Animals In Distress (A.I.D.)


Please note that some of the comments are from foreing languages translated in Google.

15 December 2014
vicente vicente with 4 pups
This is Vicente last January when he was found with others and adopted as a pup. The other photo is from today along with this email
Hi Jose,
You may not recognise me but I was one of a litter that was picked up by some bins. My name was Vincent, but my mum and dad gave me another name Rocky. My sisters and brothers were valiant, valentino, Valerie.
Please see attached a picture of me now. My mum says hi and to tell you she loves me very much. I have visited England and I get lots of walks, food and she has just bought me a new bed. I learn very quickly and love running in the fields in England and on the beach in Spain.
Hope you remember me and thanks so much for rescuing me and finding me a lovely home. I am having a great time with my new mum and dad.
vicenter all grown up
9 December 2014

Good morning - She’s lovely and adorable. And we have noticed already that she loves to be cuddled and she really likes the attention she gets ;) She is clean in the house, she had already a walk with us, she has already different toys (toys with a lot of noise she doesn’t like so much). We think she likes it here.

7 December 2014
Pipkin homed 2 December 2014
Hello, Pipkin is now Django,
The first days he was very shy, he didn't want to eat and drink. After a visit to the vet it turned out just to stress to go. The last 2 days he's totally opengebloeid. He is super sweet and affectionate. Our four children love.
Today we're going to walk where he could run loose. It was wonderful to see, he went a treat, all the excitement out of it. Food and drink is going to be fine now, he is very afraid of dogs. Attached some pictures of a trip...
We would like to thank very much his fosterparents.
They have done a great job together with you, we'll do our best to give him a nice life from our side.
Greetings the. Fam Nagar
7 December 2014
Update about one of our pups that was homed in Denmark last month:
We am hereby writing to update you all in Malaga of how Fredo is doing here in Denmark. A whole month has already passed from the day we first met our little friend in Eindhoven. He was tiny and shaking, friendly but cautious. But time flies and he has really come out of his shell and settled well here with us.
He is a very active, affectionate and jolly little boy. He absolutely loves to run around, meet different people and other animals, dig holes whenever possible, chew and destroy his toys (we have already had to say goodbye to 3 of them), going for long walks, hang around with his other doggy-friends - the list is long. But most of all, he loves to investigate. It is extremely important to our little Sherlock to sniff every little corner, every item on the ground. Whatever seems closest to potentially being food needs to be tasted and one shouldn't also underestimate the importance of making contacts in the meantime.
Fredo has grown and learned a lot during his four weeks with us, and so have we. He is a very smart boy and generally listens well. But there's of course times when he feels he needs to test our limits a bit.
He has not quite realised yet that he lives in Denmark now and has to deal with rain and wind. Because on those days he is really throwing a tantrum and refusing to move. So, he normally just sits in one spot looking at us like we're asking something impossible from him.
On 18th December me and Fredo are taking a Christmas trip to Estonia to visit my family. They have all already skyped with him but everybody's of course also excited to personally welcome him into the family. I am very curious of how he will react to snow and how can he handle the cold. But not to worry, grandma is already busy knitting him a warm Christmas sweater.
We have booked his operation (neutering) in Estonia. Which will be 22. December. I will send You the confirmation or documentation about it once it is done and we are back in Denmark.
8 April 2014
ronnie as a pup ronnie at home

Hello Joe, Ronnie (now called Bodhi) is doing great. He is a happy dog who loves to play outside and inside. He loves the water and is learning to swim. He loves to carry and bring me sticks or toys.Here are Some pictures.Kind regards ,Xandra  Click here to read his story


24-3-2014 Indy has been a big girl, and does it great! Listen carefully and knows many commands such as come, sit, off, place. Run loose is also going very well. In the neighborhood, she is known as a very cheerful and sociable dog. We are receiving more and more a real bond with her and she with us! At home she is super quiet, outdoor is they occasionally just a whirlwind and run that she can!!! Seems like a Greyhound!!!






8 February 2014.
What is Pablo a great dog!

The day before yesterday we were allowed to pick you up from Schiphol. Despite the pill (to you during the flight what to make suffig) were you right though active and cheerful.

All new experiences (and you already have a lot of new experiences gained) you go excited and brave. You're not afraid, but cheerful and fond of conviviality.

Our daughters are allowed to do everything with you. And enjoy your coziness and cuddle you totally flat.
Also we can luck with such a sweet and loyal boyfriend.

Arca Noah has clearly paid great attention to the socializing and that's perfectly fine!

With the potty training is going very well. It takes patience and energy but you understand it and that's the most important.
If you see anything you in this short time (48 hours) all have already learned, promises that beneficial.

Yesterday, the veterinarian you examined and declared healthy. Do you still need a bit of strength back, but that comes with your appetite wired quite right.

We have happy contact with groin, owner of Paulina (now Ayla), Pablo's mother. We're going to certainly meet each other so that mother and son every now and then can be together. If the owners want to go hiking by Pamela also .... that seems to us very nice!
23 January 2014
Hello Joe and Janice -
I wanted to give you an update about luke, I named him Koda.
He is doing great and he realy has a wonderful soul, he fits in great with my little pack.
He is in great health and i love him dearly!. He is also verry social with all dogs!
I did puppy training and finished elemantery obedience and now we are moving on to the next training.
You told me that he jumps high and i found out about that, he makes me laugh when he jumps and growls and i think he acts like a clown ha, ha
every day we go to the river and he loves it, me and my dad walk with our 8 dogs and we have a lot of fun.thank you again for this wonderfull dog, without you i would not have him!

 Luke was found in Setember 2012 and homed in April 2013 see his file

16 November 2013

Hello - With this email, I equally give you an update on Max.It is a lovely dog​​: sweet to us, the children and the cats, and playful with our other dog Jody. He is very social, and inquisitive. He does everything for a cookie! He has also been well understood outside the place to do his pee for two days we had no accidents!
We are very happy with him and our other dog brightens up completely in front of him. Thanks for your good care of Max (we call him Woody) and continues! Your good work. (Max on the left)

27 August 2013
welly in fostre care
Welly in his foster home in Spain
Welly in his forever home in the UK
Welly he is doing great and enjoying settling in to life in the Uk with our Border Collie. We have had a few dogs over the years and I am a Ex dog handler and iv never known a dog so happy to please and so quick to learn ,within 6 days of getting him here he was walking off the lead and his recall is fantastic .
Paul & Sue
18 August 2013

Here some pics from visit to my aunt and to Nina at Sos.
Not the best wheater so just got some pics after,  but yet a great walk on the fields and in the woods. About 16 dogs off leash whit 4 people. Nope, we didn't loose any of them.
Tony had a good nap after. :-)
Hugs from
Tony & Elice






tony Pod
MARCH 2013
Dear Jan and Joe !!
I hope you are ok! Danza is good arrived in our Family. She loves the childs and plays with them.
She haves a lot of fun and is very lovely. Danza and i go every day in the wood. She goes very good
on the leash.But in the wood she goes alone. She looks at me and goes with me, she learns very quick!
Sometimes my husband goes jogging with her. When come strange people to visit us she´s nervous.
But it goes better! Danza is a good girl we love her all. I hope we can see us again it was a nice day
with you. I send you some photos of danza.
Best wishes silke
23 April 2013

Dear A.I.D.

My husband  and I are completely smitten with Chloe, she is a darling little doggie with great character and we are very happy with her ,she is settling in fine ,the first day or two she missed her playmates and you . But I kept her buzzy, and at this time she feels a lot  better and is playing and my other dog is accepting her more and more ,he cannot withstand her charms ,neither can i..I am surprised at how well  she is educated and how hard she is trying to do everything right. I really love to have her on my lap and yes she cuddles up with me at night on my bed. We also go to the park every day so she can run and play with all the doggies there. I am sure u miss her a lot ,but she will have a very good life with us with the best care there is ..i cannot thank u enough for fostering her and so many of those unfortunate dogs. With kind regards, Hennie and Rene

6 April 2013

tessHi Joe, Just to let you know that Tess is settling in well. She is the sweetest, funniest, gentlest,happiest dog ever. She is already house trained, can sit and learns incredibly quickly. She loves water and jumps into my bath with me every morning!!!!
She is no problem with the cats and Basil loves her, they play and play. She had her rabies the other day, she did not like that but quickly forgot all about it. She has put on 1/2 a kilo and may still become an alsation!!!! Her tail gets bigger and bigger. She is the perfect dog for us all and we love her, it's not possible not to. Kind regards Tanja
27 March
From Ollies new family in Belgium - Hello everyone,
Oliver sets very well!
Our whole family loves him, he is playful loving affectionate, fun short.
We have his name renamed Mylo.
The first walk is well gone.
Annex is already foto'tje of our first hike.
With friendly greetings
family Verheyleweghen


From Jims new family in Netherlands - Jim makes it very well! It is a lovely dog ​​and it seems here a week and he is so sweet and calm!
We are very pleased with Jim. We were at the vet for a check and chip etc and found him very balanced after
such travel and change. He is now asleep in his basket after a long walk.
Besides everyone who sees him think it's a nice dog, thank you!
Warm greetings and a hug from Jim!
Ria & Dick

21 January
Pipa is an absolute darling and has settled into her new surroundings with ease, she quickly made a friend in one of our cats, the other is still not sure but very tolerant. She loves our older dog and follows her everywhere, they have many play fights and fun and games chasing each other around the house, they are now at a stage where they curl up together on one of their many beds. 
The week after I collected Pipa she travelled to the UK with us and spent the week at my mums, I have attached a photograph of her making herself at home at my mums house, we are now back in Holland, so to date she has travelled from Spain - Germany - Holland - Belgium - France - UK, she is already a well travelled little dog who has brought such happiness to our house, she is a little devil at times but easily wins us over, she is currently losing some of her baby teeth and chewing on several things to help her teething just like a human baby. Kind Regards Carl Follow story...
29 December 2012

News of Johnny from his forever home in Holland

With Jip it is excellent, from the first moment we saw him in johnnythe bench seating was love at first sight. He then had our daughter never leave the eye. On the way home we stopped once for a pee, the rest of the trip has Jip lovely sleeping. The first night went smoothly.
Jip has slept all night in his crate, this is certainly his place. Also during the day he seeks to make his crate with his toys to lie. The Christmas we spent by the sea, this was Jip delicious! Some fresh air and running with his owner and his new boyfriend Teddy. Today Day 1 Jip feel totally at home and it's like he has always been. He eats and drinks well, and feels completely at ease.
We only have a few photos of the arrival, but I have all included. Furthermore, some nice pictures from our holiday at sea. Greetings Jos and Petra Birds

24 November 2012
Alfie is now 2 weeks with us. It is a treasure. The term cuddly alfiedog really true because of cuddling he can not get enough. He felt from the first day home with us. We thought it will take some getting used to the first night after a trip, but no, he was great with us sleep on his own plekkie. The introduction to our other dog went without saying. Alfie takes everyone and everything nice. The grandkids love him. Today our cats gave him even cups.
We are busy Alfie to learn to walk calmly on a leash and also to remain calm when we encounter other dogs. He would naturally like to play with them, but we want him first completely control, so he will loose! Can run and play with other dogs and also comes to us when we call him. Alfie learns quickly, so it will be soon.

We are very pleased with Alfie and to him he makes with us!
Johnny and Anneke
13 November 2012
Jenny - It's all good with Jenny she walks like very much to loose the belt and she listens even good.
With the grandchildren she has already made ​​peace, and may walk with her.
28 October 2012

This is Cu the ginger dog now called Pecu. He was in our refuge until a home was found in Finland for him. He was one of our biggest dogs but take a look at his new family!!!

This is some news from Findland - Best regards from Pecu! Since I wrote you last time has happened a lot. Pecu is so energetic boy .. a month ago when he was playing with Simo (IW) in the yard, he hurted his frontleg and got big wound. I had to take him to the vet. He got 4 stiches and had to use collar for two weeks. The wound healed well. A week ago Pecu and Kuro were running in the garden and it was quite dark. I couldn't see what happened but suddenly Pecu screamed and came towards me walking only with three legs. I took him to my work again and we x-rayed the hind leg. One of his toes were broken :-(( There were too options, either amputate the broken toe or use gypsum for 6-8 weeks. I didn't want to take him to the operation right away so he has a gypsum now. I hope the bone'll ossify and he could keep his toe!

Otherwise everything is fine here. We got first snow this week and Pecu was very excited about the snow! First he was just carefully sniffing it, but then started to run and play around :-D ( the gypsum didn't bother him at all..). He has gained some weight and his fur has become thicker. I'm going to buy him a winterjacket anyway. I' m taking him with me as often as possible to car, traffic, shops.. to encourage him. And I think he has made some progress and isn't so much scared of everything anymore. He has learned finnish well and knows the rules in the house.
He is so lovely and I can't even think about home without him anymore <3

Best wishes from all the family - Heidi and Pecu

14 October
This is Pluto (now Keez) at our home in May 2012
This is him now in Holland nearly 40kg

KeeZ is growing very well. He weights almost 40 kilos. He’s not digging holes anymore. He likes to be outside, but the weather isn’t very good at the moment so he has to stay inside. We walk with hem three times a  day, he isn’t listening every time, but most of the time. Everything he sees is very interesting and has to be searched. The only thing he don’t want is to go into the car, and that is necessary to go to the vet. I’m going to work at that, when I have cheese off sausage he’s almost doing everything for me. He likes that very, very much.

Here a greeting for Animal Frankie.
It goes very well with me I walk nice and loose in the park with my family,
we play nice and I really enjoyed my time alone, I find it often cold and especially the rain there I find nothing.
I enjoy lying in the sun that I search everywhere in the house.
Yesterday I received a jacket for the rain and winter,
so I'm very happy and it goes very well with me.
Frankie and his owners
23 September 2012

toffee is getting on really well and i absolutly love him to bits! has been waking me up at 9 on the dot for his morning walkies, and is perfect on the lead now and is best friends with my brothers podenco, he seems to be a really intellingent dog and is learning quickly. thank you for taking care of him for us we couldnt have asked for a friendlier dog and has been totally spoilt by everyone in our family :)




9 August 2012

VP and Stanley were born in 2006 and when they were 4 years old their owner that lived in a dirty old caravan died. Both dogs went into foster care and sad to say that the foster mum died soon after so we had to put them in our refuge. After a long stay Stanley found a loving home with Arthur Webster a kind and animal loving person and VP was left alone at the refuge. Several months later VP was at last adopted by a couple living here in Spain. Today we have received this email and a mobile video about VP which brought tears to our eyes:

Dear Friends!
Here I am on holiday in Sweden. I have now visited France,
Holland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.
It is great to be able to run free in the forests and go for swims
like in the video.
Your ever grateful VP Magic
and Tommy & Liese.

This is the youtube version


6 August 2012

Dear Joe and Janice, Here a little update about our boy Maurice. We went on holiday with him. Drove 1800 km from the Netherlands to Croatia! Maurice had a great time. Swiming in the sea and the river. Great food (he loves fish) and lots of cats to look at ;-) The first few days he was a bit scared that we would leave him and very much scared of the dark at night but after we left the light on that was all solved. It was the first time for us going on vacation with 3 dogs and it was a lot of work but so worth it! It was such a joy bringing them with us and seeing them enjoying life to the full!!. In the attachment you will find some pictures of our boy. You can see the love and joy in his face! Big kiss, Heidy and Fen 



Dear Joe,
Here a little update and some pictures of our Big boy Maurice.
He is doing really great living the good life!
Living in a home agrees with him but he is still doesn't realize that those delicious meals come twice a day like clock work so he eats like his live depends on it. He tries really hard not to have any accidents in the house but that's a bit hard when he just wakes up in the morning or when he is really happy to see somebody. No problems that will change in time. He attached to use quicker then I thought which is good for him - now we allow him of the  leash in the dogpark (which is a contained space) so he can run like the wind!! It's really funny he looks like a deer jumping around on all 4!
We still need to bench train him because he has finds it hard to take 5 during the day. The Teckel and our Jack Russel were also bench trained and now the are a bit jealous of him and his big bench! That is why the Teckel decided to join him for breaks in the bench. Hilarious!
He loves the cold weather now - snow is so much fun for him! He is the first one at the door now when it is time to go for a walk - well - he always is the first one at the door to go for a walk!
We take him running beside the bike once a week and twice a week a take him jogging that combined with loads of walks has mades him a real sporty boy!
And he needs that being a high energy dog ofcourse!
He gets along so great with our Teckel and Jack! Fantastic to see them play together! They started there second youth at the age of 8!
Hope you are doing well!
Much love from Holland,
Fen and Heidy

This is Penny when she was adopted from our refuge.

Hi Joe and Jan,

Just thought you would like to hear how Penny, who we adopted from you last year is doing! We moved back to Finland at the beginning of this year, where it´s currently -20 degrees! She is the most kind and well behaved girl we could have hoped for. She is also very social, gets along with all dogs we meet and is always everyones favourite in our local dog park where we take them every week. Her and our male dog are like brother and sister! They love running at the beach and even swimming, which neither of them was to keen on in Spain - could be to do with the saltiness of the water there. And surprisingly they both love the snow, especially Penny!! The first time they saw snow they were over the moon! She loves eating the little ice cubes, and also any other little bits, she finds on the road and likes to bury herself in the snow. Here´s a few pictures of her and Duncan, living the good life! Wish I had a bigger house here, I would have more!

Penny (Left) with Duncan



Maurice at the vets before he was homed in Holland

mauriceEmail fromHeidy the new owner

Hi there Joe - The first week in Holland for our baby boy. It went well! He is getting used to living in a house and is getting along with our other dogs better and better. He made friends with a couple of neighbourhood dogs so walks are big fun for him. He's not getting of the lead for a long time because he isn't attached and familiar yet. Fen came by my work this week to show him to my collegues. He loved all the attention haha.

He has put on a bit more pounds already and the nutrition in the food is doing him well! I take him jogging every other day and Fen takes him on bikerides which he loves. And when the weather turns I'm gonna go rollerblading with him, that should be fun to! Very Ceaser Milan ofcourse! I'm looking on the web to buy a little

Tomorrow we are going on a long walk with a friend and her 2 daughters, so that should be a good foto opp! Will send you those!

20 October - Bruce has settled in so well. I can already walk with him off lead and he brings my boots into brucethe bedroom for me in the morning, obviously I don't get dressed fast enough for him!! Everyone who meets him is amazed how good he is. One neighbour has always been frightened of shepherds but has got over it thanks to our Bruce. Love to you both....Sandy

Hi Joe and Jan,
I am sending you some photos of Pepa (previously Bonnie) so you can see how she is getting on. The kids renamed her Pepa after Peppa Pig and because she is as black as pepper. She seemed to love the name and responded to it straight away! She loves the kids almost as much as they love her and plays with them all the time. She is very calm and placid and an absolute pleasure to have and look after. She is so good and has even got a bronze award already in her weekly training classes. She is very clever and eager to learn, it doesn't take her long to get the hang of a new trick. The kids love training her but they always end up giving away too many treats!
Every one who meets her comments on what a lovely dog she is so I would like to thank you both so much for taking the time to save her. She is now a big part of our family and we couldn't imagine not having her around now.





04/10/2011 Africa A beautiful dog (now called Wag) 
 This beautiful creature is already used to his new owner.
Wag doing very well.
Wag was quickly housebroken.
Wag can already play well with other dogs.
It is a social dog and loves children.
We feel it every day if our wonderful new addition again.




harvey in the countryside

3.10.2011 Hi, We adopted Harvey from Coin last summer. Harvey is doing extremely well in Holland and we are very happy with him. We are promoting his sister Bess. Can u plse give her a cuddle, we hope she is doing well. Here a few pictures to say hello. Brgds Edith and Anouk Moradi



Kaiser with escort at the airport - Homed in Rotterdam

25-9-2011 MY NEW HOME - Yesterday Keizer flew into Rotterdam airport at 19:01.
kaiser and escortWe were anxiously waiting at the arrivals gate and started to get worried when all the passengers had left but there was no Kaiser! but of course there he was in his cage looking and waiting.
When we received him he was very nervous as expected, we drove home and took him for a little walk for him to do his business.
We showed him around his new home - he likes playing on our sheepskin rug :)
It is now the morning and I woke up to him asleep in his basket and blanket. He is a very happy dog - loves everyone! we love him back just as much. Will keep you posted how Kaiser settles into his new home!

6.10.2011 - Kaiser in his new home - I have been with my new family for just over a week and a half now -
kaiser in his new homeI love it here!! I have my own bed, toys & a fluffy white rug!.
They feed me yummy food and because it was nice weather last week I went to the beach lots of times to run with the birds, i love the sand dunes & i Hate the water it makes me jump.

One of my owners have gone away for 3 weeks so i am busy protecting my other owner and making sure she is ok in the evening.

This weekend they are taking me camping in Friesland so i am very excited to go run up there!!




SPOT homed in Holland

28/08/2011 My first two days.  
 What a long journey that was. When, after the plane arrived at Schiphol journey I had to wait for my bosses. And there they came. They have two black dogs. And Bowie does. I was put back in does and bowie. And we drove on. Along the way they let us go out. I could immediately play bowie. We ran through the grass. Does is too old to do much spelen.Die is almost 12 years. So I can be good against it. Then we had to drive on. And after another half hour we arrived at home. I had to explore the garden though. It is a large garden with lots of grass where I can play nice in. My owners Janice and Karen have given me a hug. A white sheep. I walk all the time. And Bowie has a cuddly toy. A big yellow duck. I agree that may well pick of Bowie.
I think the best thing for my family stuff in the rear building to pick up and quickly running away so they have to catch me. Then they laugh. So volgensmij find me funny. We go every day three times into the woods. What is significant here. Then I can run and play. Now we go again, so until next time!
Leg of Luna, Does and Bowie.


Just another note about Luna (spot).
She's doing extremely well here hard. She plays with our dog Bowie of 4 years and our dog to sleep Does for 12 years on. She has found her place here at all. She goes three times a day to the woods and out to play much during the day. Sometimes she comes in to take a nap. They find it extremely fun things we leave to rush out ... So we know if we lost something lying around outside. She's been a teenager. She challenges us as they know that things are not allowed. On the one hand, we laugh about it. It's a baby. She is already two times meegeweest with some children to walk with me (Janice). She found it hard to really enjoy playing with the kids. Then she was awfully tired. So she slept good. It is a happy dog ​​who love attention and will be comfortable on your lap. We are pleased with Luna!
Regards Janice



Tommy was found in someone's land in March 2011 he was only a few weeks old and was possibly dumped as an unwanted part of the litter. Both his front legs were bowed, the left one more than the right one, his front leg joints were slightly swollen and he had 3 or 4 patches on his skin without much hair. What a sorry sight he was!!! We took him to our vet and he did an x-ray and said that there was nothing broken and that as he grows up then his legs should start to straighten (which they have) he also took a scraping of the skin to see what the problen was and it was simply malnutrition and living in a dirty place. He had some treatment for that and the hair started to come back and he was now starting to grow up like a bright and healthy puppy. Tommy was homed soon after to a lovely family in Holland via our Dutch contact in Spain. See his progress:

Tommy when found
Tommy arrives in Holland
Tommy for a walk that same afternoon
Tommy tired
Tommy meets one of his family pals
Tommy's first boat ride
Tommy growing up into a handsome boy
Tommy on his regular boat rides
5 months after he was rescued as a pup
Tommy and pals 28 August 2011

One of the emails from Tommy's new owner - Could you, if possible, please send the photos to Tommy his fosterhouse…………I hope they enjoy the photos just as much as you do. Especially the children because I understood that they miss Tommy. And he is very handsome……….his ears. Just for a little moment we thought he was a cross betweem a dog and a rabbit……he has rabbit ears……………just kidding. And he gets the best petfood there is 2 times a day he gets royal Canin en once a day the best fresh meat there is for dogs with lots of vitamins and minerals. We love him dearly. He is a strong dog with an attitude and he is mentally very strong J


TINKER homed in Holland

06/08/2011 10 more nights

Hey baby

I thought I had given you a special name, I read today that the most popular dog name. Sorry sweetie that was not intended, but you're already Luna for me that I did not hear going to change, do you really think you do not. Simply means that a lot of people like your name.

It's only 10 nights and you're with me, finally. I'm so curious about you. Your basket is already in place and son sometimes I secretly just like being there already is.

Just a little little girl and you're there!

09/08/2011 1 more week
1 more week and then your lovely Luna new life begin. For 7 nights and then you finally.
I count them ...


16.08.2011 The time has come!
 Has finally come, you come to the Netherlands today.
I was also waiting to be sat at, I'm so curious about your dear Luna.
I have a little patience, but at 18:00 you're there.
To select tight sweetheart

At long were you at last. The flight did not like, all covered in shit and vomit came out of your purse. Oooh what are you so small and thin, but so sweet and cute, still a little scared but what do you expect with all these impressions.

Back home once in a nice warm shower, as well all the poop and vomit from you even after washing and immediately take a flea comb over you achieved. And then hug!!
Also stopped walking, went all right, just did not pee once and came home to do. As good as the basket and fell asleep until 6:30 the next morning.

You just slept through the night, which is good.
In the forest we met almost no progress because everyone but you wanted to hug and think you're wonderful. Other dogs find a little scary, but they are all very big eh.
Driving find delicious, actually there is nothing you do not like, so save alone. If I'm gone less than a minute you begin to squeak very loud.
In the shop you will find it very nice.
You're the perfect dog, you're cute, sweet, friendly, affectionate, nice, naughty, crazy, cute, quiet, busy, slightly eccentric, you're just all the positive thing I could wish.

18.08.2011 Wonder dog
 You've slept through the night again and so far only two pools in the house done.
You still have quite a lot of itching, you also have some cough sometimes give you a little bit of slime and you want still not real food so tomorrow we go along to the vet to see if everything is all right with you goes.
You're a very nice dog. There are no ten minutes passed when I lie down again all in one blow. And you're naughty. Yesterday was one of my slippers in your basket this morning and was again well my workout pants and a jacket hahahaha.
You listened so well even though you're a miracle dog.
Right now you lie on the desk beside me nice to sleep, that's sweet.

24.08.2011 Again a week with me
 It goes very well with Luna. Friday we stopped by the vet and when it appeared that she had an inflamed air pipe, here we have been given medication for little and now it's a lot better. She is also totally fine and healthy.

Luna is certainly neat, really unbelievable. She has a total of only three pools in the house done, great. Even though I walk off from day one with her in the forest and it is also quite good, though they dare every day a couple of meters further away from me haha, as long as it is not too far, it is still good. Big or small dogs, it does not matter, it is very tough on it to take a sniff.

Alone find them terrible. Even if they see me through the window outside, but she is crazy and she starts to beep very loud, very moving, but we need a bit of work, but it is a wonder dog so that's definitely good.
Food does she still does not, the rascal. Tried everything, different types of chunks and mix with chunks of soft food, but they only eat the soft food. So I sent an email to Christel asking what the foster mother had to eat. Conclusion no longer soft food will just get used to the Dutch food, so even for a moment.
Listening makes them nice ... but mainly as it sees fit hahaha

The demolition of things she has now invented so watch out, because yesterday was the internet from the shop once. She had just bitten through the cable, nice and dangerous course. Entire renovation had to eliminate all the cables haha.
In her shop, I am learning that they must remain behind the shop should not count. Hahaha it really is a rascal, each day she sits back a few inches further into the shop and when I come to walk, she runs like crazy back to back, and then look at innocent heeeel so I do not be angry.

I am still very happy with her and still think they have a miracle dog. She's been, but really only a week with me and they do all so its best to do everything right. She's a real sweetheart.

July 2011

HELGA (LOLITA) homed in Holland

28.08.2011 You have just arrived after a long trip, right after the car was, you already brought joy to our family. We've also seen you first walk in Belgium after five minutes you could have decent walking on a leash.
Everyone loves you.
You're clean, no puddles in the house. You follow us everywhere but we have not yet gehoort your voice.

Hey Lolita,

You've really to your liking, you play, sleep, walk, your appetite is perfect, everything appears to be to your liking.
you're so smart, you get everything so fast, you're clean, you still kisses and kisses, you would definitely lose them.
Today you have your first walk in the woods made​​, everything was so new, the smells, the sounds, even without the leash to keep your foot on the beautiful, you look for, are you still there? you seem to ask?
You are truly a miracle dog.



JULIE homed in Holland

30.07.2011 Update after 6 weeks

Julie is now nearly six weeks with us and we are very happy with her. It is a happy dog who loves to crosses (cross greyhound?), Loves the kids and that house is quiet. We had prepared for potty training or to walk the line, but they all could also already appeared in a fenced field that she listens very well when you call her and she walks off, watch them very well that they do not lose. The downside is that she hates to be alone, so it still requires the necessary training. Where she continued to get used to is eat dry food meal. It seems accustomed to occasionally take a bite together at the table or rummage in the kitchen and not allowed himself time to calm her empty bowl to eat. After one week, she ate her food is when we stood in the kitchen and now she knows that we do not just disappear. Although she was very affectionate to family members, she does not seem to excited to petted by strangers. We need to watch it because she has my brother in his hand gehapt when he was petting her exuberance. Apparently not hard because the next time he did it again just. Well, she looks so cute ...

Until next time!

jolanda Ermers


July 2011 - Rolly - homed in Jaen, Spain

rollyHi Jose - It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and an absolute dream come true to bring a new puppy into the family. It's as if he was here all his life - he's now been named Bumble - and he's wonderful. He's already 'been' on newspaper enough times for it not to be a coincidence (obviously with a little intuitive help from me) and he slept without much fuss last night. He is completely at home and a very happy and comical little chap - super-sweet natured. I do hope you find homes for all his sisters and brother; wish we could have taken more!. Annie

June 2011 - Bobby - Homed in Gibraltar (going to UK)

I just wanted to tell you how Bobby is getting on.
What a joy and a wonder he is.We had a couple of accidents initially however now he is toileting outside.  bobbyHe and the cats have accepted each other.  Colin one of our cats now sleeps and plays with Bobby. He is good on the lead and brilliant with the children.  Abigail our youngest rolled on him accidently and he just walked away.  He has a passion for shoes and soft toys, he likes collecting them from around the house and putting them on the doormat. We are off to a cork forest in Spain with him tonight so he should enjoy that. Vickey Sandford

We ended up at the beach instead.  He loves the sea.  What a devil he is.  He is now settling down in the kitchen for the night with his well earned bone. He travels so well in the car too, he is our gain and everyone else's loss!

6.08.2011 - He continues to do so well.  Him and Toby the Beagle are inseparable.  They walk on a double lead bobbytogether and play ball with each other.
Bobby is such a gengle dog that he an Abigail our youngest cuddled up to sleep together on the sofa yesterday.  One of his best friends is Colin, one of our cats.  Everyday Colin walks with Bobby and Toby.

He is a joy and has really come out of himself, to the point now that if he and Toby are together they confront every dog!



June 2011 - Abby & Teddy - Homed in the UK

abbyAbby is such a happy little girl, everybody knows and adores her and she has made so many new doggy friends.... I just wanted to say how amazing she is and I honestly couldnt imagine life without her...thank u both so much...
Teddy doing fantastic!! My mum has been spending everyday with him at the farm, and Justin has been taking Teddy to my mums everyday for a couple of hours to get used to the envoirement which he loves!! He adores her sofa and garden!
He is officially moving into my mums on Monday, justin has said teddy is such an amazing little boy. And with Justins help teddy is also now a confident little fella..
He will still be attending day care once a week to see his friends but he will be spending the rest of his time 1-2-1 with my mum xxx



6 June 2011 - Stanley - Homed in Coin, Spain

stanley and arthurStanley has had nearly a week with me now and has settled down beautifully. He walks well on the lead and is becoming more adventurous when it comes to telling me to stop because he has spotted something that needs sniffing. Each morning and evening we walk around the town - north end in the morning and south end in the evening. Each walk takes 45 minutes and Chap and Stanley take turns in dropping their anchors to investigate odd odours or other dogs. On Saturday, even though the market was not on, we went to the street market location and strolled around to get some idea of how well he reacted to dawdling around the stalls. No problem. On Sunday we visited the La Trocha market and enjoyed our longest outing to date - nearly four hours! Stanley is till a little nervous of traffic but coped very well with the people and dogs at La Trocha. Although Chap needed a drink during this outing, Stanley did not. Saturday morning and Sunday evening saw Stanley exposed to some very loud music from the Romeria. He was not too bothered by it but did not like the noise of some of the agricultural machinery being used to tow some of the wagons.

STANLEY UPDATE 12 April 2012

The Stanley Story
or From Indifference to Full on Love.
I was first introduced to Stanley on the death of my beloved Perro Pastor Catala called Scamp. The ladies in the local Cudeca shop decided that I was the ideal candidate for taking over responsibility for Stanley, easing my pain and getting a new home for Stanley. A true “two birds with one stone” scenario.
Stanley had not had too good a time of it and although I could see his potential, I had the feeling that he saw me as yet another attempt to get out of the refuge.
To start with he really did not want to play (not a bad thing for an old owner!) and hated being brushed. I think the word “reserved” described him very well.
Walking on the lead was always a great Stanley achievement and he even managed to imbue Chap (my rescued Cairn Terrier) with a little more self-restraint. Unfortunately, walking nicely also meant, for Stanley, walking very deliberately and slowly. It was a change to be dragging Stanley rather than being dragged by Scamp.
When it comes to food, Stanley is an out-right gannet! He is to the world of dogs what Dyson is to the world of vacuum cleaners! Chap can't eat any faster because his teeth don't mesh properly so he has had to learn to guard his food.
Because Stanley no longer has his family jewels, he smells “wrong” and Chap has fallen madly in love with him. The two of them are like a couple on honeymoon and can be embarrassing in shops!
After a couple of months Stanley decided that his lead did not mean something bad was about to happen and he started getting excited when he saw it in my hands. I could tell he wanted to prance about but he didn't have the full confidence to let his excitement show – almost as if he thought he was doing something wrong.
He loves `playing with his cuddly toys and “kills” them with much gusto.

We have moved into a tiny town house with a roof terrace. Stanley has claimed this for his own and ensured that there is always a collection of his toys up there and has marked the best places for shade as the sun passes overhead. Chap's nose is a little out of joint because he has not managed to assert his seniority over Stanley in the new home and is learning to make concessions in order to continue to have his wicked way with him.
We now live within walking distance of what is almost campo and, for the first time, Stanley has been allowed to walk off the lead. He comes when he is called but doesn't stray too far and constantly checks my position.
He has become a very vocal dog and “talks” to me when he comes for a cuddle several times a day.
Stanley is all that rescue dogs can be – a full blooded treasure!
It has taken several months for him to accept me unconditionally and I think we are both better off for it. Neither Chap nor Stanley have a bad bone in their bodies and do themselves great credit when meeting strange people and strange dogs.
All I have to do to have a perfect Stanley is to persuade him that I really do not like to go down stairs to rescue the toys he “accidentally” throws off the roof.


June 2011 - Zorba - Homed in Manilva, Spain

zorbaHello Joe
Just to let you know that Zorba is doing great, he's settled in very quickly he's certainly a part of the family. I can let him off the lead and he always stays with me when we
go down to the beach or on normal every day walks. He's eating very well i've got him on Bakers complete from Morison's and he's filled out a lot since we first met. I've sent
some photos of Zorba and Kika my dads dog. Thank you Joe and keep up the good work, i've defiantly met my best mate. Justin.

Lilly & Rambo

May 2011 - Dillon - Homed in Holland

dillonHis name is now William jansen   but sometime  mister  jansen  haha  he bin to school 2 cursus  he do very very well!! he life on farm and is very happy .






May 2011 - Choco (brown dog) - Homed in UK

chocoHi Joe & Jan,

Choco is receiving lots of love and has made himself right at home.
He's also got 2 new friends who come and play on the garden with him.




OSITO Homed in Amsterdam

6.04.2011 What a haircut huh!
 Waiting for our boy takes a long time. Meanwhile there 1At adopted. Now do not look back at the pictures. Lanco but was irresistibly like osito. Now we will have two ladies and two gentlemen in the house and that is an even number haha. The baskets, food bowls and straps are ready ... I have even heard the name of tubes. Phew patience is a virtue they say ... what am I dirty haha. Gr trilby and fam

8.06.2011 He's coming!
Osito coming. Can not wait! Soon we start with him a wonderful life! Oh dear what he will be cuddled and spoiled ... Continued .. Grrrrroetjes


11/06/2011 Osito stay at home!
it's been a journey but very rewarding. Osito in zaventem retrieved. Amsterdam instead of Wednesday because Charles (very sadly) are denied to fly. Hats off to the owners of Charles the courage to give up their man! Osito very attached to my daughter Chelsy 9jaar. During the long drive, approx 5 hours ... to be crawled by Chelsy. Our two dogs wanted to play immediately when they return
osito but stayed pretty close to Chelsy. His food was wonderful and he knows he is already in which case it is! Chelsy sleep in the room also went well. The staircase was very funny to watch. All new experiences for him. Our other dog was not Chelsy come but we show him that Chelsy quite enough love for all dogs thus getting better. He is of south Spain to north Netherlands traveled ... phew what a ride for osito. But now enjoy are all nice. About a month about Lanco pick the puppy and then we are complete! 2 males and 2 females. 4heerlijke toddlers together, what a party.

12/06/2011 1 day more ..
Osito already quite familiar. Nice walk .. and yes it was nice and quiet again slept with his girlfriend Chelsy. He looks more contact with the dogs here but Chelsy remains No. 1. Oooh what do the dogs here now? Behind the ball and running through the garden tears haha. Is ff scare me! After dinner check each other's bowls is fun .. He has a place on the bench reserved for himself. The television, he does an eye .. that strange thing. Continued ... Gr trilby and fam

14.06.2011 What a difference ..

Osito thus have voice bands haha. He guarded the garden from the neighbors along with the other two dogs here. He starts here as his territory and to consider playing with the ball is also great fun. Especially steal the ball from the other dog and then very hard to master to run a party. It's a day better osito. He is a real treasure and we are mad with him. Grrrroetjes

18/06/2011 After 1week ...
what a difference .. After 1 week and osito a dog that behaves as if he been here much longer. Feels right at home playing with the other dogs here. Nice leash during walks. What an adorable puppy he is anyway! Exactly as stated on his photo ... a gentle, cuddly animal. Enjoying our new family member ..
23/06/2011 1 2 3 ... start racing!

from inside to outside and back haha ​​and that without touching the walls .. what a party and our oldest dog stands guard in the back garden .. what a couple. let's face it .. osito feels right at home like me! g trilby and family.

29.07.2011 The rest is over ...
I love my cuddle .. osito I have my other dogs from puppy but just as being a strong bond with osito.
It is a real treasure, children's and speaking with his haircut he has stolen my heart. Our horse is very big and he still keeps some distance from it haha. He knows he can play with people and then playfully bites softly, something else as his friend Lanco (Gino) with his sharp puppy teeth phew. That is very funny especially my nose to occasionally seize haha. We sleep with 3honden in their baskets and a puppy in his crate in our bedroom in the morning and then I get attacked by 4 pieces and I find my salvation under the covers ....
Great to wake up anyway! Grrrrrrtjes us

2009 - Missy - Homed in Holland


Missy when she was adopted

April 2009 - Missy

Missy is doing good. She's a happy dog and she's very attached to us now. Sometimes she runs after rabbits, but yeah that's her big passion. It is frustating sometimes to call her and she does not want to hear. But most of the times she comes.She walks loose at places with no traffic and we train her to stay with us. It works untill there is a smell very interesting.She's a very intelligent dog. On the dog-school she does things, no instructor has seen before! bye bye and good luck. Louis and Ellen

April 2010 - hello Joe and Janice, Just want you to know Missy is doing allright! Right now she is lying near the fire place. She loves the warmth.She is still an adorable dog and doing a good job at agility. The only thing is that we cannot let her run lose everywhere, because when she see rabbits or deer she is gone. We had it several times now, but because of her high voice barking we could locate her. With other dogs she gets a little better, not with puppies or little ones, cause i think she sees them as pray too. We still have a movie with the voice of Joe calling her and when she hears it she still remembers you Joe.


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