few months of care and putting on weight Marko went for his hip operation and was allowed to go to his foster home today. Marco is now on painkillers and antibiotics for about 12 days. Everything goes well at the moment and will soon start to put weight on his leg. Soon he will be able to use his leg again. Once again thanks very much for all the help everyone!  

Marko looking good
Marko after the operation

Letter from the vet regarding Marko:

On Tuesday, 03/04/2012 Marco underwent surgery to attempt total hip replacement. After several hours of surgery the femoral head was removed, also removed were scar tissue on both sides of the joint and placed the two parts of the prosthesis. However, when the two parts fit, despite the maximum remove scar tissue, it was not possible to fit the two parts of the prosthesis. The enormous length of time since there was a dislocation to surgery was a tissue fibrosis and irreversible muscle contraction that made ​​it impossible to return the bone to its normal position. Finally we had to remove the prosthesis and leaving frame with arthroplasty of the femoral head (removed the femoral head), which is the second surgical option for dislocations of the hip when the prosthesis is not possible.


Hospital: 952 59 43 90
Emergency: 608 33 94 33

Carretera de Cártama, 40.
29120 Alhaurín el Grande. MÁLAGA.





13 January

pilar sonny

Podecoworld: The flight to freedom 13 January 2012

Pilar and Sonny What more could I have wished for on my birthday, two Podencos Pilar from our refuge and Sonny from the foster home finally made their way to the Netherlands to meet their new families. We took them to the airport and they flew with another three dogs from other associations. Our thanks go to

12 January

2011 has had its up and downs. We won’t talk about the downs as some of the things that have happened and that we come across would break your heart. The ups are that we have homed approximately 200 dogs in 2011.
As some of you may already know we are only a small charity and we are limited as to how many animals we can take in. We only have a small refuge and we mainly rely on a few foster homes (which are hard to come by now days). We usually only have between 30 – 50 dogs at anyone time but we keep turning them over so to speak and we have a cattery at home with about 20 cats , which at the moment we are desperate to find homes for some of the cats and we are offering these cats FREE to good homes. Twhiskyhe majority of the cats have been vaccinated and sterilized and are very friendly pets.
A couple of months ago we made contact with a Dutch organization who rescues Spanish Podenco dogs (hunting Dogs).  They have put on their website 5 of our dogs and they managed to home two of them in one week with another two reserved a week later, which we will be taking to Malaga Airport and an escort will be flying with the dogs and will meet the new owners at Amsterdam Airport.
Our aim with the charity is to help animals in which ever way we can without necessarily taking them into our care. This is mainly achieved via the funds raised in the A.I.D. Charity shop. Other funds raised are via our events and also funds raised by other sources like the odd donations for an adopted dog, individuals donating to the Charity and people like T.O.P.S the Occasional Production Society who the last two years have held an event to raise funds for us.
With the funds raise, we help the stray/abused dogs that we rescue and also try to help other small organisations as well as individuals that are in a bit of trouble.  
We do not usually come across Spanish Galgos (Greyhounds) but the people we help in Seville have 10 Galgos and a mixture of about 40-50 dogs. We have managed to mulamake contact with the Belgium Galgo (Greyhound Rescue) and all 10 Galgos were reserved and two of them already in a new home in Belgium. Pepis Refugio is run by a retired couple that simply have no funds and they are in a catch 22 with the dogs as there is no money to get all the dogs fully vaccinated, sterilised etc. so we have been helping them during 2011 by providing them bags of food every month as well as other items and have homed a couple of their dogs via our contacts. I have produced a new website for them, which we fully fund it and run it in the hope that more people will know about them and it is now starting to work. 
During the year we also help several individuals in Coin, Alhaurin, Alora, etc that take in stray and abused dogs (some have 50 or more pets in their home) and we supply them with food now and then as well as pay for sterilization of some of the dogs. Some of these people are in real bad financial situations and they have no contacts for homing dogs and most of the dogs are also either old or sick so they would not normally find a home.
Others we help are people that have taken in a stray dog or cat but cannot afford to have them sterilized as they are out of work due to the economic situation so we sterilized the animal and depending on what we see we will ask for a very small donation or we will sterilize the animals for free, which is mainly the case.
Recently we were told by someone we know that a Spanish man had found two Podenco pups on the river bed. We were informed that he likes animals and might want to keep them but was not 100% sure on how to look after them. After a long chat we supplied him with a new kennel and some food and when the pups are of age we will be sterilising them.
Another story is of a Spanish goat man that had a Mastin in a very bad state due to lack of food, care and also having had several litters. The last litter he had killed all the pups except for one, which we have taken from him and now has a home. In this particular case all it needed was to educate the man about the animal, we also supplied him with some food and had the mum sterilized and she now looks 200% better.
Anyways the list goes on and on so your support is needed now more than ever.
Take a look here for just a few other items from our Newsletter page
NOTE: We have a Charity Auction on Wednesday 18th January. Free to attend so see here for informatioin:
This year we are holding our yearly Valentines Dinner Dance on Saturday 11th February at the Miralmonte restaurant in Alhaurin. This is a popular spot so please get your tickets  as soon as possible (only 13.50euros). See here for information:

9th January 2012

Harvey and Bess Brother and sister appeared outside someone’s door, thin and full of ticks. 3 weeks later the people asked for our help and we took them in but had to be in our refuge. Harvey is larger than Bess and more active. After several months at the refuge Harvey was adopted by a lady in Holland and little Bess was left on her own for the very first time in her life. She slowly started to adjust to the refuge making new friends and then loosing them as they were finding new homes and she was being left behind. However a few weeks ago the lady that had Harvey contacted us and said that her sister was interested in Bess and yes she was adopted. Now Harvey and Bess are together again as they see each other very often. harvey and bess
harvey and bess on the sofa harvey and bess with all the family
Harvey and Bess at the refuge when they first came to us


5th January

We moved from Coin to Alhaurin el Grande towards the end of 2010. The “we being my wife (Lorena) and I, my father who is now 90 years old and our beloved Red Setter “Freddie” who is nearly 10. One of the many criteria for moving home was to have better road access, as the 3km plus of campo roads at the Coin house had made access difficult when it rained, and more importantly had a somewhat restricting effect on Freddie’s walks.
One of the first things we took advantage of at the new house was the wonderful walks on tarmac, ok, uneven tarmac with more than a few holes, but tarmac nonetheless. It was during one of these daily walks some months later that we noticed a stray dog as she sidled timidly up to Freddie for the usual introductory sniffathon. As soon as Lorena and I came close she immediately looked very scared, turned tail and ran off. Looking around it became obvious that she was living on the area of waste ground next to the road. On further reflection it was also just a few metres away from the local rubbish bins, which in her situation seemed quite smart.
We continued to bump into Molly (her subsequent name) on a regular basis, but sadly she seemed scared of just about everybody and everything. It struck me also that she had incredible senses as she would jump at the slightest movement or sound, but she also seemed to possess an innate intelligence, possibly due to survival instinct, and “necessity being the mother of invention”.
Over a period of two to three weeks we seemed to make some progress with Molly, in that she always seemed to be waiting for us and would join us on our walks, usually taking a flying run up to Freddie and seemingly kissing him on the cheek, and she started taking little dog biscuits from us if we left them at the side of the road and put sufficient distance between us.
This continued until Molly gingerly started taking biscuits from our hands, and then she would follow us home, but would never come in through the gates. As we were concerned that she looked quite thin we started putting some food just outside the gates for her, and once again this became a daily routine.
Lorena is a teacher, so once the new term started it was just Freddie and I taking the walks, and every day Molly would be waiting and eventually she braved the big bad gates and came into the grounds surrounding the house.
After many patient attempts we managed to get her to sleep in a new bed we bought for her on our front (covered) terrace. There was of course absolutely no way she would come inside the house, so we put her bed between our two terrace sofas  so that it would benefit from maximum protection from the wind and rain, and made it as comfortable for her as possible.
Now at this stage I should say that I have broken every one of my book of rules relating to stray dogs in Spain, as I always said that I would not take them in, mainly because I didn’t want to upset the dynamic with Freddie, who was born in the UK, was reared in the UK way, in terms of living in the house, and along with a wonderful temperament and a good level of training, truly believes that he is human. By this I mean that he generally won’t eat any dog food unless it is mixed or enhanced with something we would eat, feels he has a right to sit and watch TV next to us on the sofa, and sleeps on our bed whenever he gets the opportunity, which is generally when I am away or not looking! In short he is a most amazing character so we didn’t want to upset the dynamic in any way, especially now he is getting on a bit. So, along came Molly Skywalker (explanation to follow), and strangely Freddie didn’t seem too bothered.
So to date, we have befriended and taken in a stray/wild campo dog, we feed and water her and take her for walks every day but she still won’t come that close very often, and certainly not close enough to put a collar or a Scalibor on her. The only time she will allow me to stroke and make a fuss of her is if I go down the outside steps and round to the back of the house to a bench next to the pool!
After a few more weeks of this I had to go to the UK for a business trip and I had decided to drive there and back, which meant I was going to be away for around 10 days or so. A few days before leaving, my wife said to me “David, have you noticed that Molly has put on weight?” To which I replied “well surely that’s a good thing as she was rather emaciated when we first took her in,” to which Lorena replied “you don’t think she is pregnant do you?” “Noooo” I naively said, “I wouldn’t think so, it’s probably just all the good meals she has been eating!”
Silly me! Two days after leaving home Lorena heard a mewling sound underneath a dense bush just in front of the terrace, and upon further investigation discovered Molly had kindly delivered us six puppies as an early Xmas present! Molly didn’t seem keen to let anyone near them including Lorena and Freddie, so Molly was left to care for them until I came home a week or so later.
Unfortunately, Lorena was not the only person to discover the puppies. As we rent our house it is not uncommon for our landlord (now known as Cruella Juan) to be wandering around tending his trees, and he was less than amused at the discovery of the pups, telling Lorena that he would take them away and dispose of them, as he didn’t want lots of dogs on his land. After some heated discussion it was decided that I would deal with the problem when I returned from England.
After talking to our vet we were advised to bring the puppies into the house as the weather had turned decidedly colder at night and it was thought that the puppies would not survive outside under the bush. The problem was that we knew that Molly would not come in the house under any circumstances, so we set up a kind of play pen for them which was really half of the dog transporter box that we had flown Freddie over in, and put it on the front terrace next to Molly’s bed. Surprisingly, Molly both watched and happily allowed me to do this, apparently with her consent, as she licked my hand afterwards.
That night and the next day she slept in the pen with them and seemed to be feeding them ok, but the following day she disappeared and we became quite worried, as by early evening she had left them for over 8 hours. By 10pm we decided to take them to our vets and even though it was a Saturday night they very kindly checked the pups over and supplied us with all the items we needed, and also showed us how to feed them. To our dismay we learnt that this would have to be carried out 8 times a day, so with some trepidation we embarked on this journey of sleep deprivation, feeding and cleaning up.
The puppies are now 6 weeks old, healthy, adorable and great little characters. We are only feeding 4 times a day now which is a great relief, but it is surprising how you get into a routine.
As I mentioned earlier, Molly is very intelligent. She is, as far as we can tell, mostly a breed known as a Podenco. Having researched this breed it turns out that they are descended from Ancient Egyptian dogs, which also explains the tall and often expressive ears. These dogs are said to be intelligent, loyal, non aggressive and quite active. Unfortunately they are used in Spain by hunters to catch and bring back the wounded or dead prey. Apparently the hunting season is limited to around 3 months a year so these animals are often strung up, burnt, or just left to fend for themselves or die, in keeping with the appalling way that most Spanish people treat their animals here in Andalucia.
We call her Molly Skywalker as the whole of our house and grounds is fenced or walled, which was one of our criteria when we moved, so that Freddie would be secure, and to date Freddie has never found a way out. Molly however comes and goes by scaling a 2 metre wall, with the assistance of an olive tree, a pillar and a sloping wall outside the gates! It just seems weird to see this relatively small dog walking along the length of our front wall so she can get in and out as she pleases!
So here we are with 6 beautiful puppies, three of which are light brown and white, one that is almost black, one that is almost pure white, and one that we call the lamb as she is creamy white and curly!
We would love to see these wonderful little characters go to good homes as they deserve it, and so do we, as we really care about them now, and it will difficult to see them go after all the time we have spent with them, watching them grow into healthy little dogs, but at least we know they have been given a kind and loving start to life, and I am sure that they will make their new owners both very happy and proud!
The major problem we have is that our landlord has said that he wants them out once they are eight weeks old, which only gives us a couple of weeks to find good homes for the pups, failing that it may be us that will be looking for a new home, so if anyone can help house these wonderful little characters please let us know! Contact 626942427



21st December 2011


This Skinny looking dog is a Podenco and in Spain it is mainly used for hunting. As in most cases when a dog gets to big or no longer hunts well enough it is simply abandoned to make room for a pup. He had been seen hanging around the rubbish containers for a long time and it took him 3 weeks to gain enough trust to be able to let himself be rescued. He is now called Tony and is in our care and has been placed in a foster home and he is a gentle lad that gets on well with the other dogs, cats and the children at the foster home. He will soon start to put on weight and be ready for a forever home


17th December 2011

Bettie finally finds a home...Read her story - See her video

1st December 2011

podenco world at the A.I.D. refuge

Today Podenco world delivered 5 dogs to Amsterdam, two of those we from our rescue centre in Coin, Malaga. Our Doggies were Polly and Nipper. Polly was met by her new owner and Nipper by his temporary foster home as he already had two enquiries for adoption and it wont be long before he has his own permanent home. As they arrived they were happily greeted and Doggies coats were put on them to keep them warm. This two photos from our album are of Polly and Nipper. Below is the video from Podenco world and A BIG THANK YOU goes to them for the way that they are helping dogs here in Spain.



amapola nipper

See the video




22nd November 2011

Abandoned Waterdog - Our friend Janet had seen this dog hanging around in an area for over 3 weeks, which could be where he had been abandoned. Other people had seen him and fed him but no one did anything about it. Janet tried to catch him before but was not able to until we had the storms, which probably frightened him and made him desperate to come to somebody, so she managed to pick him up.

She phoned us here at A.I.D. and we told her to take it to the vets for a micro chip check but he did not have one. His coat was full of thistles, dirty and very long and needed shaving off, which we told the vet to take care of it, which they did as well as a shampoo wash and a vaccination.

He was very nervous when first found but a couple of hours after the vet’s visit he settled down and is a very friendly dog. We are full so he is now with one of our Network charities until a forever home can be found for him.






20th November 2011

Podencoworld visit - Today I had the pleasure of meeting four lovely ladies that find podencoworldforever homes in the Netherlands for stray and abandoned dogs that are at present located in refuges in the South of Spain.

They have a website which is dedicated to the Spanish Podenco (hunting dog) and after I made contact, they decided to pay a visit to the A.I.D. Refuge in Coin on the way to visiting other associacions. We are hoping for their collaboration in the future in finding forever homes for some of the Podencos in our refuge and in our foster homes so watch this space.

Week 14th November 2011

MICRO CHIPS -Janice from A.I.D. had a phone call from a friend about a black and white  Janicedog that had been around the urbanistaion Sierra Gorda for a few days. She said it was very poorly and looked ill so she told her to take it to the local vet in Coin Town. On inspection the dog had a micro chip and the Spanish owner was contacted and he said he would collect the dog. He had reported the dog stolen along with his other dog, a Boxer. The next morning Janice was driving along the Coin to Alhaurin road by Barranco Blanco and she spotted a dead dog on the side of the road, which upon checking, it had a micro chip and it turned out to be the Boxer that the owner had reported previously. Yet another reason why dogs should be micro chipped as both dogs had been reunited with their owner be it one alive and one dead :(


30th October 2011 Article by the lady that originally found this dog family in Seville.

Tillie, Millie and her 6 pups - First saw the adult female dogs in July they were all together. They lived on a council disposal site (Punto Limpio) next to a juvenile prison and a busy zone and behind this place was some campo land (countryside). They would eat the scraps brought in from the street cleaning machines.

millie and tillie at the council rubbish tipI put water and food down everyday but during the hot summer I didn’t see them much as I had to go at the hottest time of the day when I had the car and they were hidden in the shade somewhere?. The rescue shelters here are very few and do not seem to answer calls or emails over the summer and in the 5 years I have been here I have been helped once with a Greyhound to put things in perspective. That’s why I couldn’t find help for them.

During this last month they became more visible and I noticed she was feeding pups, I didn’t even see her pregnant. So I decided to just watch her a bit more to try and locate the pups without disturbing her to much. However on day I had to intervene as one puppy was completely trapped between a pallet of wood and concrete Flag Stones yelping and yelping we had to remove all the surrounding stones to free him he was ok and returned back to his mother, that’s when I discovered the 6 puppies. From there I contacted all animal rescues but no one could help take them.

dominoShe moved the pups the next day thankfully to a safer location. Then again leaving one behind and every time I went I saw her with this one pup. I couldn’t locate the others so I assumed they had been taken by people and that’s when I took one pup home – DOMINO.

(photo after he had been cleaned wormed etc)

One week later I saw the others to my relief but also a worry as to what I was going to do with the. That’s when I asked Jan from A.I.D. so I am very grateful to everyone involved who is helping this family they needed removing from this situation it is a dangerous place and it is connected to the council who can have them removed with one phone call so I think they have got help just in time.

Over this past month I have made good friends with the mother dog (Millie) she is a very friendly, sweet gentle dog. The black and white female is a little shy but friendly and really wants contact but often hides behind the black dog. I managed to tickle her belly one day and she loved it. They both just need more contact from kind caring people and they will come round nicely. They have been someone’s pets in the past but over this summer they have had little contact only by me.    
Thank you for everything - Pam

Note from A.I.D.  This kind lady has a heart of gold. Her car is not really that good on long journeys so she hired a van and drove the pups from Seville to us here in Coin. 



16th October - Molly - See the video of Dogs beeing met by their new owners at Amsterdam airport. The dogs are from La Linea (near Gibraltar), Arcah Noah (Alhaurin el Grande and A.I.D. (Coin) Our little Molly is at 3mins. 43 secs onwards with black face and white chest


Video taken by Podencoworld - Netherlands




14 October- This is Janice from A.I.D (on the left)with Chris one of our contacts from Holland. These 6-week old pups were rescued by Janice. 5 pups from la motaThey were with their mum and livingin the countryside in the Coin area amogst the bushes in a filthy condition. They have all been checked over, will be vaccinated and hopefully it wont be long before they find a forever home.

Latest news!!! All 5 pups are now adopted



13 October - A short while ago 11 years old Georgia and her parents georgia and scruffyadopted Scruffy from us. She also helps charities when she can and this time with help of her parents she set up a stall for the car-boot at the Hippodromo in La Cala. She cleared out all her old toys and books and made 3 dozen cupcakes all on her own. She did all the selling, she had made a couple of handmade posters to say all profits were to go to the AID charity and told anyone willing to listen about the charity and that she had got her dog from them. A few adults congratulated her on her efforts for charity while she was at the car boot sale, (which was nice and encouraging for her). Georgia raised an amazing 80 Euros, which was donated to A.I.D. She also donated 10 Euros pocket money and her parents rounded up the total to 100 Euros. On behalf of the animals we help we really thank Georgia for all the effort she put in. Below is a photo Jan and Joe from A.I.D. presenting a Certificate to Georgia for the funds she raised for the animals




Mum & 4 pups - We had been told that there were some puppies down a revine and upon arrival we found a small Springer cross mum and 4 pups of about 3-4 weeks old. She had been using a very deep thole on the side of the enbankment that probably some wild animal could have made previously. We called on Bill Hill (he never says no, the big softy) to come and give us a hand and Jan and Bill were there at 8am the following day to rescue them. Mum and pups are now being looked after by one of our contacts and hopefully homes will be found in afew weeks for all of them?

Having said that the cream pup is already reserved for Bill. Must be those baby blue eyes they all have when they are young ha, ha.

See the video of the nest area:


a much needed bath


lucy kopsch


Lucy came on holiday to Spain for one week and brought with her from the UK lots of brand new adjustable clip-on collars for our rescued dogs and while she was here she also paid for the sterilisation of two stray cats that were hanging around the holiday villa.

Well done Lucy!!!! We all thank you so much for your help



peter and Hazel

We want to thank Hazel and Peter Bateman for their continued support in various ways.

Every time they visit Spain for the holidays they allways bring something for the doggies at our Refuge in Coin.

Photo from 1st September 2011when they brought a large bag of doggie treats and some brand new adjustable slip collars


LEXY is about 3 years old and was found in a very bad condition with her coat overgrown and completely matted. Her claws were three times the normal size. We took her to the doggy saloon and now she is being fostered until a permanent home can be found.

Lexy when she was found
Coat was matted all over
After her visit to the doggy saloon
Don't she look pretty



Hola Everyone - Once again this month has been very busy with lots of abandoned puppies and kittens and there's simply nowhere to put them all because all centres/charities are full and have a waiting list of animals waiting to come in. It never ends!!!!l

The economic climate climate has put a lot of pressure on us as well as other charities so if you find an animal be prepared to take reponsibility for it.


Carettais a female Spanish Galgo (Greyhound). She was left at our friend’s refuge near Seville. When they contacted us she was heavily pregnant and she looked old. We could not take her in but we knew that our local Dutch contact would as they are in touch with a Galgo (Greyhound) rescue in Europe so they decided to look after her until she could go abroad to a new home.

As it turned out Caretta was over 11 years old and about to give birth so our contact decided that she would stay with them forever once the babies were born. Well within two days her stomach started to turn red and she was rushed to the vet hospital where she had an emergency operation, which we helped towards some of the cost.

The red in her tummy was where her uterus had burst and all her insides were full of blood and as they started to open her tummy 3 babies were all ready out.

Caretta had 12 pups inside her. She managed to pull through the operation and now she is looking after her pups with the help of our contact.  



Video of Caretta's pups


Harry a 1 year old male was found in someone’s garden. Apparently he was so thin that he must have squeezed through the gate railings.  As the man went towards him he kept backing off and seemed very frightened of men? One of his back legs was hanging and could not put it on the floor. We received the call for help. When Janice arrived she called to him and he simply came towards her. She took him to the vet and we found out that Harry had a fractured shoulder and would need an operation. So Harry was operated the next day and is now recovering in one of our foster homes and is also starting to put on weight.  








So far this month we have had to do several expensive operations on dogs so we need your continued support at our charity shop or our charity events.

Here are some dates for your diary of the A.I.D Charity events for 2011 at the Carolina Restaurant in Alhaurin el Grande. See our events page:

Sat 17th September - End of Summer Fling Dinner dance. (Evening)

Sat 29th October - Ghouls 'N Gosts Dinner dance. (Evening) Details to follow

Wed 16th November - A.I.D. Fashion show and nibbles (Lunchtime) Details to follow

JULY 2011

I enclose just a few notes, which are mainly from the end of July

July has had its usual influx of emails and phone calls from people that have found pups and kitten litters. Please remember that if you find an animal be prepared to have to look after it for good or until a charity can take it in. Most charities are full to capacity be it the large ones or small ones like ours.

July also gave everyone some great news!!!

Pet Passport Rules are going to be relaxed.
No more blood test or 6 months quarantine required
It will become cheaper and easier to travel abroad with pets when new rules are introduced at the start of next year.
The UK will harmonise its pet movement rules with the rest of the European Union from 1 January 2012, bringing the UK’s Pet Travel Scheme into line with the most recent science.... click the blue link for more information:


This is Chico, now called Denzil. I just had to show you all how one of our pups adopted 3 years ago had grown up to become a real hansdome boy. We found him in the middle of the road at 5 weeks of age and he was adopt when he was 11 - 12 weeks old.

Notes from Denzil's the new owners - He loves to play ball (too often!) and is often seen carrying a large cuddly toy around (does not do his image much good).   He is a larger than life character with a few emotional issues, but you never know what happened to him in those first few weeks.  He hates to be left on his own and I would hate to think what would happen to someone who came into our house without invitation! But then saying that he loves nothing better than a cuddle and a hug. He lives with us and our other dog and cat in Mijas Costa and at Christmas just gone we took him back to the UK for Christmas and he had a great time on the farm with the rabbits and foxes.  He even had his first encounter with snow.  

20 July 2011
Mum and pup:

This week also saw the arrival of a Dalmatian Mum and her 3-week old pup.
Luna as we have called her is about 2.5 to 3 years old and had been living in the countryside and probably had over 10 pups. When someone first saw her she had about 4 pups and by the time we rescued her she only had one. We have been told that she does not like men because previous owner tried to get her pups away from her with a broom (where is the mentality?) When we took her to our refuge she did not trust us and looks like she has never been on the lead and was also shaking like a leaf. That look in her eyes!!!! Who knows what she has been through in the last 3 years? Now with lots of attention and kindness from us and our volunteers at the refuge she is gaining in confidence. She is a gentle dog and we have high hopes for her. She has been with us just over a week. See the short video made just a couple of days ago:



23 July 2011
T.P.O.S. Charity event:

mike bradley president of TOPS with cheque for 1200 euro for A.I.D.

Mike Bradley President of T.O.P.S presenting Janice and Joe from Animals In Distress (A.I.D.) With 1200,00 euro, which was raised at their charity event

We want to thank TOPS (The Occasional Productions Society) for holding an event which raised 1200 euro for our charity. The event Dreamboats & Petticoats was held at Kevin & Lynn's house on Saturday 23rd July and it was a resounding success with 178 people attending.  The food was superb and the show was lively, it had great costumes and was very much enjoyed by all.
The funds raised will be put towards a future project and also to help pay off vet bills, which at the moment are averaging 2000 euro per month, this is mainly eaten up by animals rescued or helped on the streets.

Small Yorkie cross:
This poor little soul was found under a car by one of our shop volunteers. He was less than half his body weight and in a terrible mess. One of his eyes was completely closed. We took him to the vet and when he actually got to find his eyeball it was very infected. He was also suffering from Dry eye, which did not help his condition. He is now on lots of eye drops and he also had a good wash groom. He is now starting to feel better and is a lovely affectionate dog, which is being looked after by one of our volunteer foster homes. Photos will be on our website soon.    

JUNE 2011

Will I ever find a home?

theoTheo came to A.I.D. at about a year old, starving, dehydrated and with red-raw paws after walking for a very long time.  He was nursed back to health and soon became well adjusted and enjoyed living as part of a family where he loved all people, other dogs and animals including cats. Unfortunately, due to increasing numbers he had to give way to more youngsters coming in and so was sent to the refuge where, because he is such a handsome chap - being a cross Belgium Shepherd, everyone felt sure he would not be there for too long and would soon find a permanent home.  Sadly Theo didn't adjust well to kennel life and missed the affection and company of his family.  Theo has watched whilst all his friends have been placed in their new homes, but sadly he has not been chosen.  Staff at the kennels cannot understand why he has been overlooked, and are now very concerned about him as he seems to be becoming increasingly depressed. 
He lies patiently in his kennel, and whilst all his friends are busy making a fuss, barking and commanding attention, he is as good as gold and simply waits his turn, grateful for any attention he may get. He lives for his walks, and his only sin is that when he is let out of the kennel he is a little over-enthusiastic with his affection and thinks he is a little lap-dog, trying to sit on your knee.  He soon settles down and walks to heel and enjoys hunting for lizards & catching butterflies. His hearing is superb and he hears things a long time before anyone else and has been known to run off to investigate and so would need a secure garden, but he is very responsive and trainable, and is just waiting for someone to please.
Unfortunately, Theo is now looking sadder and sadder with each passing week, and sometimes does not even bother to come out of his kennel to play with the others. He appears to be giving up all hope. So if anyone thinks they could offer our handsome but very sad Theo a permanent loving home where he could have the space to run and bring some enjoyment back into his life please contact A.I.D. He has been inoculated, castrated & pass ported and so just needs to pack his suitcase, hitch a lift, and he's ready to go!

30 June - THEO UPDATE!!!

theo and bobbyThanks you all for spreading the Word about Theo and to Meg Sulley and Co. for the article. A short while ago we had a lovely family adopt little Bobby from our rescue centre (see photo), which we made ready for travelling to the UK . They also met Theo and liked him a lot but decided on one dog for now. Well today they received my email about Theo and read the article and yes you guessed it THEY ARE ADOPTING HIM. He will be collected tomorrow and go with them to Gibraltar until December and then will be travelling to the UK where he will hopefully see his first Christmas with his own family. They have a walled garden and will be getting loads of walks on the lead. Good job this is not pen and paper as it would be all wet by now as tears of joy are running down my face.

UPDATE - Theo was collected today 1st July 2011by his new family that also brought along Bobby. He was Theo's pal at the refuge and was also adopted by the same family on 2nd June 2011. They will both have a new home together in the UK

UPDATE - 1stJuly - DEVASTATED!!!!! My lovey boy THEO IS DEAD. He went with his new family for a new life, they bathed him, took him for a walk and he slipped his lead, run off and got hit by car and got killed. What a waste of a lovely dog, all the care and time that went into him these last two years and he finally finds the perfect home. Cant say no more as I cant even breathe at the moment. I simply had to let you all now. R.I.P. my lovely boy Theo xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Animals In Distress Annual Charity Fashion Show

Thank you to those that came to support us at the A.I.D. Charity Fashion Show on Wednesday night 1st June. A big thank you to all the volunteers that took part and put in a lot of hard work, also Heartfmspain 96.1 Radio for the wonderful arrangement of music during the show and a thank you to the Marbella Design Academy for their sponsorship on the night.

We had a lovely selection of stalls. Over 100 people showed up to support A.I.D. on this lovely evening, which was held on the Spanish Patio at the Lauro Golf Restaurant Just outside Alhaurin el Grande. 

The models (all volunteers) did a fantastic job and really put themselves out to play the part whilst parading amongst all the guests, which were sitting around the Patio.   

The evening raised a total of 1065.00 euro with 100% going directly to the animals that we help in all different ways as well as the ones that come under our care. 

Click >>here<< to see the photos from the show

MAY 2011

Sunday 22nd May

Bettie and another dog appeared on someone's land that was not fenced. Both were in a poorly condition. bettieBettie was in season. The other dog decided to disappear and was never seen again. Bettie also disappeared at a later date and then came back pregnant. These people already had eight dogs so they could not keep her. They contacted us but we had no foster home at the time. However we decided to take her and worry about it later. We took her to the vets and he said that she might have her puppies in less than a week. The only option was to take her home that evening and then we would take her to the refuge the following day as we are already very full at home... This option we were not keen on as pups are usually about 12 - 16 weeks before we take them to our refuge. Well would you believe it she started to have her babies one hour before she was due to go to the refuge?

She had 3 pups between 9.00am - 9.20am, then 3 more came between then and 1pm and then two more during early afternoon. Seven are a cream colour and one is white. When we told our kennel volunteer about the mum and pups she said she would take them home and foster them for a few weeks as she had a spare room in her house. She also has her own 6 dogs, cats and chickens to look after. Bettie is a very caring mum and a gentle small dog. I gave her lots of reassurance and stroked her while she was having the babies and she let me handle her pups when I was laying another set of dry towels and completely trusted me even though she did not really know me.


This is a short video from today


Bettie giving birth May 2011- Bruno one of her pups - Bettie 17 December 2011


Wednesday 4th May


Sad to report that Sasha one of our older rescue dogs has passed away. Sasha was 7 years old when we found her and was looked after by Linda and Ray one of our foster homes. In 2009 she was homed in Holland where she was to spend the rest of her life in comfort with a loving family. Sadly she later developed a tumour in her lung and had cancer spreading in her. Yesterday she passed away. R.I.P. Old friend.

Sasha when she was found in very poor condition at 7 years of age
She had to have a Complete hair cut by Posh Pets

Foster home Lynda & Ray looked after Sasha for A.I.D. until a home could be found


Finally she was homed in Holland with a nice lady where she spent the last remaining years of her life. R.I.P. 2002 - 2011



Rick was rescued from a rubish dump 14 April 2011 in a very poor condition, starving, very thin, coat dirty and matted. By the marks on his coat around his neck it looks like he had been tied up for a very long time and had been with very little food for a while. His coat was covered in knots and needed a complete hair cut and shampoo. He is a very frienly little dog. Did not get a chance to take a 'before' photo but take a look at him after we took him to the vets, had his haircut and shampoo. We have him in a separate kennel at the refuge to keep him quiet for the night. We are full at home and in our few foster homes. He is a ver friendly little thing and must have been someones pet

APRIL 2011

Sunday 3rd April

Sponsored Walk with Dogs

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all that came today and contributed in their own way to the Animals In Distress (A.I.D.) 7 Km Sponsored Walk with Dogs around Monda village. We had 46 walkers and 48 dogs, which included 11 from our refuge and also some of the dogs we homed in the past came with their new owners, which was a delight to see them. We raised a fantastic 802 euro (some still to be collected) to help the animals we rescue. And also a big thank you to Roy from The Mortgage Service Group for being our guide on the walk.

See the Video from the walk

MARCH 2011



14th March - Yet another casualty - We had another phone call today about a small Yorkshire cross terrier that had been thrown over a wall. When the vet shaved the little dog it was found to have bites up both legs and under the armpits and a bite on it's belly. We went back to see him and he is now recovering and we will collect him asap. He will be another little soul up for adoption


14th March - One of our friends in Cartama phoned us as he had found a female dog full of blood around the throat and body. On inspection at the vets she still had a a stich from a sterlising operation. Apart from other bad wounds in her rear end the dog also had two large throat wounds and her eye also needed to come out. It was the vets advise that she be put to sleep. What a waste of a life R.IP.

MUCH NEEDED HELP - Yet again Bee and her husband come to the rescue. Bee has joined our small team of dog walkers. Our doggies little faces say it all when they see the dog lead coming towards them. The funds we raised are much needed to help the dogs we rescue so it's fantastic news when Bill offered his services to render the kennels walls as we normally have to pay some one because volunteers are hard to find. Bill has now finished one of the the small walls in one of our nine kennels at the sanctuary.


DEAD & INJURED ANIMALS - We often get phone calls from brits about injured or dead animals on the road, this is mainly because they have a language problem and also because many do not know who to contact, which should be the local police and they in turm will get in touch with the townhall and a collection will be made. If the dog is microchipped then the owner will be contacted and if it hasn't then the dog will go to the local pound.

Todays call was about a dead dog that had been shot and killed with an air gun. We called the police but night time arrived and the dog was still there so my wife took it to the vets. The following day had another call from the same area about a dog that had been shot in the leg and we also heard that a lady walking her dog heard a shot and something went whizzing past her. We called the police again and this time they met us where the injured dog was. Luck would have it the dog was chipped and the owner was contacted. The other dead dog at the vets was collected by the local dog pound.

HOMED AT LAST - A good start to March, we managed to find homes in Holland for some of our larger dogs. Some of them have been with us at our sanctuary for over a year.


ladyMy wife Janice noticed for a few days a little dog (we call her Lady) by the bins with food bowls on the floor. Non of the neighbours knew to whom the dog belong to and by the looks of her she was full of milk and must have been feeding pups but non were around. Have they been killed and had she been dumped? She never left the bins. Janice took her to the vets for a check up and later on during the day she took Lady to see whether Lady would try to find her pups but no luck. We contacted our friend Bill who tomorrow will climb down a ravine to a dry water bed as that was the only place that seemed to interest Lady but it was pitch black today. We then contacted out network friend that happen to have six pups about one week old that she was hand rearing with special puppy milk every 2-3 hours. We took Lady to her and the pups settled in straight away. A good solution for the next few weeks. Now all that has to be done is home her and the pups :(


9th january

Sad to report that Pauline Phillips from Coin/Cartama passed away Sunday night 9th January 2011. She was one of our main foster homes and had looked after dozens and dozens of A.I.D. stray/abandoned animals for the last few years.

She had been in and out of hospital this year and was returning to the UK this coming March with her 3 dogs and 3 cats. Her son will now be driving the animals back to the UK . Pauline’s body will be taken to the UK later on along with Mr. Chip's ashes (her favourite dog) that passed away this year. She worked so hard all her life for mentally and physically ill children including her own child and fostered many of them over the years before arriving in Spain where these last three years she dedicated her time fostering dogs for A.I.D.  She will be so missed by all that knew this lovely and kind lady. R.I.P. Pauline


Spanish Mastin
Nice way to start the New Year. We had a call that a Spanish Mastin desperately needed help. We were told that he could have a broken leg and was starving. On arrival at the vets he was x-rayed and tested for leishmania to see the extent of the problem. He was extremely thin and his back leg was wasted and useless and was wrapped around his other rear leg and the rear part of his body was curved around due to all the time compensating for his bad leg. The results were as bad as they could be. The poor thing had a cancerous tumour on his rear hip, which was degenerating the bone and that he was in great pain. Unfortunately the vet and the specialist confirmed that the best ting for the animals was to put it to sleep. This broke our heart because although we love all dogs, we have a soft spot for these gentle giants, which don’t deserve the treatment and abuse they get in the Spanish countryside


‎'Oh I wish it could be Christmas everydaaaayyyyy' Not likely....pups and dogs are being dumped left, right and centre at the moment, Grrrrrrrrrr Two more phone calls this afternoon. Cant keep up with it. Jan out on the road all day so far. Some brits can be so rude and abusive on the phone when I say we cant take any m...ore...just cause we are a charity they think we have endless space or that we are the RSPCA out here.


What a Christmas holiday. Twisted my bad knee Christmas Eve and we had our charity event Christmas day but I still managed to have a few dances, nothing can stop me from that. Last Friday 3 Mastin puppies abandoned in the Rio Grande (See pic) One we homed straight away the other two are in temporary foster homes. Phone... calls Christmas Eve could we take dogs that had been dumped in someone’s garden. Today a phone call about a puppy that was abandoned. This morning Jan saw a car drive into Lidl's car park and two pups were chucked out from the window into the car park, she could not get the number plate and again we had to make calls to see who could take them. Someone rung me earlier this morning about an injured dog that looked like it been in a fight, we told them to take it to the vets in case it had a micro chip. Where does it end? We simply don’t have anywhere to put them.


Three Mastin puppies abandoned in the Rio Grande. One we homed straight away the other two are in temporary foster homes.

Phone calls Christmas Eve could we take dogs that had been dumped in someone’s garden.

Today a phone call about a puppy that was abandoned. 

This morning Jan saw a car drive into Lidl's car park and two pups were chucked out from the window into the car park, she could not get the number plate and again we had to make calls to see who could take them.

Someone rung me earlier this morning about an injured dog that looked like it been in a fight, we told them to take it to the vets in case it had a micro chip. Where does it end? We simply don’t have anywhere to put them


Six puppy water dogs (5-7 days old) found in the rubbish bins have been reared successfully by one of our foster homes. We homed one a month ago in Spain (nearly lost her life 3 times) and today the other five were taken to Malaga airport in a HUGE BOX by Janice from A.I.D. where an escort took them to Germany to be met by their new owners. Many thanks to the foster home, Lauro Vet and my wife Jan for a great result xx.


What a month!!! In fact WHAT A YEAR!!! Everyday we receive several phone calls and emails from people that can no longer keep their pet or they have found a dog or they are leaving for the UK and cannot take their pets with them. Also from rescue centres that are closing down as well as emails from individuals and other charities regarding saving dogs from death row.

We are only a small charity consisting of a small refuge, foster homes and a charity shop with kind volunteers as well as myself (Joe) looking after the refuge, keeping the website informative and updated with the animals, I also deal with the Police and the Spanish community etc and my wife Jan, which does all the 'dirty jobs' that most people dont want to get involved in.

WE personally see stray/abandoned/abused animals nearly every single day and it breaks our hearts as we can only help just a few every now and then as we always have a long list of animals waiting to come into our care.

We have found these last two years that the Britts returning home have added to this problem as most can't or want take their 'beloved pets' with them. The main two reasons are that the dogs that they have taken into their care whilst in Spain will now not fit in the owners life stile back in the Uk.

The other reason is that the owner has not had the animal blood tested just incase they have to return to the UK and it will now have to spend 6 months in quarantine, which will be very costly if they have from one to several animals.

We say it yet again; Get your animals blood tested, it's only a once in a lifetime test and as long as you keep your ravies vaccinations up to date the animal can travel with you straight away

Go to the 'Pet Travel Scheme (PETS)' in this link:

We have had some very happy endings including dogs returned to their owners because the dog was microchipped but maily lots of sad cases due to the owner passing away as well as neglected and or abused dogs.

if you come accross the latter please remember that there's nothing here like the RSPCA so you should report it to the police and not just simply contact a charity or dog centre to resolve the problem in your area. Take a look in here:

If you find a dog do not automatically phone or take it to a dog centre or charity. Most are usually full to capacity and the dog might have an owner? “This is how you can personally help the animal” Go to this link:

Podenco tragedy.

Another tragic waste of life due to ignorance and general attitude towards animals. When will all this suffering ever end?

On Thursday 19th August A.I.D. we received a call about a dog that had collapsed in someone’s' property under a bush. The dogs' condition sounded bad so Janice met the people and the dog at the local vets to see what could be done. This poor female Podenco must have been starving for a long time and had a large deep wound on his side, which was septic and under the loose skin were loads of maggots. The dog basically was rotting in that area. Upon further inspection by the vet he described the symptoms as follows: As well as the obvious wound and starvation the dog was suffering from leishmania, Elichia, leptospirosis and as the problems were so multiple and severe, the vet sadly decided that the dog should be humanly put to sleep. This dog was fortunate so to speak. Rest in peace.


August 2010


toro toro

Toro was born in March 2007 and as with many Spanish dogs after a while the novelty wears off and the dog is a hindrance and simply gets ignored until one day the owner decides to get rid of it by dumping it or put it to sleep. This last option is usually unlikely as some owners won’t even spend the money to put a dog to sleep humanly.

The owner of Toro came with him into our charity shop crying and saying that she could not keep him as she had developed an allergy. It's amazing the amount of people that in the last two years have developed dog allergy don’t you think?. Jan from A.ID happen to be there and after a long sobbing story from the owner it was a case of we either took him into our care or the owner was going to dump Toro in the countryside. She has not once returned to our shop to see how Toro is doing. So much for her beloved pet.

We made space for him at our small refuge and placed him with two other small dogs in a kennel until we could possibly find space in one of our foster homes but all three got on great in their kennel. This is a sweet little dog that just wanted love and kindness and you hardly know he was there.

Toro was lucky as our friend who helps us now and then to send dogs to Germany sent his photo to a family that wanted a small friendly dog and it so happens that the grandmother in the family had previously lost a dog through old age. When Toro arrived he went straight away to the grandmother and followed her all around the house. You could say that Toro had landed on his feet but it's more like he landed in the old girls basket as he goes with her everywhere in her now called 'The Toro-mobile'.


the toro-mobile

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Update on Cartama Hell

Click here for the March Newsletter on this story

There is no follow up story regarding the owner because when we found the dead and starving animals we were told that the owner had been arrested several weeks previously for asault and since then someone mentioned that he was in Jail for 10 years (not confirmed) and apparently in the past he was told by the police to cease his rag & bone man operation. The property was being used for breeding animals and by selling skins to supply their drug money. So next time you are in Fuengirola  and you see little furry purses or furry kittens in a basket remember who the previous owner of that skin could have been or comed from?
We found homes for all the chickens, rabbits and hamsters and guinea pigs that were still alive as well as the two dogs that were chained up (1 went to Coin the other to Cartama) two more dogs are still loose around the area that cannot be caught.
The large Iguana that was in a terrible condition and in a small glass container had a broken back because of the lack of food/vitamins and its surroundings. It is now in a secure and knowledgeable home for reptiles.
The pair of vietnamese pot bellied pigs that had been left to fend for themseves became parents two weeks after the rescue as the female had a litter of 6, which we found homes for. The male has now been castrated and the pair are now in a new home and are as happy as a pig in shit, so to speak

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Addition of 3 more catteries at our home.

new extension to our catteryMany thanks to Joann & Brian Parsons for the donation lots of aviary panels to help the animals.

Due to the amount of homeless cats, we are converting these panels into 3 temporary catteries adjoining our existing one at home, which we hope they will be ready to be used by mid August.

As we have not been able to get volunteers or free materials, we will be using part of the funds raised at the Rock N' Roll evening by T.O.P.S. to pay for the labour and materials needed to finish this new project.

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July 2010

Champ's Story

He was found in the middle of the Alora by-pass, traumatised, starving, full of ticks and one ear had been cut off with scissors or knife and the other ear was full of ticks. Had a pain on his side probably from a kick. He was full of worms and intestinal parasites, which made him very ill. He is now on the road to recovery and is a gentle quiet pup. Gets on well with other dogs and cats

I was found in the middle of the road traumatised
one of my ears was cut off and the other full of ticks
My body was covered with loads of ticks
I am recovering after all my treatments
I feel much better now and starting to trust
I might only have one ear but dont you think I am handsome?

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July 2010


Mike Brdaley & Lynn presenting the 1300 euros raised to Jan & Joe from A.I.D.

On the 17th July 2010 T.O.P.S. Held a Rock N' roll evening with a meal as well as entertainment to raise money for our A.I.D. charity. The event, which was organised by Mike & Cath Bradley of T.O.P.S. took place at Lynn and Kevin's home at Finca La Luna and we wish to also thank them for being such great hosts. We also wish to thank eveyone else involved, the singers and the people that cooked all the food. It all came together to make this a great evening, which raised a total of 1300 euros for our charity. This much needed funding has gone directly to our latest project, which is the installation of a biological tank as well as other items connected with it. See photos of the event here

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May 2010

CHICO - Found just in time.

This is Chico - On the evening of 26th May 2010 we received a phone call from one of our supporters . Chico was found near the timber yard 'Maderas Menur' in Coin. He was in a hedge cuddled up to his dead sibling, starving, dehydrated, suffering from scabies, covered in ticks and flees, his legs were just skin on top of bone and his belly full of worms. After a day at our local vet, we took him to one of our foster homes for personal care as he has to have medicine and special baths. We keep our fingers crossed on his slow road to recovery. The photos were taken 24 later in our foster home.

This sort of thing is one of the many sad cases that we have to deal with on a very regular basis. Chico's recovery will be slow and hopefully in the near future he will be a normal and healthy puppy that one day might find a loving home.

CHICO a few weeks later

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8th May 2010

7Km Sponsorded Walk with Dogs around Monda village:

sponsored walk 8th may 2010

A big thank you to Roy from The Mortgage Service Group for leading the walk and for his support.

which included rescue dogs from the A.I.D. refuge in Coin. The walkers raised a total of just over 1300 euros, which will go 100% to the stray/abandoned animals that we rescue and help. The walk took 1.5 hours, the weather was lovely, the scenery around Monda was superb, the dogs all behaved and got on with each other very well and at the end of the walk there was bowls of water for the dogs while the owners refreshed themseves with a cold beer.



setting off walkers from ojen with our rescued dogs

setting off


walkers from ojen with our rescued dogs


along the lanes
refreshing dip

along the lanes


refreshing dip


end of the walk
back to the refuge

end of the walk


back to the refuge


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April 2010

Our new shop opp Mercadona in Alhaurin el Grande officially opened on April 26th.

The opening day was a fabulous with lots of new faces and great support form our regulars. The shop is continuing to grow and we have a great selection of very good quality items to help animals

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March 2010

Our two shops in Alhaurin el Grande are CLOSING DOWN

27 Blas Infante (opposite Brit Essentials) will close as from 1st of April 2010
76 Gerald Brenan (Camino de Malaga) will close as from 1st May 2010

Visit our new shop
We hope to see you at our new shop, which will be opened by mid April 2010
Located at - Carretera de Cartama No.34
It is in Alhaurin el Grande on the opposite pavement to Mercadona, between what was Mrs Chippy and near Lauro Vet Hospital.

Thank you all for your past support and hope to see you at the new shop.

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Leishmaniasis victim

Bless her heart - This sorrowful looking Podenco female dog was found on the side of the road by one of our foster homes. Many people knew she was there but no one did anything about it. When we arrived she hardly had the strength to move. She had given up! She was a victim to the all too common disease Leishmaniasis, which is rampant in Andalucia. She must have been suffering for a very long time to look like she did. She had open sores all over her body, possibly blind or little vision and her ears were completed eaten away by theLeishmania. Some of her wounds were so bad that they had maggots in them. On the advice from our local vet she was put to sleep. May she rest in peace now. Click here to read about Leishmaniasis.

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Our two shops in Alhaurin el Grande are closing for good

27 Blas Infante (opposite Brit Essentials) will close as from 1st of April 2010
76 Gerald Brenan (Camino de Malaga) will close as from 1st May 2010

Visit our new shop
We hope to see you at our new shop, which will be opened by mid April 2010.
34 Carretera de Cartama.
It is located in Alhaurin el Grande on the opposite pavement to Mercadona, between what was Mrs Chippy and near Lauro Vet Hospital.

Thank you all for your past support and hope to see you at the new shop.

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March 2010


On Wednesday evening 17th March Janice from A.I.D. received a phone call from a friend in Sexmo, Cartama, Malaga about her concern for a large number of animals that seem to have been left unattended for 2 - 3 weeks and which she had been feeding the last couple of days (little did they both know what was about to unfold), The following morning Janice arrived with a foster home (Peter & Ann) and they were going take away a few chickens and five rabbits (so they thought).


This is as Janice describes what she found - This place could only be described a rag and bones come builders yard. The town hall vet arrived shortly after we got there and apparently he had been there with the police the previous day. The vet said to us 'Have you seen the pigs and the dogs?' I then proceeded to an inner court yard full of rubbish and derelict buildings, where I found two pot bellied pigs (one was a pregnant female), two dogs chained inside a filthy pig pen and three puppies running around loose . The vet said that the owner was a drug addict and had gone to jail for 10 years and that I could take whatever animals I wanted to save and then he left? As we entered it became obvious that there was something else on the right hand side, this turned out to be another made up shack, which contained another load of rabbits. To our left was a load of rubbish, sinks and baths, which we climbed trough and led to a ramshackled area only to find more chickens, a bantem and a duck. We put them into a large dog carrier and into the car.

This hell hole was littered with rubbish and mountains of clothes. We were fighting our way through, we found filthy cages with green moulded bread, which also contained remains of long dead animals, we entered a room full of rubbish of every description and a wall full of small dark enclosures that contained live rabbits. We had to climb up some containers to reach the rabbits on the top enclosures. As we investigated further we came across 4 bird cages with 3 live zebra finches amongst several decomposing bodies. I then pushed my way into another room, which on one side had piles of sheep's wool and old fridges an rabbit hatches with rabbits that had been dead for a long time and then went into another derelict area, which had what looked like sword fish heads hanging from a beam. There were other rabbithatches but there was only one live rabbit as the others were dead so Pete took the rabbit back to where they had boxed up other rabbits.

I went on and came a across a filthy made up glass enclosure full of rubbish and on sliding up the front, I found inside a starving Iguana of about 1m long and very weak on it's back legs. I phoned Bill a friend of mine, which I knew would be interested and he came very quickly to collect the Iguana. On his arrival he was so discussed and shocked at what he saw that he stayed to help us. We then went into the area where the pigs wereand there was another dark area full of made up pens containing live rabbits. Next to that was another door and when I opened it I found rows of 25lt plastic containers with the tops cut out and a whole made on the side for a water container to go into. The bottom of the containers was full of shucks and fur, which is all that remained from long dead hamsters, which is where they lived. We pulled out 8-10 hamsters but one died in my hands on the way to the car.

We run out of things to put animals in so we put water down for the animals as well as grass that we cut and a few carrots from a neighbour and we also fed and watered the pigs and dogs. My van was full of animals and could not take anymore so we left everything as we thought with food and water. The following day Friday 19th March we returned to pick up the remaining rabbits and I had another look at the previous areas again and found a door that had been overlooked and had a bar across it, which gave me a terrible feeling. I entered and found the floor littered with rubbish and dead carcasses of guinea pigs. Five guinea pigs were still alive as well as a white rabbit, all very thin. There were other containers in there with dead animals inside.

We returned to where there were some large top loading freezers that we had not looked at and when we slid the lid across the smell was overpowering. One of the freezer was not turned on and inside it was nearly full of a black liquid, which was the result of loads of decaying carcasses. We opened another freezer which was working and it was full of dead guinea pigs, which at a later dated could have probably been skinned for the fur trade to make the little kitten and cats in a basket that you find on the coast for the tourist trade and looks like this animals could have been bred to raise money for the drug trade. This was something that I was dreading but expecting to find.
While I was still in the premises I phoned Heart fm radio station and they put out an urgent appeal for homes for the surviving animals and also for rabbit hatches.

The rest of my day was spent looking for homes and between us we managed to home the surviving guinea pigs and some of the rabbits. I took the three puppies to the vets as they were full of ticks and needed to be checked over. The puppies have since gone to my friend's rescue centre in Fuengirola and one has found a home already.

On Monday 22nd of March a kind Spanish gentleman will be arriving with a horse box and we have contacted several volunteers to give us a hand to load up the pigs as they are about 40 - 50 kg each and we don’t know how they will react.

On a last note: Unfortunately and we are very sad to say this type of rescue is not uncommon and as you go further Inland all types of animals suffer from this sort of conditions.
This tragedy has had an impact on all that have been involved in the rescue as they did not realise that this sort of thing was happening and also so close to home.

On behalf of all these poor little souls Jan & Joe from Animals In Distress wish to thank all the people involved in this case, which includes Pete & Ann, Linda, Bill & Vee, Amanda, our associate friend Pat from F.A.M.A. dog rescue, Concordia from CYD Santa Maria horse rescue and Heartfm radio. Everyone was wonderful in what they did.

Can you give a rabbit a home? Please contact us: or telephone Janice on 619 377 787

See more photos

Rubbish every where


Some of the dead rabbits and hamsters


Some of the rescued animals

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February 2010

refuge volunteers with our older dogs refuge volunteers with our puppies

We are grateful to our three volunteers Chloe (British), Marina and Tamara (Spanish), which are helping at the refuge during their school holidays and at weekends.

We are desperate for more volunteers to help walk, feed and clean the dogs every day.

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January 2010

Finally the much needed kennels in our small refuge are up and running. To see lots of photos of the kennels Click here

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A volunteer from France - We want to thank the Association Ribida (Located in France) for kindly sending us one of their students for a few days to help out at our new kennels. Ribida has a base in Southern Spain teaching students from 14 - 21 years old all aspects of Andalucia.

Photo of the student Davy with Ben & Dillon at our kennels

davy  with ben & dillon

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December 2009


Earlier this month, December ’09, Lina set off on her long, road  journey from the south of Spain to the UK.  She has now settled in nicely with her new owner and other rescue dogs for company.  Lina now lives in a remote area away from traffic and noise which suits her nervous disposition but is regularly walked to the shops in the village where she has become a local celebrity and has won the hearts of everybody.

From the day she was found lying in a ditch so many people have helped this wonderful girl to get her mentally and physically back to some normality before she could be re-homed.  Lina has touched many hearts in Spain and I am sure she will be missed by all those involved but now they can smile with maybe a tear in their eye, as indeed I have, in the knowledge that Lina, now called Nina, is “home”  I hope to add an updated photo of her very soon.

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November 2009

Kennels - Our much needed dog kennels should be finished early December, click here

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Lina (white dog) has found a home! (click to see Lina when found)

lina and julieIt was a hot day in mid June of this year when Janice and Joe of “Animals In Distress” received a desperate call for help. Twenty miles away in Fuengirola, Malaga, an animal volunteer, had been walking her own dogs near one of the many golf courses when she came across a heartbreaking sight. There half laid in a ditch of water was Lina, as she was to be called.
A middle aged girl with a badly sun scorched, dirty, white coat, starving and dehydrated. She was too exhausted to run any more and looked at the volunteer with eyes that broke your heart.  Lina was desperately thin, her ribs and spine protruding badly but she was also heavily pregnant. The volunteer stayed with her talking gently to her and comforting her assuring her that help was on its way.
When Janice and Joe arrived they were appalled at what they saw and knew that time was running out for Lina. She was gently lifted into their vehicle and taken straight to their Vet who carried out an ultrasound and various other tests. She was too weak to give birth on her own and so an emergency caesarean operation was carried out including being spayed so that she wouldn’t have to endure another major operation at a later date.
It was hoped that Lina would have enough strength to carry her through this ordeal and not give up on life completely. She had so many people praying for her.  To have come this far she didn’t deserve to bow out of life now.  It was of no surprise due to the size of Lina that there were 16 puppies but sadly all of them died within a few hours. If Lina couldn’t find food and water for herself then how could she possibly provide for those little ones that she was carrying?
Lina was also causing great concern as she was very poorly and had to stay in “hospital” for several days undergoing more tests as there were further complications for her. Had it all just  been too much for her?
Day by day Lina started to regain her strength. She trusted those around her because she knew they were there to help and not to abuse. A foster home was already lined up for her and three weeks after her ordeal she was well enough to be taken to a Dog Parlour. Her coat was in a terrible, neglected state through months of being homeless.

At first she was unsure of her status at her foster home.  She wasn’t used to being allowed inside and thought her place was outside only. She didn’t want to presume anything. I can relate to this because this is exactly how Lady reacted when I first found her and brought her home. I don’t think she’d ever seen inside a house!
Lina’s trust in humans has grown and grown which is amazing really when it is apparent that she has known little, if any, love.  Every time a visitor arrives her head and tail lifts up ready to give them a warm welcome. She loves interacting with other dogs and cats that share the same foster home.

Slowly Lina’s character is developing much to everybody’s delight, even if it is a little cheeky at times! She loves to eat her food in her own box where she feels secure although she shows no protectiveness towards it. Every day, as her confidence grows, another sweet side of her comes out.
Because Lina is only in a foster home she has appeared on A.I.D. web site hoping for someone to come forward to adopt her and give her a permanent home. A lady in the UK that has always been involved in helping animals saw Lina and her heart went out to her when she saw that she needed a permanent home. So much so, that she decided to adopt Lina in order to give her the quality of life she deserves for her last remaining years.

Lina will be embarking on her long journey to the UK in December to be united with her new owner by private transport from door to door. I’m sure there will be many tears shed when this day arrives, more out of happiness than sadness, because Lina has touched so many hearts and truly deserves to be kept warm, safe and secure with as much love as she can take for the rest of her days.

Had the volunteer not found her in the first place; had Janice and Joe not responded to her call for help then I would not be having this opportunity to write about Lina. Too many dogs are abandoned and left to face the cruel elements and survive on their own.  Their chance of survival is so small. Lina is one of many, many dogs that Janice and Joe have helped over the years.  You can read more about them in the Category “Animal Organisations” under A.I.D. along with the link to their web site. Maybe you too could step forward to adopt one of their dogs?  Or maybe you could see your way to a donation?  Every dog that is rescued incurs a Vets fee, either for blood tests, for sterilisation, or because it has been injured. Lina’s Vet bill was €500 which was kept low out of the kindness of the Vet’s heart.

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July 2009

What a month!!!!

More people having to return to the UK and they cant afford to put their animals in kennels for 6 months, if only they could think ahead? You only need to have a blood sample once and “All vaccinations have to be kept in date there after for the blood test to remain valid”. Your animal can then travel back with you at short notice.

At present we are not able to take on any more animals (Dogs or Cats) so if you find an animal we ask to follow the notes in here.

Just last week 8 puppies dumped in a cupboard box (now in our foster home) and two days ago we had to find room for these four pups (now in our own home) 2 mastin cross, one with no tail and one with half a tail. The other two are gundog cross type.


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June 2009

Here are two of many stories in June

This is Lina. She is an old girl that was found in a ditch of water by an animal volunteer, heavily pregnant and starving. A.I.D.was called out and took her to the local vet. 12 hours later she had a caesarian operation, which saved her live. She gave birth to 16 pups, which most died within hours due to some of the symptoms that she had and could have passed on? Three of the pups looked like they could have survived but the following morning they disappeared and we think that Lina ate them as they could not be found.

lina lina

Photos of Lina one week after her operation. Look at those eyes! What stories could she tell! Is there anyone out there with a big heart that can give this old girl a loving home?


Gomez a noble dog from Toledo

Two ladies contacted us at A.I.D. One of the Ladies is from the UK and one lives locally. They heard about the plight of Gomez and sent us the enclosed letter.

Gomez Gomez gomez wounds

Gomez is a 2 or 3 years old cocker spaniel size doggie used to be so happy. His family, an old man who used to take long walks with him every day ( they especially loved the park, where Gomez used to  joyfully play and jump) loved him and Gomez loved him back with the loyalty and blind faith only animals and few people feel. But the man suddenly died and Gomez was thrown out into the streets to fend for himself. Since then he does not stop looking for his old man everywhere, when other dogs attack him he does not resist (see one of his wounds in the picture No 3, he cares about nothing except to find his family, and gets weaker and weaker. Are we going to let him die in the streets? He is in grave danger of being killed by dogs or men!.

We have enough on our hands here in Coin and local villages but as full as we are with lack of space in our foster homes, how could we let Gomez down. He is now under our temporay care at A.I.D. waiting for a good and loving permanent home. Can anyone help?

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May 2009
On the 30th April 2009 we closed our shop at 12 Plaza Alta,
Alhaurin el Grande (by the Town Hall).

We relocated and opened on the 4th May at 27 Gerald Brenan (The Parade) by Brit Essentials. 
We have video tapes, clothes, shoes, bric-a-brac and all sorts of household items. 
Open 10am - 2pm Monday - Saturday

Help us to help the animals

27 blas infantes volunteers

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APRIL 2009

Just had to show this follow up!!!!!

Ref: August newsletter:

missyMissy was a 10-week old Podenco Andaluz with lovely
green eyes and I had to climb up a mountain and down
to a riverbed to get to her. Lost and frightened now
happy and confident and like so many she was looking
for a kind and loving secure home.

missy and her new ownersShe was homed at the end of January 2009 to a nice
couple that came all the way from Holland to see her
and get to know her and one week later they took her
back with them.

missy in boat missy relaxing in boat
24.04.09 Photos of Missy relaxing on the owners week-end boat. 
She is now 10 months old and  has turned out to be a beautiful dog with lots of characted. Good luck with her new life! I love a happy ending, don't you?

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MARCH 2009


Due to the amount of homeless animals that are coming into our care, we now need to expand.

 We have the opportunity to build six dog kennels and one for cats on a plot of land in Coin, as temporary homes for the animals.

We urgently need funds for this project so please help us to help the animals.

Donations can be made at the ‘Heart fm radio’ office in Alhaurin el Grande (near Britt Essentials) Also directly to us by credit card via this link:

If anyone has a caravan that they are not using, it would be very gratefully received. We need it as accommodation for someone to live on the plot and keep an eye on the animals.

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foxie with new mum and dad
Foxie - A happy ending.
Here he is a few weeks later with his new owners.
They met him at the airport in Holland.
Foxie was rescued during bad rains.
(See The article below)




Mum and 10 pups found in the rain and full of mud                  

mum and 10 pups

Mum & Pups now safe and dry

mum and 10 pups

Wow 10 pups!


The look says it all!





A miserable morning raining as had been all night. We were just about to go out to take two of our stray dogs to the vets for castration, when we received a phone call from Concordia of the CYD Animal Sanctuary for ill treated and/or abandoned horses. Concordia had come across a mum and ten pups living in very bad conditions and telephoned us.

 Jan (from Animals In Distress) rushed out to find ten pups all cuddled up in a heap sitting in water on the floor of a leaking dog house. Two of the pups had fallen out and were underneath a wooden pallet huddled together shivering in the mud. The mum was on a chain outside soaking wet and full of mud up to her belly and I guess every time she went in two feed the pups, some would have been pulled out of the box by the mum’s chain. 

We found out from the neighbour that was feeding the dogs that they seldom saw the owner of the plot. The neighbours supplied us with his phone number and after a long discussion with him Jan took the animals away. 

On the same plot was a little brown, stray dog soaking wet from the rains, which Jan also took away with her (now named Foxie).

All of the dogs are now been cared for and are up for homing.

                      'This is Foxie'

Foxie in our home (safe and dry)

Cat Enclosure in Coin

This is the new enclosure built for rescued cats that need a 'temporary home'.
It was constructed on the 25th February 2009 by A.I.D. with funds raised from one of the 
charity events. Each box sleeps 2 cats

2m x 4m cat litter & toys
Inspecting our   new temporay home Lid off - showing top  sleeping area

Confessions of a New Foster Mummy!
Having spent the best part of my first year in Spain settling in my children into Spanish school, I decided to do something "worth while" with my time, but what to do? My hubby and I went for a coffee in Alhaurin el Grande and came across the A.I.D shop, so in I went and met Jan and my fate was sealed! I left my details on Wednesday lunch time and "the call" came that evening about "Ben" a small dog who had been attacked by another dog and was in the vets having his wounds dressed and being "castrated".  Jan arrived with this scared little dog with stitches and wounds and "tablets!" How do you give a dog tablets? Oh well I was about to learn and quickly. Jan left and it was now up to me and I was determined to do a good job, little did I know just what tricks dogs know, they’re cleverer than children! 

First day I leave Ben to do the school run and come home to find Ben sitting on the road outside my house! He had jumped out of my kitchen window! My heart was beating so hard, how on earth could I have phoned Jan and explained I’d lost the first dog on the first day! Next day was Saturday but all the windows were firmly shut. My children took Ben for a walk and a frantic phone call coz Ben had cut his paw so I cleaned him up just like a child! He didn’t like the bandage though! Sunday morning my daughter leaves the door open and Ben does a runner and we end up chasing him up the road, I have certainly got fitter through Ben. Shutting the kitchen window was fine but I forgot about the toilet one and yep you guessed it, there was Ben on Monday morning sitting on the road waiting for me again!, I swear he is laughing at me and challenging me to outwit him. Tuesday, all windows and doors shut and YES I win he is inside the house when I return so I reward him by taking to the school to see the children. He is most intrigued by the guinea pig and sits licking his lips but doesn’t touch her and gets on well with the one eyed cat or else he bats him on the nose! That’s the gossip up to now, So although quite challenging it is very rewarding watching this timid little dog change in front on my eyes into a cheeky chap who now needs a loving home. I am glad that Jan didn’t know my secrets or she'd have never trusted me with anything, so Jan don’t read it.

Love "a little more experienced foster mummy" xxx


This month has been horrendous.

The majority of phone calls and emails that we have received (from all over Andalucia) are from owners , which are returning to the UK and leaving their beloved pets behind for all sorts of reasons but mainly due to lack of funds.
Homes in Holland and Belgium
We now have strong contacts for homing animals in Holland and Belgium and have found lovely homes for our dogs and cats. In January we managed to home a total of 40 animals here and abroad.


This year we managed to find homes for over 270 animals.
This figure included dogs, cats and others

Are you abandoning the Spanish Dream - What about your Pet? 

Jan ith another abandoned petAll rescues are sinking under the weight of abandoned animals especially from people going back to England, either because they have taken on so many animals out here that it would be impossible to take back with their new home situation or because they simply did not plan on going back and their animals were not ready to go with them.

(photo of Jan from A.I.D. with 'Lady' yet another pet abandoned by  English owners returning to UK)

A little forethought can sometimes resolve most cases.

Please remember that before your dog can be taken to England it will need a Rabies jab and a Blood sample taken. One month after the rabies jab the vet has to take a blood sample and then six months after the sample your pet should be able to travel back to England.

 We realise that for some people it would simply be impossible to take their animals back but some owners really send a chill down my spine when they phone us and say:

“If you don’t take it I will just leave it behind or put it down”

 One owner said; “Well he is not really my dog I found it in the Campo” and when I asked him when did he find it, he replied “three years ago”.

 Like most rescues our work is for abandoned, neglected and starving animals, not for peoples unwanted pets.  It is also sad to see cats abandoned by these same owners as they seem to think that a pet cat will fend for itself.

The other day we picked up a Boxer, which is only a few years old and it was obvious that he previously had a home but for whatever reason (it’s beyond me) he had been abandoned. He had the look of a dog that had given up, the eyes said it all.  One of our helpers gave it food for a couple of days and then when he was approachable we took him in. He is a lovely boy and has now started to play and enjoy the company of other dogs and people and is now looking for a new home

max toby

Max & Tobby -  We found two young dogs in a drain pipe, which had come together for warmth and protection from the weather. They are sweet and friendly little dogs and we have hopes that a couple of nice people that came to us looking for a dog the other day will keep them both as they are such lovely mates.

If you feel you could temporarily foster an animal or give it a permanent home?

Please phone Janice on 619 377 787.

 Can you help?

We need your old blankets, towels and sheets for our foster homes. Please take them to any of our charity shops in Alhaurin el Grande,  12 Plaza Alta (near the Town Hall) or 76 Gerald Brenan (200mts past Martins newsagents) or if you are local, we can collect them.

A New Animals In Distress Shop opens in Alhaurin el Grande

76 geral brenanA.I.D. opened their second Charity Shop to help Stray/Abandoned animals on Monday 1st December at 76 Gerald Brenan, Alhaurin el Grande.

Nearly 100 supporters as well as passers by visited the shop between 10am & 2pm.
The official opening/cutting of the tape was by Amy Winehouse Experience (Pippa from the T.P.S. Magazine). Hearfm 88.2 the ‘brand new radio station’ (fantastic new supporters of A.I.D.) provided great music during the opening and also live commentary on the latter part of the day.
Jan & Joe cannot thank enough all the supporters and volunteers for all their help.

A.I.D says: Our Charity as well as other organisations needs help and support to protect as many animals as possible especially at this moment in time as the ‘Job Crisis’ worsens and the animals are being abandoned by their owners and left to fend for themselves. The sad thing is that a significant part of this problem is the extra volume created by Britt’s giving up the Spanish Dream and returning home without their “Much loved Pets”.

The Dog Pounds, Rescue Centres/Charities as well as the individual kind persons that do such valuable work to help rescue and home abandoned animals have never had their hands so full.

As we write, we have just been notified of the safe arrival of three abandoned cats, which we sent to new owners in England and are now settling in nicely in their new homes. 

Further news on Anita (See September newsletter):

Anita the mum that had been shot & wounded and had her 8 pups under a tree (two of which had died) is doing great. She as well as 3 of her pups are off to Germany soon.

anita and pups

(Anita now healthy and in Germany with her three pups)
This year to date, I have managed to find homes for 220 animals. Our fund raising has to continue so that we can help more animals.


Dog enclousers & Exercise run in Cartama
Renovation work carried out with the funds raised at the
Annual Charity Posh Pets Fun Dog Show & Pet Race

the old chicken run turn into a temporary kennel the old pidgeon houson turned into a temporay kenel portable excersice run
The old chicken run     The old pidgeon housing     New portable exercise run



Thank you to Posh Pets Spain

 Posh Pets in Alhaurin el Grande held their 3rd Annual fun Dog Show and Pet Race on the 5th October.

posh pets annual charity dog show

Every year Posh Pets Spain (in Alhaurin el Grande) hold a Fun Dog Show & Pet race to help animals here in Andalucia with all proceeds going to a charity. We at Animals-In-Distress (A.I.D.) are very honoured and very grateful to have been chosen for 2008. We were involved in the event, which was held on the 5th October and we know the great amount of effort that is needed to hold such an event and on behalf of all the stray/abandoned animals that we help we want to thank Rachel and her team. We want to thank all the volunteers, stalls, the businesses that sponsored all the dog classes and the 380 people plus children and pets that turned up to make this a wonderful day and helped to raise nearly 2000 euros for our charity. Dave and the team our sponsors from ACEFM106.8 Radio for inland Andalucia, were live at the event providing great music and chat throughout the whole day for the different classes in the dog show and we thank them for their support yet again. Businesses and individual that sponsored the dog classes:

Villapac - Santiago Restaurant - Bedlinen Direct - Spanish Mortgage Brokers – Spiritwood - Duncan and Pete - Scott the Plumber -  My Butterfly Bliss – Elegancia - Witham Brothers - Brit Essentials - Lemon Tree - Bars in Spain - Papeleria Cristina - Posh Pets



Neglect and abandonment

anita and pupsAN

We have had very sad cases of neglect and abandonment, English people included.
We have a mother Terrier cross (Anita) that was pregnant and had a big open wound along her side as well having been shot. She had dug a den under an olive tree to have her pups.  

Two pups died but six had survived.The mum and the one week old pups came to us and we are now getting them all on the road to recovery. 


Five, one week old Yorky cross puppies found in a cupboard box have been successfully hand rear.


We have had lots of mums and kittens found in boxes and dustbins this Year.


We have also returned some lost dogs to their owners because they had a micro chip.


We have homed 30 animals this August.


Our fund raising has to continue so that we can help more animals.


2pm Tuesday 23rd Sept. Lidl's Car park - Coin

A handbag was taken from a car at Lidl's Car park while shopping was being loaded on. It belonged to Janice from the Charity Animals In distress. Apart from loosing her driving license, mobile phone visa and debit card, which a block was put on straight away.

Janice also lost her agenda in her handbag with lots of contact numbers regarding animal work, but the most important thing she lost was money that she had with her to pay animal bills and to purchase food etc for them.

This is tragic and Janice is devastated. She feels very bad because not only does she work 24/7 to try to raise money but also the hard work that her volunteers always put in.

So people beware as this sort of thing is typical in supermarket car parks and Janice was well aware of this, which goes to show how crafty these thief's can be.

'Never think ‘Oh well, it won't happen to me'


There are so many little souls discarded like rubbish every year.
We are a small Charity looking after the welfare of Stray/Abandoned animals in this part of Andalucia. 

We have some wonderful supporters and volunteers and our small network foster homes are indispensable, as we do not have a dog centre with Kennels. The work they do on the animals is wonderful bringing many back from the edge and giving them the confidence that they are lacking to bring out their characters.


Like e.g. Lexi the boxer from the local wood yard who nobody wanted or cared about, her last puppy dead at her side (poisoned) and no one noticed.
She is now spayed and in one of our foster homes enjoying the care, comfort and security she deserves.


Flanagan a 4 week old Brown and white puppy and the only survivor from a bag being thrown out onto the roads edge. He must have fallen out of the bag and survived as the rest of the puppies were dead. He is now confident and a real rascal and is now looking for a loving home. 


Missy was a 10-week old Podenco Andaluz with lovely green eyes and I had to climb up a mountain and down to a riverbed to get to her. Lost and frightened now happy and confident and like so many looking for a kind and loving secure home.

There are so many little souls discarded like rubbish every year and it’s getting worse.

Dogs are being left behind by owners going back to England and even the few that take the dogs with them, some still leave their pet cats behind to fend for themselves and of course they cant because having been a family pet they cannot survive alone.

I know it can be costly to put your dog in kennels for 6 months but if owners think in advance just in case they might have to go back to England then the procedure is simple and no so costly and the animals are always ready to go.
Dogs and horses are locked up or tied up with no food, water or shelter and some never seeing the light of day and living a life of misery.

Things are changing slowly with the new laws that were introduced in 2003 but it’s up to individual that sees any mistreatment or cruelty to first talk to the owner and explain how the animal should be treated or kept.
Don’t forget that if you go to the police and put in a Denuncia they will have to act on it and send out Seprona (Campo Police) especially for horses.

Yes I hear you say ‘Where I live the Police never wants to know and also what about if the animal belongs to my horrible neighbour?’  

Well, then I will say to you to search your conscious!   

Please remember that out here as in many countries, there are no bodies like the R.S.P.C.A. and the police have no power of entry if there’s no one about, so it’s up to the individual to contact the police when there’s someone in the property so that they can act on the Denuncia or Complaint.



Death in Miralmote.
Some of you might have heard of the English lady that was killed by her partner in Miralmonte, Coin a few weeks ago.

You might think what this has to do with us. Well, we were told that the owners had animals and that the police had called the man that works for the Town Hall and he took away the 2 house-dogs. 
This meant certain death after 10 days, as no one knows where this man keeps the dogs that are handed over to the Police? 

This is a subject that I hope to inform you about at another time.
There were also 3 house-cats at the lady’s house. We homed the oldest and the neighbours kept the other 2.

nino and rachelAfter a lot of chasing with the police and also talking to the family of the murdered lady (who arrived from the UK and did not want the dogs), we obtained permission for the dogs to be released to us and we fostered them temporarily with Rachel of Posh Pets

(Photo left - Rachel from Posh Pets Spain with one of the dogs) 


nino and new mumThe good news is that with help from one of our contacts we managed to find a good home for both dogs in Germany and last weekend I took them to Malaga Airport and saw them off to their new life abroad.

(Here is one of them, now called 'Nino' with new owner Christmas 2008)


On a last note, the Registry of Associations have acknowledged our application to become a registered charity in Andalucia and they assure us that we will hear within the next 2 - 3 months, so keep fingers crossed for us.

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