Animals In Distress (A.I.D.)


PLEASE READ ENTIRELY AND I'M BEGGING YOU TO SHARE. 4 ABANDONED DOGSWe are appealing for help at the worst time of year to ask.
*Due to a domestic situation, these 4 good natured dogs have come under our care. We have had them vaccinated, including rabies; brand new passports and a good check over, everything needed doing except neuter. We were pushed but without space we had to put them in paying kennels for nearly two weeks whilst some emergency thinking went on, we have collected them as we cannot afford to keep them there. In the end all we could do was to put all four in one kennel. In the previous kennels two of the dogs had a fight, probably due to stress and resulting on bites in some legs.
We have had to move other dogs around and have now lost our quarantine area, let’s hope we do not get a bad emergency as we will not know where to put another dog. This is not the place for a comment on what has happened regarding why they came to us in the first place, but needless to say they are now away from that situation and we are looking for new homes for them or if possible foster homes also.
Christmas is here and although our shelter is lovely, this is where they will be spending a long time as most people want to adopt a puppy.
They are around 3 years old.
Please help us to help more animals like this, make a donation large or small, it all helps. Please go to this link
For adoption inquiries please PM me or email me at
2 more lucky kittens went to a new home today, MORK & MINDY. Natalie their new mum is holding the crate with the foster mum Karoline Coster Barrett, the blond one next to her She has done a lovely job looking after mum and kittens xx
Blossom the mum, also needs adopting
The story:
Blossom was found by holiday maker in holiday villa giving birth to Mork and his sister. They were taken to foster next morning before boarding flight. The mum has a very lovely personality. Likes humans and the kittens are beautiful and friendly.
For adoption inquiry PM me or email
Location: Alhaurin El Grande, Malaga, Spain
mork mindy blossom
bilbo and new family bilbo at malaga airport
bono is the brother of Bilbo bilbo's new farm life
BILBO went to his forever home in Sweden yesterday and will be joining his brother BONO, which was adopted last May by the same family. They were both at our shelter and originally fostered as pups by Sally Seymour
1st pic, his new owner, he came to collect him.
2nd pic at Malaga airport
3rd pic Bono his brother
4th pic the farm where he will live
Today I had a big smile on my face.
A dog walk as a get together was organized in Belgium for dogs that have been adopted from Animals In Distress (AID). The turn was 30, which was great considering that most of our dogs go to Holland and we are very happy that 208 euros was raised. We thank everyone that turned out including Joyce Poublon and everyone else that helped. We are hoping to do a sponsored dog walk in Holland next year with all the doggies that were also adopted from our charity. Thank you all xx/
dog walk belgium 26.11.2017
Friends of ours found these two boys only 4-day old in a plastic bag while walking along the river edge. This little brown one was dead and the one with the photo/white dog is so far ok and being bottle fed by volunteers. You might say 'Pure evil' and I agree but it is mainly total ignorance and a mentality that goes back centuries here in Spain. I keep trying to educate over here as many people farmers as possible and the schools are doing their best with the younger generation, but when will it end?
My favourite quote says it all:
'If you think education is expensive, try ignorance'
rolf found abandoned

Good morning everyone. They say it never rains but it pours, well these last few weeks it has been chucking it down as far as we are concerned.

1. A couple of starving desperate cases, which we have taken in and are now safe, but we are struggling for space.

2. Two pups in the vet with Parvo, one survived one died after 9 days in the vet and now a big bill to pay.

3. Four x 4-weeks old pups coming in today found in the bin, they will have to go in my living room.

4. But wait for it, the large van we use for collecting and delivering furniture donated to our charity, the clutch has busted, plus engine was losing water from somewhere, which eventually was traced, total 775 Euros. Two days later the engine would no start (always was a slow starter) and everything was checked as ok but they think it’s compression so that mean stripping engine to get to the piston rings. Been quoted by two garages between 1000-2000 Euros depending what they find.

This is a big drain on our charity, which we cannot afford especially now that we have the shelter to pay for every single month. PLEASE help us; any donation large or small will be gratefully received. There are several options in this link

4 dumped puppìes
Last night - This is what hands-on 24/7 animal work is about with my wife Janice after sorting out the charity shop and furniture warehouse as well as all the other problems with both encounter every single day. Come home, not get into comfortable clothes, late lunch, glass of wine and Zzzzzzz on the sofa. Bless her heart xx
jan very tired
VITO gets a forever home in Spain with Tina Marchant friend of our foster home Ann Holloway. He is the last of a large litter and has been with us since last May 2017. Good luck big boy xx
mum and pups simone and mum
Today I went to meet the lady that found the mum and 4 pups, which are about 6 weeks old and they are now under our care at Animals In Distress (A.I.D.). The mum is very nervous but friendly, so a few days of good cuddles will solve that (she is very tiny). Problem is we are limited in foster homes so she has gone to our shelter. She will be well looked after but a family environment would be better. The pups have gone to my already overcrowded foster home. They will probably bit slightly bigger than the mum but should stay small.
1st pic is the 4 pups, the mum is on the right in the cage.
2nd pic is the mum at our shelter.
For adoption inquiry for them or the mum please email or PM me here. Thank you
peter and esperanza simone sabine and esperanza
billy new family
I went to Malaga airport this morning with two more lucky doggies flying to new homes.
1st pic: Esperanza with foster home Peter Maters.
2nd pic: Simone on the left who took care of Billy (black & white dog) at the shelter, in the middle is Sabine who flew over with another volunteer to take the two dogs to meet their new owners at Rotterdam airport and I am on the right.
3rd pic Billy with his new dad.
4th pic Esperanza with her new family.
Thank you to a great team xx
This is Comara - A starving female found collapsed on the side of the road by one of our foster homes. She was able to pick her up and was very friendly. Amazing how some animals just know and are grateful to be saved. We have been to the vet with her and she has a few things wrong with her as you can see nothing that cannot be resolve with love and attention. She will not be up for adoption until she has made a good improvement. She will need good food, treatment and lots of loves. Unfortunately, she will be going to our shelter in a few days time. We will have to squeeze her in somehow and although we look after our dogs very well at the shelter, she would be better off if someone could foster her. Can you help?
If anyone wants to contribute with a donation we will be very grateful. Please go to this link and message me that you have made a donation for Comara. Thank you
starving dog saved by AID
4 of my pups went from Malaga airport last night and flew to Eindhoven, Netherlands to meet their new families and here they are at the arrivals hall. Smarties, Smudge, Quinty & Emilia. Wishing them all a happy future:
And a special thank you to:
SALLY Seymour: who fostered Smarties & Smudge.
PETER Maters: who fostered Quinty & Emilia.
SIMONE Jaspers: who collected the pups and went to airport and got back 5 hours later.
NICOLE Laeven: who was in charge of arranging the adoptions.
ANNABEL Meijers: who flew in Tuesday and escorted the pups back to Neherlands yesterday.
Thank you all that makes this possible xx
donated food donated dog food
A big thank you to Joe from Animals In Distres (A.I.D.) who purchased 2 bales of Alfalfa and bran for our horses as well as 80Kg of dry dog food for our rescue dogs.
Monkey & Ory were part of a large number of dogs that were with Mary Locke Burgess until sadly she passed away. Karoline Coster Barrett a close friend and helper of Mary took it upon herself to try to home all of Mary’s dogs. Monkey and Ory were placed in temporary kennels for a while then in short term foster but could not stay there long and meant putting them in paid kennels, so we said we would take care of them until a forever home could be found. Well several months later we did just that, a home was found, but for both together to a large country property where they have 7000 sq mtrs of fenced area and a further 120 hectares (One million two hundred thousand square mtrs) to play around with. Is that a result or what?. So happy for these two. As well and as happy as they were in our shelter, you cannot beat having your own home and family, so today they start a new life. Good luck to these two lucky doggies monkey and ory finally find a forever home
A happy ending for a brother and sister.
Yari was adopted today and went home to a lovey Dutch family living in Spain with a big shaggy dog. His sister Yara was adopted last week and went to Norway. Good luck little ones and thank you Peter Maters for fostering the pups
YARI  has his forever home

It is about looking after stray, abused, abandoned dogs and making sure they have everything they need, so as to make their live as comfortable and as happy as possible until we find them a forever home. We do not wait until a dog is adopted before we provide essential care. All our dogs have a health check, vaccinations including rabies vaccs, worming, chip, EU passport and castrated/sterilized if old enough. Also monthly pipettes against fleas, ticks and Leishmania.

We never give a dog FREE TO A GOOD HOME, when we have an adoption, we ask for an adoption fee of 200 Euros to cover some of the cost involved in the above, and our charity shop tries to pay the shortfall including food, medicines, accidents like broken legs/shoulders, bad cases of Leishmaniasis…you name it.

Whenever possible we also help individual people that have low or no income but take in and help stray dogs. We also have to find the funds to pay running expenses like shop rents, vehicles, accountants and more as well as pay rent for the dog shelter and its grounds and that have to be done every month as well as electricity and maintenance whether the funds are in or not.

The shelter cannot run on love alone. We give our time 24/7 for the animals with no wages, simply for the love we see in the animal’s eyes when they know they are being helped and loved and taken away from what sometimes is horrific situations. So please help us by shopping at our charity shop, donating goods, raising funds, sponsoring our dogs & cats and helping in any other way you can.

If you go to this link you can donate as little or as much as you like as well as making direct debits. By asking YOU to commit to donate just 2 euros per month. YOU will be saving a life. Thank you

Approximate dog costs to the charity:
15€ parasite treatment
45€ passport, micro chip & rabies
14€ 2nd rabies
55€ for 5 part blood test e.g. Leishmania etc
70-90€ male castrations
80-120€ female sterilizing

Total Cost to us per dog.
209€ to 219€ per male depending on weight
219€ to 239€ per female depending on weight
This does not include food, illness, road accidents etc...

1st pic: The simplest pleasures, two concrete tunnels to rest on top of or play with
2nd pic: Out for their daily walks with kind volunteers
3rd pic: The additional play/holding area while they wait for their walks and whilst the kennels are being cleaned.
4th pic. Clean kennels for sleeping only as the dogs are always out

I went to the airport this morning and took Perdo/Brown/white pup) to his new family Ingrid Cruts who flew over to see him and fly him back to the Netherlands. He was fostered by Peter Maters (2nd pic). Also a big thank you to Joanne Smart for taking good care of Jacky (black dog) which arrived today and met his new family in the UK. They were here on holidays and came to the shelter to see another dog but fell in love with Jacky and he was adopted.This also great news as we have other doggies waiting to come into our care. Thank you everyone xx
Clarens will now be another of our long term dogs.
This is his story:
A couple of months ago Clarens was found on the side of the road, he had given up. He had a hole in the leg that was infected and limped when he got up, so he went on antibiotics. The bite or whatever it was went through his skin, through the muscle and into the bone. He is 7 years old, very thin, very bad teeth and was full of tics and fleas and was eventually going to our shelter but we now have a foster for him where his life will be quieter. Please help us to help him, Sponsor Clarens by going to this link:…
clarence - long term dog with A.I.D.
yara quino
1st pic: Yara was adopted and collected by her new family and is flying with them to Norway today.
2nd pic: Quino yesterday with foster home Peter Maters saying goodbye.
Yesterday we saw the arrival of Gillian Pyper & her daughter Anna. They have come to stay at the shelter for one week to help out with feeding, walking, socialising our rescued dogs. There was a big surprise in store when she told me she did some fundraising in the UK and presented me with 650 Euros to help the charity with the animals at the shelter. What a great Sunday because apart from that, 2 more lucky doggies from my foster home Peter Maters went to new families in Norway & Holland. Thank you to all the lovely people that help us to help of these little souls that come into our care xx GILLIAN AND ANNA VOLUNTEERS
This little thing was found yesterday inside the rubbish containers. People can be so heartless It’s in foster with the lady that found it. She thinks 4 weeks old and not sure on sex but will be going this morning to the vet. This is a lovely kitten. For adoption inquiry please PM me or email me at bobby
zack jane

These are the three latest additions to our all missyready full shelter. 1st photo: Zack, part of a litter of 5 GSD pups. 4 were rescued when only a few weeks old from an ignorant campesino (what I call him) Marc Smalley managed to persuade him to hand it over. He was thin, smelly etc.. He has had a good feed and a shampoo at the shelter.

2nd photo: Jane, a young female GSD found today by the side of the road near our shelter. Very friendly.

3rd photo: Missie, 6-8 months old. The people that found her a couple of months ago, were due to go to UK but could not leave her so they took her to the vet as she was in a bad condition and now they were looking for a home for her, so we took her in today.
For adoption inquiries please go to:
Please help us to help them, any donations will be gratefully received.
Go to

Dillon & Dixie arrived well to their new family in UK. Thank you once again Debbie Cobbett for adopting them and for Joanne Smart of Smart Pets for getting there safely xx
For those of you that don't know Joanne, she is the lovely lady on the right the pic
jan & Joe from AID
Famous at last, lol

I have been asked to help a dog that was under a car. Very thin, with blood from her eyes, long nails and swollen feet. My vet has cleaned her up etc and did a quick leishmania test and she is positive, but has not affected anything else in her as we also did the other tests.
She is under treatment for the leishmaniasis, which is quite expensive as well as taking Alopurinol tables from the farmacy, which are not expensive.
Can anyone offer her a forever home? Contact She is a lovely girl and very friendly. Might be 3-4 years old? The bill at the moment will be around 200 euros. Please help with a donation, any amount will help if we all give a little. Thank you

abandoned and suffering
This morning I took the little old girl Nina to Malaga airport where Jaana Kärnä & Juha (her new mum & dad) flew over from Finland to escort her back as well as 2 doggies from 4 Paws and 1 from FAMA.
Nina was fostered by Simone Japers Peter Maters
1st photo is Peter saying goodbye to Nina. 2nd photo is of Jaana with Nina and Stacey Lloyd with the 3 doggies. A big thank you to Jaana for adopting Nina and flying out the other doggies and everyone else involved xx
nna on the left
sooty sweep
We took in these two sisters, Sooty and Sweep, which were found a couple of weeks ago. They are now adopted and will be going to a new home together in about 3 weeks times. Lucky girls
emma found abandoned emma found abandoned
A lady contacted me today, she had a dog following her so she came to us because later on she was going by bus to Alhaurin de la Torre, Malaga and did not know what to do with the dog. We are very pushed for room but what could we do? We met her and surprise, surprise, no chip. The dog’s coat is very bad as you can see and will be getting a groom asap. Get so fed up with people not chipping their animals. I won’t mention if it’s a boy or girl or what distinguishing marks, but if you are the owner of this dog and cannot show what has been done to it, please note I will make you pay for the grooming, passport, chip, health check, vaccination inc rabies and anything else I will be doing to the dog. Grunt over, lol
new play area new outside pens
kennel exit to play area land before
We have rented the land next door and built a second play area for our dogs to have more freedom whilst their kennels are cleaned and whilst other dogs are walked and have play time, so now all the dogs are out, except between 1pm and 4 pm when it is their siesta time. Last photo was when we first took over that piece of land. We have installed fencing with 4m entrance gate and fenced areas for the dogs, as well as cut out doorway with built steps, which lead from the kennels to the new play area so the dogs cannot escape. We still have bills to be met, so please help us where you can by donation via this link: help us to help the animals that come under our care. You can also make a difference to their lives. Thank you
He is now just under 6 months old and came to us as a pup.
He has now gone to a lovely couple from Canada, that have come to settle in Spain. Photos from today at the shelter and from last May with foster dad Peter Maters
Viggo's story:
Someone found a Mastin cross mum and took her in. Little did he know at the time that she was pregnant. He has managed to home some of the pups except for 3, so he contacted us and we took them in, and they are now under our care. The mum is being sterilised.
viggo is adopted
donated food donated food
2 parcels arrived last week from the very kind Birgit Bibi Linssen and the volunteers at Bibi & friends for paws There was dog food, sprays, flea drops etc... Which will help our charity funds. Thank you to all the helped to make this possible. These people are great and they help us very often as well as other charities like Apariv in Malaga xx
woody esteban
Tonight, Woody and Esteban flew to the Netherlands.
Woody's adoptant flew to malaga yesterday to take him home today. He is also the flight escortfor Esteban, where in eindhoven his family is waiting for him.
Woody was one of the last pups of three who was adopted. The pups were found in a shopping bag on the tree near a dumpster. Fortunately, they were found in time.
Woody was in daycare with Karen Hawkins

Esteban is one of the three "Whitey" that we took from a farmer with an overcrowded piece of land in a farm.
He's been in foster care with Peter maters and Simone Jaspers

Another big thank you to our family!

Good luck dear Woody, good luck Esteban. It's going to be all right and let's hear something in the group of animals in distress happy endings.

Mona was collected today by her new family and will be going to live in Holland in a couple of weeks. Her family will be driving her back. Mona has been fostered by Sally Seymour and we thank her for all the help with all the dogs she is fostering for us xx

mona has been adopted
chico was abandoned chico was adopted
This is Chico when he was found about 8 months ago and 2nd pic from a couple of months later. TOMORROW HE WILL BE GOING TO HIS NEW HOME IN THE UK.
He is about 4 years old and this was his story:
Chico is a tiny dog of only 33cm. He was found outside someone's home, very thin and starving and judging by his scars, looks like he had a rough life. He must have had a family at one time or another. This dog simply wants to cuddle with you all the time, on your lap, sofa or bed, a nice little companion that you can take with you anywhere
balou starving balou abandoned
balou injury balou n foster care
Balou (we think 7 years old) was found on the side of the road, would not move and was starving. He had given up Hardly any front teeth, which had either been knocked out or simply been reduced to the gums though eating/chewing stones. When he eventually got up, he was limping badly and had a swollen leg. We asked the people to take it to our vet. Results were one single and infected puncture wound, probably caused by a piece of metal or wood or something very sharp. It had punctured the skin, gone into the muscle and into the bone. He was treated and went to my foster home (Peter Maters) with antibiotics. Last photo some days later. Please help us to be able to help more cases like this. Please make a donation via this link
peter & karen
Jan and I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Karen Hawkins and Peter Hayes for their Moroccan Trek all the way up to Mount Toubkal to raise funds for our charity. What made it more formidable is that they did it during our recent heat wave.
They managed to raise 491€ just before they went on the trek, which they sent to us straight away and today we had a lovely surprise, they gave us an additional 300€, that’s 791€ they managed to raise, is that not superb or what?
This amount will help to pay off completely the outstanding balance at our vet of the two operations performed on the Husky that had been run over and which cost 1200€ and there is still further work to be done on him in the near future.
Things don’t end here; this lovely couple have also been fostering for our charity and have actually adopted some of our dogs. Latest being Faya, which they called Bella (see pic).Thank you for all you have both done to help the doggies we rescue xx
nina now recored compltelely nina
Nina who is at least 9 years old, will be flying to Finland late September.
1st photo of Nina recently.
2nd & 3rd photo of when she was rescued.
The story:
People found her collapsed and in shock in front of their car when they came back from walking their dog in the woods. She was badly injured and in need of emergency treatment. She was taken to our vet and was operated on. Now fully fit, this old girl, which is extra friendly just wants to love you. She deserves her own family for her remaining years
Sissy is now 14 months old and she has finally been adopted and will be flying this Friday and meeting her new family. She was originally in our foster home with Sally Seymour and has spent the last few months in our shelter.
This is her story:
Sissy was abandoned outside someones house at 8 weeks old. She is friendly and active, full of fun. This little girl been with us a long time and deserves a new and better start to her life. She needs her own family, Can you find it in your heart to give her a forever home?
These two brothers. Dave (left) & Chas (right) are about 2.5years old. They were found when they were about 12 months old and were put into foster care where they stayed for nearly a year. Due to circumstances they were moved to our shelter about 4 months ago and we have been waiting for at least one of them to be homed eventually? Well guess what? both have found a forever home and they are both staying together His & hers lovelyyyyyy Dave & Chas

We reached a total of 412€ towards the Husky operation.husky operations I attach photo of the bill from the vet (1119.65€), so you can see we need extra help
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE donate what you can and help us to help more of them

Important UPDATE about The dogs my wife found hit by traffic nearly two weeks ago.* The Husky who we call Jacob is finally out of the hospital and is now in our quarantine area at the shelter. This is Not the best solution but I have nowhere else to put him, our foster homes are full and Jacob could really use some home comforts but it is as it is. Jacobs ball joint was put back in place and the break on his other leg has been repaired and has a plate inserted. Jacob is in some pain at the moment so he needs rest and quiet, which will be difficult at the shelter, I'd love an offer of rehabilitation locally where I can come and discuss if you can offer what Jacob needs. *importantly I want to thank the few people that donated towards him and the Mastin and in particular Lorna Barford, which with her generous donation. We reached a total of 412 Euros towards the Husky operation. I attach photo of the bill from the vet (1119.65€), so you can see we need extra help. Also the photos of when we picked him up after his accident, the x.ray of the brake, the inserted plate and when he was collected after his long stay at the vet all detailed in the bill. What choice did we Have but to leave him? No. It's not the AID way. We appreciate your reading, sharing and support. *liking this post also will increase its ranking and more people will see. As always I'll update you as and when donations towards this bill are received.
Best wishes to you all, Joe
Here is the bill breakdown in English for the husky (Jacob):
23.50 Consultation
25.00 x-ray
22.00 Leishmania blood test
33.50 4 part blood test
10.50 Flea/tick tablet
309.00 Hip surgery
388.00 Implant surgery
84.15 Castration
224.00 Hospitalisation 10 days
1119.65 Total inc IVA

See X-Rays and bill below:

Heartbreak never gets easier. Sorry if this upsets you. It tares us apart. Whilst I might have been on top of the world yesterday because we had several beautiful and safe dogs adopted but today is a very different story. Beginning with us still having no sign of the injured black dog that was sighted yesterday morning in Sierra Gorda Coin.
Later this morning we recieved a call that a Mastin dog is on the side of the road, so we asked th people to please take it to our vet, which they kindly did. The Mastin is in pain but at the moment the vet cannot find anything yet, he is on the thin side and very hungry (might get some pics later on of the Mastin).
Then 30 minutes later, my wife calls me crying, there are two dogs dead/injured on the road, I was with my vet at home doing lots of vaccine updates of our dogs, so Simone Jaspers our shelter manager went to help her. The dogs were on the A555 on the left hand side going from the Alhaurin/Coin exit towards the main roundabout that goes to Coin/La Trocha & Cartama.
Such a heart breaking sight!!! a once beautiful Shepherd now lay dead and judging by the damage, we reckon a lorry has gone over it and a Husky type not moving but injured, still alive, there's a chance we can help I hope . Sadly we could not find a chip on the Shepherd but there was one on the Husky. He was rushed to the vet but the chip was under a vet’s name, (a long story) and will now be put under our name. He has a rear leg broken in two places.
FRIENDS!! apart from the fact we are running out of space, these sort of things have to be paid for and we are begging you to please donate so we can carry on helping animals. These situations are not ignored and we do not drive straight past these accidents like a lot of people do as they don’t want to get involved. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE donate what you can and help us to help more of them

Last night, more lucky ones went to Rotterdam to meet their new families.
1st pic the kind flight volunteers at Malaga airport,
2nd pic is Hettie with her new family in Rotterdam.
3rd pic is Elijah with his new family in Rotterdam.
Thank you all and to all the doggies have a long and happy life xx






hettie & Elijah with volunteers
hettie elijah
Pedro was found lost in the unmade country lane leading to our house. pedroThere was no other pups or mum around the area that we could see? He had a Parvo test and was negative, we also gave him flea and tic treatment and removed all the dirt in his coat and he has come up lovely. What a beautiful boy he is. We think he will be medium to large. He is being fostered by Peter Maters.
The Mastin found this morning now called Balou, has a hole in the leg that is infected that is why he was limping when he got up. so is on antibiotics. 7 years old, very thin, very bad teeth, full of tics and fleas and will eventually go to our shelter. We are having to sort things around and we are full and the Husky will be next after his operation.
Busy day running in this heat, but this afternoon had it's rewards, someone phoned me LOUISand wants to see a brother and sister tomorrow so fingers crossed. And later today I did the official handing over of Louis to Bernard Forbes (in the middle).
Louis (right) is going home with Frida (left). They hit it off straight away when they met a few weeks ago. Louis has been fostered by Yvonne Pownall and I thank her for taking good care of him.
Here is Louis story:
This young male was brought to our attention by a couple that have been feeding him every day to get him away from a bad situation, names and place cannot be mentioned due to some possible danger to the couple. He was full of ticks and very thin. Louis is now in a foster home. He is gentle, walks on the leash and will be a good family member
Musings on a quiet Saturday night

With Abby at my feet and the other dogs who sleep in the living room, I take the time to read the newsletters of the website. Then you see how much work has been done since day and night in all these years. Sometimes I see a picture plus a puppy's name, which is now a young adult dog at the shelter. (like Marc in the photo) or fanta and many others.
As Coordinator house calls, I get most of the people who are interested in one of our new pups. And that's fine. If this is a deliberate choice and of course.. They deserve to grow up in a family as a full-fledged family member. And if you're going to read and read in the newsletter, Marc, Fanta, Mika, Woody and others were once those pups we tried to show them to everyone. They grew up in foster care in the first months of their lives in foster care and some of them live now at the shelter further (Note: also at the shelter does everyone's best to give as much attention as possible, rest and regularity and a walk For the dogs there)
Take a look at our website under heading newsletter or English newsletter, the admiration for the many work and the life that is in service for the dogs after being rescued to give the best possible new start to the Adoption: DEEP RESPECT!!!

Written by: Nicole Meijers-Laeven
marc abby
JULY 2017
simone jaspers at malaga airport nicole laeven and ruffles
tessy and senna caddy
Early start this morning. Simone Jaspers and I went in two cars to Malaga airport. 3 doggies and 1 cat on their way to Eindhoven airport, Holland to meet their new families. The very kind Nicole Laeven (holding the cat box) flew over a few days ago and is escorting them on the plane along with her daughter Inez who came a few days earlier and both also helped at our shelter during their stay.
The animals were Tessy a Mastin cross fostered by Peter Maters.
In the box with her is Senna her friend and in the other box Caddy (black) from our shelter.
In the cabin was little Ruffles, a Siamese cross Kitten.
We have all done our best and we wish them a long and happy future. Now we move on to the next lot. two dogs to the UK on 9th August and 1 staying in Spain
Bella & Lucia arrived well at Eindhoven airport, Holland and here they are with their new families. More lucky doggies will be flying on the 29th bella & lucia arrived weel at Eindhoven

Today I went to visit Nala who’s currently recovering from her surgery at Toine and nal operation went wellMieke’s house. Obviously I brought a bag full of treats, de-worming tablets and Adventix, which were all donated by de Facebook group Bibi & Friends For Paws. Thank you Bibi, for also raising €400,00 for Nala’s surgery.

Normally when she hears someone coming she immediately runs towards the gate but not this time. Probably because I was the one taking her to the vet the last couple of times . She even stayed on her bed when she saw me. Thankfully this didn’t last long and there she was, coming outside. She’s doing much better now; her ribs aren’t sticking out anymore and she’s even walking. We went for a short walk outside and she’s already trying to use her leg. We do have to keep in mind that it can take 3 to 6 months before she’s fully recovered, but this does not mean that she won’t be adopted. There has to be someone out there who would love this lovely face?

Now that her wounds are healed we can start with the hydrotherapy but she doesn’t like the swimming pool even though she loved to go into the little pool at the shelter. She is resisting so much that her hip starts to hurt, which obviously isn’t fully healed yet, and she even scratches the person carrying her into the water. This is something we have to work on and we would love to hear any advice or tips on doing so?

She will be going back to the vet for a checkup in the upcoming week and we hope there will be good news.

On behalf of Nala we would like to thank everyone who made a donation to get her back on her feet again. Her surgery was paid with these donations and whatever is left of it will be going to her rehabilitation; this includes bone strengthening food, transport costs for the vet etc. This is Nala, walking quite well now For inquiries please contact me at

We have 15 floors to concrete in the kennels at the shelter. They are uneven, have cracks, hard to disinfect and hard to get the water etc to run away. Our thanks go to Damien Verhoeven (on the right) for the kind donation of 500 Euros, which he handed to our foster home Peter Maters the other week and it was towards getting started on at least 4 of the kennels. Four have been done and here is a photo of two (before and after). Damien is the son of one of our supporters and flight volunteer Shireen foe ooms. We thank them both for their generous support to our charity donation for kennel floors
3 pups *only a few days old* were abandoned in a rubbish container. One did not make it but Smarties (brown white female) and her brother Smudge (black one) survived and after having puppy milk every 2-3 hours for a couple of weeks and taking good care of them, they were no longer in danger and they are now very healthy. We are still not sure what size or breed they will be. They are now 5 weeks old (photosare from last week when they were 4 weeks old) For adoption inquiry please PM me or email
smarties smudge

*We have an URGENT situation with 18 young dogs living with their Spanish farmer owner who has hit hard times and all of the dogs need sterilizing and neutering URGENTLY to protect them from producing more litters. 9 females, 4 males and there are also older pups far too young to operate as well as 5 that need to be homed asap. If the females get pregnant now, there is 55 potential pups to be born and then what?

I am begging you to help. I cannot do this alone.
We are quoted 1200 euros to get this done, which is fantastic.
BUT it's 1200 euros that AID does not have.
If I set up a fundrazr, it will charge 5 per cent.

Help me stop the risk of hundreds of unwanted puppies being born in this situation by donating to our bank account or Pay pal choosing friends and family.
Both methods of payment can be found here:

I will declare a running tally daily of this special fundraiser and everyone will receive a confirmation of thanks by email.
I'm exhausted and praying we get support in this.
Thank you in advance Joe.


We have several Podencos in need of loving families. Some have been looking for a home for a long time. Could you be the one for them?
Please read these notes:
The Podenco is a breed of dog very loyal and affectionate with which if you are of those who like to go running or to take long walks ... you will enjoy. It is an animal that likes to stay very active, and loves to learn new things. So, if you are looking for a partner who shares your hobby with the sport, this is a race that I recommend you take very seriously. Then you will know how the Podenco is.

"Podenco" is the name given to a hunting dog of ancient origin, specifically believed to come from Ancient Egypt. Its appearance is rather reminiscent of a jackal, or the image of the Egyptian god Anubis that we can see in the tombs of the pharaohs.
Their body, thin, athletic, with ears raised and finished in tip and their tail, which measures almost half that their back, and their weight of between 20 and 26kg.

He is a very restless, but independent dog. He does not like to spend much time alone, but if he is given something to do - a Kong, for example, so he can bite him - he will have a great time. In addition, it must be said that it is an animal that, at home, gets along well with everyone, but when it comes to work you will only listen to his/her main trainer.

To help us carry on with our work please go to this link

podencos for adoption
A little adventure with a great consequence 🐾

Lola, a dog who went on the road today to a loving family!

At the end of last week, I got a call from Simone, " can you run a flight for Lola? " I had to think about that. " Annabel!!!" she can come and get lola." and so on. Three days later, I put my daughter, who is flying solo on the plane in Antwerp to malaga. Today she flew back and I was able to hand her lola over to Diana and Paul.

And if you read Lola's past:
A dog who had nothing else to do than lie on the chain to guard an area in alhaurin el grande, Malaga Spain. If anyone looked at her, she'd get some food with her next to her. With the help of the police, we managed to save her.

And yet..... despite her barren past, Lola is a friendly dog who has not lost her faith in man. I saw this with my own eyes tonight. With the tiring and certainly impressive journey she just had, it did not stop her from coming out of the reisbench and accepting the aaitjes of us.

Paul and Diana are going to have a fine dog in the house. And where Joe in the English version on Facebook writes about Annabel and me
(thank you for this) I would like to say to Dylan Jaspers, the son of Simone a big thank you, Dylan, you did a fine job training Lola! Thanks to Dylan, Lola has been well trained, full of trust on the line, becoming a dog that we have been able to transfer with due pride to the adoptive.

Nicole x
LOUIS is about 7 months old (born we guess 1.12.2016) This young male was brought to our attention by a couple that have been feeding him every day to get him away from a bad situation, names and place cannot be mentioned due to some possible danger to the couple. We met then at the surgery and got the vet to see to his paw because he did have a spike or object between his toes, which the couple removed and the vet has now treated the area and Lui is now on antibiotics for a week. He was also full of ticks, which have now been removed. Lui is now in foster with Yvonne Pownall for which we thank her as there was nowhere else to put him, She in this short video, which I did at the vet surgery
JUNE 2017
I went to Malaga airport early this morning along with Peter Maters with 4 more lucky doggies. Toro, Telsa, Shaba & Rico. Peter and Simone Japersfostered the 4 dogs and this morning he is escorting them to Rotherdam to meet their new families. We need help to carry on with these lovely happenings. Yes we do ask for an adoption fee, but it does not cover everything that has been done to the dogs to get them ready for a new family, also the 60 euros per box to go on the plane, also the airfare, also the running around collecting the travel boxes and then paying the airline to bring them back with the escort etc... so please help where you can, every euro helps:
telsa toro
rico shaba
rescue dogs meet new families  
Here is Suzanne Logan Lloyd, she is over in Spain for a few days and today she came along with Teresa and socialised with our dogs at our shelter and gave them little snacks. Well, did she make friends quickly or what? lol. Thank you xx suzanne logan lloyd socialising the AID dogs
This time another BIG THANK YOU to some of the kind people that take our shelter dogs out for a walk and or socialise them. No matter how much time they can spare, it's all good for the doggies. Hans Kanen, Jane & David, Formy and Anne Coyle
hans kanen
jane and david
anne coyle
.A BIG THANK YOU to Michelle Kellett and Ruby that come to the shelter every week to help with our rescued dogs. It makes such a different to see these doggies so happy, their little faced light up when they see volunteers come in to play, socialise or walk. Our thanks also to George Fifield, (also in the video), who came last Monday from the UK and is staying for a week in our cabin and helping with the dogs.
Due to this early hot weather, one of our four outside kennels which we fitted with a new roof, has now been turned into a paddling pool for the dogs, we laid concrete down and sealed the floor and edges and put a drainage pipe. Volunteers are thin on the ground so we are having to pay for jobs to be done. Please help us to make life better for our rescue dogs, if you can donate any amount towards these jobs it will help a lot. Go to this link for Paypal or bank transfer, or simply pay direct to Paypal to and enter *Shelter*
A BIG THANK YOU to the AID Team. Without them we could not help as many animals as we do every single day. From the top of the list to the bottom and also to those not mentioned, you are all wonderful in your own way.
24/7, no pay, aggravation, sadness, happiness, you name it is all there.
Here is their role:
Photo frame can only work on 15 pics, so I am in there twice lol
The AID team
OK, OK so I have a black coat, so what? All I want you to do is meet me and I will change your mind. I was born just 5 months ago 9.01.2017 and I wont be very big. Please PM me.
My name is Jacky and I'm just 29cm tall!
Do you think I'm worth it?
Here is my page:

So pleased that the concrete tunnels I brought for the dog's play area are being used. Rodney has made himself at home already





rodney in tunnel
We want to thank Birgit Bibi Linssen of bibi & friends for paws for her generous donation of 200 euros towards some of the cost of our quarantine kennel, which is now finished. If anyone wishes to contribute no matter what amount, it will be gratefully received. Please go to this link photos of before and after. It just needs a good wipe, with disinfectant then we will put in a warm bed, food and water bowl. The floor was concreted with slope both ways towards the water outlet, then non slip tiles added and grouted
MAY 2017  
Someone found a Mastin cross mum and took her in. Little did he know at the time that she was pregnant. He has managed to home some but not these three, so a few days ago he contacted us and we took them in, so they are now under our care. The mum is being sterilised. Vienna, Vito & Viggo, approx 8-9 weeks old. Can you find it in your heart to give these lovelies a forever home? vienna
vito viggo
Today the lovely TARA was finally adopted. She was part of a litter of Mastin cross pups. All her brothers and sisters had already been adopted and will be traveling soon. Tara is staying in Spain .
This is her story:
The mum and very young pups were taken away from a bad farmer that did not want them and would kick the mum now and then. Our foster home Simone Jaspers & Peter Maters have done a good job with the pups
tara beauty and pups
The A.I.D. Shelter is *not* open to the public. For the sake of the dogs, we keep disruptions to the minimum. The shelter has volunteers with a routine. The dogs are fed, cleaned and taken out for playtime, socialising and walked. They rest between 13.00hrs-16.00hrs, then they come out for the same routine. If you are thinking of adopting an *adult* dog and wish to meet, then a visit can be arranged between 11.00-12.00 or 17.00-19.00. Pups are in foster care so appointments need to be made (0034)626942427
NALA (White female) & JIMMY (Grey male):
We think they were dumped from a car into a field because they stayed there for a few days and never went anywhere. Our friends fed them for a while but the shepherd came with the sheep and his Spanish Mastin and these two dogs decided to go. They came back later on and then we were called, somehow we had to find room in our shelter, which is now very full, but they are now safe and fed. As you can see NALA needs some catching up with her body weight. These two will soon be tested for Leishmaniasis and other Mediterranean diseases. Please help where you can by sharing, adopting and or donating towards cases like this
nala abandoned jimmy abandoned
Another lucky doggy to to his forever home tonight. Hugo was originally hit by a car outside the fruit market in Alhaurin el Grande, Malaga and was brought to us (no chip) the x-ray should nothing so he was such a lucky boy. Here he is at Malaga airport with our friends that are acting as escorts and flying him to his new family hugo
Another 'feel good' weekend with two adoptions :)
FIRST: Blossom, a 2-year old little girl that was found in the street with no chip. She limps on one of her rear legs and after x-ray it turns out to be an old injury that nobody did anything to repair it, pfff. Well, today she was adopted and gone to a very lovely family where she will have lots of cuddles and personal love :)
SECOND: Two Waterdogs Yana and her brother Yari were found in a box outside a butcher in Villa Franco not long ago and have been with our foster home Simone Jaspers and Peter Maters. Today Yana was adopted and she will be collected next Wednesday and Yori will also be with his new mum on the same day
blossom yana
A nice surprise the other day. Paws transport services in Alhaurin el Grande, delivered a dog to UK to a lady that runs a rescue and lots of people had been kind and donated food for all needy dogs here in Spain and this is what A.I.D. received (see pic).
Many thanks Diana of
paes transport services alhaurin
Big smiles today because we had two different people give us some food donations and other items, which I will be posting on here later on. Also this morning, Jan & I met Ala Nichollsfrom Rambling with Al, it was at the AID second Han Furniture Warehouse in Alhaurin el Grande. It was to receive our share of the charity walk on 6th May, which raised an amazing 3700 euros, which was shared equally amongst the 4 charities. He gave us our share which was a magnificent 925 euros. This is really helpful and will go towards the building costs of our new dog shelter, which so far has cost 10.000 euros in building materials etc... and we are now only short by 3,000 euros. A BIG THANK YOU from Animals In Distress (A.I.D.) to Alan Nichols, the walkers, the sponsors and the volunteers on the day sponsored walk - Rambling Al


Little Anthony (now called Finn) left on a 5 hour drive today to his forever home in Alicante, Spain where he will meet his new mum Katrina Simmonds.
1st pic is of him with his foster mum Jacqueline Annot.
2nd pic is of Simone Jaspersa very valuable person to our charity then Finn then Lauren who along with Stefan Moverley(The Animal Mover) took the pup and others to their new families in Spain. Good luck and a happy long life to them as well as Finn and thank you to all involved xx
I went to Malaga airport this morning with Simone Jaspers and Madeleine Jager. Madeleine flew over yesterday to collect the 4 dogs and take them back to Eindhoven, Holland to meet their new families today. 2nd pic is Bear at the front and Bango, both fostered by Sally Seymour. 3rd pic is Sausage, fostered by Gordon Wainright and 4th is Lizzy fostered by Simone Jaspers. Thank you all xx asopted dogs
APRIL 2017

We are so grateful as all of a sudden several donations have come through this week but today, was a big help:

Julie Barrettrainer at 'FIT dogs' sold their van in the UK and gave us a donation of 575 euros as well brand new dog and cat beds. They also brought along a box full of harnesses, leads, balls etc for the dogs at our new shelter and fluorescence waterproof doggie coats (seen in the photo).
On top of this, Sabrina Hope of 'Coin Dog Training' called me to give me the final figure for the dog walk she arranged for Animals In Distress (A.I.D.) as well as for a lady that has too many animals and that AID also helps. Sabrina’s dog walk raised 650 Euros of which 150 went to pay this lady’s vet bill and the 500 Euro balance went to AID, of which we will also be giving 50-100 euros of dog food to this lady.

We are so grateful to them and all others that donate when they can to us and to other charities to help animals in one way or another. Thank you all xx

donation to AID
donation to AID
donation to AID
donation to AID
This morning in the pound took a visitor, a dylan volunter for AIDnumber of photos and was observing the work of two constant volunteers (1 came after breakfast).
1. A group of dogs coming in the playing area and is monitored.
2. are now being cleaned their kennels.
3. Some of the dogs go out on a walk
4. Visitor was making coffee and doing the monitoring to ensure that 2 volunteers can clean up and walk. There is in the morning to a need for a minimum of 3 people. 4 would be amazing to be good.
5. The visitor also walks with some dogs.
6. The visitor admired the dedicated routine fully. The 3 time that each group came out to play. The interaction with and between dogs and humans. The worship of dog to humans and back.
7. The visitor is on her 3th visit is incredibly impressed with how the dogs routine. They're coming out, they play, they go back and swap with their friends.
8. The Visitor's day next weekend with a twist in the secondhand shop but also comes back to the pound to walk the dogs to play, but also to the kennels to clean. All these continuity is preparing the dogs for their future life.
To help us with more permanent to find volunteers for our new schelter near Malaga.
This was written by our visitor for publication.

* we got at the pound a cabin which is equipped with a sleep part, shower / toilet and a kitchen. Ideal for when you get a week or more want to come help us. Only you're not there because there is 24/7 anyone here who also lives on the premises. For Info: José Safont Ruiz (0034) 626942427
AID DOG WALK 22.04.2017Today I went to take pictures of the dog walk and to thank the people who walked with me. The hike was to raise money for animals in distress (A.I.D.) and also for another organization that we support. I want to thank sabrina hope for the time to make the event for both rescues to organise and as soon as the results of the sponsorship come in will announce the total Sabrina. 1nd photo is of the people who have their doggies, took 2th Sabrina, 3th of me and my reception mama Sally Seymour with Sparky, one of my dogs that she has adopted, 4th is las amigas gastro bar, where the dog walk walk started and ended, and the rest of his photo Photos of the participants.
If you wanted too, but you couldn't come? Here you can still make a donation:

Hi friends. As you can see, we're working on improving our social media presence to benefit our animals welfare and home seeking.
We aren't a new charity, we were officially recognised with charity status in 2008.
We were helping animals here in Andalucia for the previous ten years since we arrived in '98.
We ARE a new shelter.

During the early years we had a shelter in Monda but a lack of volunteers and i had a fall, doing it alone forced us to close. We have continued to work with a small foster network and the funds we raise in the shops pays for vet bills and food not only for our rescued dogs and cats but we help people with animals who have found themselves in trouble with finances, aided them to keep their loved pets, move countries with their pets and in emergency situations with vets.
New, younger people have been helping us with fostering and awareness and persuaded us we need the shelter, they're so right!
We're working really hard. We aren't so young anymore so very much are relying on the work of the enthusiastic animal loving volunteer workers to make this work BUT they and we can't do it alone.
We're receiving the odd visitor on a regular basis now to help with socialising.
We've got new friends out asking everyone they meet for beds or items to make the shelter homely.
We truly need to grow our network of individuals and home finders to help the animals inland of Coin and surrounding villages who find themselves abandoned. We desperately need regular volunteers at the shelter to help with its upkeep and care of the dogs.
We've got a lovely, clean and homely cabin with modern fittings for people to stay for a month or a week if visiting from afar. You could bring a friend because there are wide, comfy bunk beds, toilet, shower, kitchen/living room with fridge freezer, microwave, coffee maker, table /chairs, WIFI etc. You would never be there alone, always someone stays in the caravan inside the grounds too.

Our dog shelter is in Malaga in a beautiful part of Southern Spain.

We're ready to embrace your love of animals and make it as comfortable as we can whether for a day each week or for a longer stay.

We also need volunteers in the shop in the high street in Alhaurin el Grande.
Fundraisers are rare. Could you help with this in any way? Why not arrange a visit to our shelter and see who you would be helping.
Thanks for reading , liking, sharing and hopefully volunteering in some way.

For further details tel: José Safont Ruiz (0034)626942427

some of our adopted dogs with their families


So many abandoned pups to take care off, pfff.
At first it's puppy milk every 2-3 hours then as they are older like Bonnie in the video, he is getting it at wider intervals. So pleased I have a very good foster home looking after the very young pups that have been abandoned by rubbish containers or down by the rivers edge. Some people are so heartless. We have to get expensive puppy milk, help them to do their jobbies by stimulating them, do Parvo tests and quarantine from others. Not many people are cut out for this sort of work, so we are very gratefull for the ones that can :) Please help us to help more by making a donation via this link:


These are just a few of the HUNDREDS of dogs that Peter Maters & Simon Jaspers have fostered for Animals In Distress (A.I.D.) also arranging the adoptions in Holland & Belgium, sometimes flying them to their new families and also giving 100% commitment in our new shelter. They bring the word *VOLUNTEER* to a new level xxx
Here I am with Balto & Britt on my way to Malaga airport last night. Photo is Kelsy, on of our regular flight volunteers that came to help at our shelter last week, Nicolien van der Heuvel who was the flight escort for the two pups, me in the middle and people from Huellas Verdes dog rescue where we offered them space on our flight so they could send their doggie (Bretton). All the doggies went to Eindhoven in Holland to meet their new families
5 pups were seen at the bins by one of our volunteers. One was still in the cupboard box with some slices of bread and 3 in the shrub, which we rescued. Here are photos of three of them, the fourth one went straight into foster. Later that afternoon we went and got the last one, which was black (photo to follow).
I don’t know whether the owner left the bread or another person left the bread on the floor
All covered in ticks, you can see the size of the ticks in one of the pups eyes.
We are soooo full.
Did I say we simply could not take any more?
Did we live them there?
Like hell we did.
MARCH 2017

This adult female near our shelter seemed to be tied up most days to a tree going round and round. Today she was loose on the land and our foster home Peter Maters approached the farmer and asked him about the dog. He said it was not his and did not know anything about her. Peter confronted him about the dog being tied up every day on his land, very skinny and starving and eventually he said 'Well take her, if not I'll shoot her? Well that was the last straw and the dog was taken from him there and then. Just look at her actions in our shelter. Don't you just love these backward farmers grrrr


Just had a phone call. Someone walking past a bridge and heard small cries, went to investigate and there in the edge of the water were two soacking wet pups approx 2.5 weeks old, quite large so possible Mastin mix, or Shepherd, we shall see?. They are now in our care, let's hope they make it Pups are at the moment being bottle fed by my foster home Simone Jaspers
2 pups 2.5 weeks old dumped in the river bed
A few weeks ago we saw this small girl wandering in the pouring rain, in the vicinity of our shelter. She had a broken chain around her neck. We started to feed her because she was so afraid that we could not catch her. A Spanish woman that also started to feed her, got her last week in her garden and called us. We took her straight to the vet as we had suspected she was pregnant. We were lucky in time for an abortion. Of course she did not have a chip. She is now in safe hands with us and wagging her tail when she sees us. This little girl deserves a lovely family. Contact sandy found abandoned in the rain
Another sad case today. One of our volunteers saw a dog on the side of the road in the grass near the Repsol garage Alhaurin el Grande. She stopped and it was a pregnant mum that looked like she had probably been hit by a car. While our volunteer was there, a lady came to the scene and said she had been feeding her the day before and had been trying to catch her. The mum was still warm but the dead.
We came out quickly to the scene and rushed the mum to the vets to see if the pups could be saved. Ultrasound sound was done but the pups were also dead and as you can see in the third photo, she was giving birth to a pup according to the vet. I supposed it was too much to ask the car driver to stop? How can they just leave the dog there? I guess they did not want the responsibility or perhaps the expense, which we now have to bare. So sad when people cant be bothered to stop and do something when it involves an animal
pregnant mum run over by car
pregnant mum run over by car 1 pregnant mum run over by car 2
This is our big baby *Jose* at our shelter. It's his way of saying good night to our volunteer Dylan Jaspers before he goes to his pen, ha ha ha. A lovely dog that's still looking for a home. See him here: For adoption inquiry please contact me at or PM me jose and dylan
We were contacted by an English lady to see if we could help a mum and pups. The mum keeps coming to the English lady for food etc and does not like the owner, a Spanish farmer that does not really want her and kicks her away when he sees her. Apparently the mum had a previous litter but the pups were never seen (you can guess what happened?). He has been approached and he has handed over the mum and pups. We are tight on room but how could we refuse this situation? There are 7 pups and were born 5 days ago (5.03.2017) She is a Mastin cross of about 2-3 years old medium/large. The the pups are already quite big and only 5 days old. We can assume that the dad was one of the local Mastin dogs. Any one interested in adopting the mum or any of the pups please email me at or PM me. Please help us to help more cases like this. As usual, we are not sure whether we will home them all and we could have them a long time? so any donation small or large will be very gratefully received
mum and 7 pups
Wowww!!! A BIG THANK YOU to Birgit Bibi Linsenn and her 3 friends. They came for a three day in Spain to visit a charity east of Malaga, then they came to our new shelter with 3 carrier bags full of ropes and toys for the dogs as well as 30 x 20kg bags of dog food. Then they stayed the afternoon to help feed, clean and play with the dogs. Really lovely and kind people xx
This is their facebook page
donated food to AID by Bibi
DILLON - DIXIE - DAISY. Born 10.10.2016
Never amazes me any more, so many people without a heart for the animals, always an excuse.
They returned to their own country and abandoned the mum and 9 pups. These 3 are with us. Great looking pups that will probably be medium to large size
dixie daisy
sweep has been adopted
Early this morning, I took Sweep to Malaga airport. He had been fostered by Peter & Karen Hawkins. Here is Peter saying his goodbyes. 2nd pic is his brother Sooty, he is still looking for adoption. Only 16 weeks old
sam, with his new mum sam adopted
After 1.5 years in foster care, Sam finally finds his forever homes. (Photo of Sam an his new mum attached)
This was his story:
This Bodeguero was found not far from a heavily wooded area simply lying by the side of the road, not moving when traffic went past. The front left leg was missing from just above the wrist, the only thing remaining was tissue and broken bone, looking at the way the leg was severed it looked like he had been caught in an trap, The lady that found him came to us for help and Sam was taken to the vet. There was no way that the leg could be saved as he had no foot in which to walk and was trying to use the damaged bone which was twisting out, he was also crawling in tick and fleas, flies were starting to congregate around the smelling wound. X-rays were taken the damage was so bad that it was decided to take the leg off. Sam is now with the lady that found him and we are paying all the vet bills. Sam has an amazing character typical of a Bodeguero, he just gets on with it, he is getting around really well on his 3 remaining legs and seems to have coped really well, he gets on well with other dogs and is able to hold his own at playtime.
The other day we took in 3 stray pups of 12 weeks old, then someone put a crate outside one of my foster homes with six 5 week old pups in it and that was on the day that was raining. Then we took in a 6 week old pup. Meanwhile last Saturday we took in a Breton mum and 4 pups that we had previously promised. We are now overflowing BUT WAIT… Simone Jaspers (my foster home) informs me today that she just picked up 6 pups from inside a rubbish container, pffff
Please note than when you phone me to say you found a pup or have a stray dog, I hope you will understand why I will say,
*sorry but I have no room*
Please help us by sharing, adopting and if possible by giving a donation towards their care because not all get adopted and some will be with us a long time, so any donations will be gratefully received. Please go to this link:
6 abandoned pups
elly and her pups were abandoned
I was contacted about 1.5 weeks ago by Lorna Gould. She had a female Breton and 4 x 5-week old pups, which apparently had been abandoned by a Spanish family and she could only keep for a short time, so we arrange for her to come up yesterday and bring them to us. We are more than full but could not say no to this little family. The mum is only 35cm high and the pups are now 6.5 weeks old. As it turns out Karen Hawins has come forward with the possibility to foster the mum and adopt one of the pups and the other 3 pups will be fostered by Simone Jaspers & Peter Maters, so this is a good start. We do not know who the dad is but cannot imagine the pups being large as the mum is only 35cm. For adoption inquiry please PM me or email me at
Photos of when found at about 4kg. He is now 6kg.
Chico is a tiny dog of only 33cm and about 7 years old? He was found outside someone's home, very thin and starving and judging by his scars, looks like he had a rough life. He must have had a family at one time or another. This dog simply wants to cuddle with you all the time, on your lap, sofa or bed, a nice little companion that you can take with you anywhere. Please give him quality of life for the rest of his years. For adoption inquiry please PM me or email

Last night we went to Malaga airport with 4 more lucky doggies.PeterMatters was with me and here he is with the kind flight volunteer Mike Bruggeman. Mike flew in for just a day and went back last night to greet the new families at Eindhoven airport in Holland The doggies were 2 pups Xanti & Xenia plus Hardy, all fostered by Simone Jaspersand Peter. Next is Willow, fostered by Sally Seymour and had been with Sally since a tiny pup. Last is Hardy in his new home with his new harness. Thank you all and a happy and long life to these 4







xanti xenia hardy willow
What a lovely surprise!!!

The very kind Birgit Bibi Linssen has sent us 3 boxes full of goodies for the animals we rescue. This lovely lady collects funds and helps where ever and who ever she can. Thank you sooooo much xx :)


help when needed

We want to thank Armando Troncosofrom CoinGardens for coming to our new shelter to help break down a wall to take a large metal door as well as cutting gaps in the kennels to take new doors. He came along with his father and cousin and all three spent all morning working hard and for FREE. I have used Armando and his family privately every now and then and they are very good fencers and gardening maintenance people. He is the one in the middle. A BIG THANK YOU from A.I.D.








new shelter for AID
We have taken on some land and a buildings so we can shelter more rescued dogs, because the situation out here is desperate. The dogs will have someone there 24/7 living in the second hand caravan that we will hopefully be able to purchase via the funds donated as well as laying down gravel areas, erecting sheltered areas and more. So we need everyone's help to get this project off the ground and running as from 1.01.2017. Our charity does not have any paying members and we are classified as ‘Animos sin lucro’, which an exact translation would be ‘intentions without profit’ in other words all the funds raised are used for helping the animals and no one in the charity gets a salary. Thank you for your support.
On the way home after putting in another day of renovating our new shelter, we saw these two poor little things on the side of the lane, worried and weary of us but were easy to pick up. We ask the farmer that was there and he said they were probably dumped in the lane. We are full but no way we were leaving them there. These two brothers are about 10-12 weeks old, but hard to say as they need catching up with their weight and size. We had them tested for Parvo and they were negative, so that is good news. For adoption inquiry for STEVIE & SONNY please private message me here or email me at animalsindistress2007@yaho
abandoned pups


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