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General Notes - When you adopt a young or adult dog, please note that if it came by road or plane, it will arrive possibly stressed and tired and will be in a strange place and away from its usual surroundings. We advise you to make sure the dog gets use to you, and your home for a few days before taking out for a walk. Also to make sure it is walked with a collar and a harness at all times and that you use a double leash. As friendly as dog may be and possibly not want to leave your side even after only 24hrs, all it takes is for a cat, rabbit or anything else to distract the dog and he could run off and within minutes be completely lost because everything around will be completely new and will not know how to get back to you, so we please ask you to walk the dog on the leash and harness for at least several weeks

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One by one they pass my cage,
Too old, too worn, too broken, no way.
Way past his prime he can't run and play,
Then they shake their heads slowly and go on their way.

A little old man, arthritic and sore,
It seems I am not wanted anymore.
I once had a home, I once had a bed,
A place that was warm, and where I was fed.

Now my muzzle is grey, and my eyes slowly fail,
Who wants a dog so old and so frail?
My family decided I didn't belong,
I got in their way, my attitude was wrong.

Whatever excuse they made in their head
Can't justify how they left me for dead.
Now I sit in this cage, where day after day,
The younger dogs get adopted away.

When I had almost come to the end of my rope,
You saw my face and I finally had hope.
You saw through the grey, and the legs bent with age,
And felt I still had life beyond the cage.

You took me home, gave me food and a bed,
And shared your own pillow with my poor tired head.
We snuggle and play, and you talk to me low,
You love me so dearly and want me to know.

I may have lived most of my life with another,
But you outshine them with a love so much stronger.
I promise to return all the love I can give,
To You, my dear person, as long as I live.

I may be with you for a week or for years,
We will share many smiles, you will no doubt shed tears.
And when the time comes that God deems I must leave,
I know you will cry and your heart will grieve.

And when I arrive at the Bridge, all brand new,
My thoughts and my heart will still be with you.
And I will brag to all who will hear,
Of the person who made my last days so dear.