Puppies Available for Adoption (See Below)
Puppies available for Adoption

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If a Puppy is adopted and staying in Spain

When Collecting a Puppy we have to ensure as best as we can that it will be sterilised when of age so the adoption fee is the same as an adult Dog. The puppy will have the above items done: Health check – Worming - EU Passport - Vaccination against diseases - Vaccinations against Rabies - Registered Micro chip under your name - Sterilised or Castrated when of age -  Blood test for Leishmaniasis if adopting a pup older than 6 months and when the puppy is of age, you will need to it bring back to our local vet to be Sterilised/Castrated, which will be at no extra cost to you.

If when puppy is of age and should you wish to have the puppy Sterilized/Castrated by your own local vet because of preference or distance, please note that no part of the Adoption fee will be returned and it will be used to help stray/abandoned/abused animals.

The adoption fee is always the same regardless where the dog has been under our care for a long time or whether the dog has had expensive operations e.g. due to a road accident or other…
If you are adopting one of our rescue dogs and you want it delivered to the UK, you also need to take into account the cost of the transport.

RESCUE EXPLAINED: Author unknown:
The neglect changes you.
The abuse hardens you.
The suffering breaks you.
The ignorance angers you.
The indifference disturbs you.
The injustice destroys you.
On a daily basis…your faith will be tested.
Your heart will be wounded....
Your soul will be altered.
On a weekly basis…you’ll question yourself.
You’ll question your strength.
You’ll question the world.
On a monthly basis…you’ll fall down.
You’ll get up.
You’ll go on…
On a yearly basis…you’ll look back…
You’ll see faces…
You couldn’t save them.
You’ll learn to mourn.
To grieve.
To sob.
You’ll learn to trust a little less.
To do a little more.
To fight a little harder.
You’ll learn to try.
To hope.
To pray.
You’ll learn to fail.
To succeed.
To accept.
You’ll learn when to hold on.
When to give up.
When to let go.
You’ll learn who you are.
What you stand for.
Why that matters.
Then… at times… you’ll forget why you matter.
You’ll question what you’re doing.
You’ll wonder if it’s worth it.
But…here’s the good news…
When you forget…
When you question…
When you wonder…
All you have to do…
Is take a look around…
And you’ll see them.
You’ll see their faces.
You’ll see their smiles.
You’ll feel their love.
In their eyes, you’ll see their journeys…
You’ll remember their beginnings…You’ll know how far they’ve come…
You’ll remember when they didn’t know you…
When they didn’t trust you…When they’d given up.
You’ll remember how you healed them…
How you loved them…How they loved you, too.
And as you look back…
You’ll want to move forward…
For them… and because of them.
In your darkest hours, you’ll look around…To find the differences made…the hope given…and the lives saved…
Because you existed.
In those moments, when you look into their eyes…every doubt will be erased.
Every question will be answered.
Every worry will subside.
Because in that instant…in each of your hearts…
You both share the very same thought:
“Every bit of pain was worth it…for this moment here with you.”
And honestly…no matter what else happens…
Those moments hold all the strength you need…
To keep going.
Rescue is pain.
Rescue is joy.
Rescue is worth it…because they are worth it.
And that’s the honest truth.

Ahí va mi casa!

Abandonado por el río
¡Otro perro triste y solo!
No se sabe donde han ido sus dueños.
No le importaba mucho.
Es que la novedad se disipó.
Demasiados problemas, demasiada molestia
Pero lo que no sabe es
Su problema ya es problema de otro.

Tres semanas lleva este perro al lado del río,
Sin comida, ni calor, ni refugio ni cuidado.
Es demasiado fácil arrojarle del coche
Y dejarlo allí.

Cada paso de este perro es agonía
Con su pierna fracturada y retorcida
Pero ¿agoniza a su dueño con
Lo que ha hecho?
No, él ha resistido.

Quizás piensas que alguien bueno
Recogerá a este pobre perro
Y lo llevará al centro de recogidas de animales
Donde lo cuidarán y curarán.
Piénsatelo bien, piénsatelo bien
Porque ya están muy ocupados
Y no pueden salvar a todas las almas
Abandonadas que haya, ¿Sabes?

¡Piénsatelo bien antes de tener un perro!
Tiene su recompensa, pero es un trabajo permanente.
Sin embargo, él no te dejaría abandonado con miedo, ni te miraría con desdén
Él sería tu amigo fiel,
¡De por vida hasta su fin!

La conciencia es la clave ¿sabes?
Hoy día la conciencia de todos está dormida.
Pues no hay excusa para este acto.
Debería ir a la cárcel, ¡Es la verdad!

Allí afuera en el frío y la oscuridad,
Está solo, dolorido y perdido.
¿Quién le ayudará? ¿Quién lo salvará?
Ya que es sólo un número
Muerto en la escarcha.

Piénsatelo bien y acuérdate
De esa alma abandonada.
Esperaba tres largas semanas
Antes de ser encontrado muerto en un agujero.
Aprende la lección, no hagas suposiciones.
¡Piénsatelo bien! ¡Piénsatelo bien!

Una poema por Natalie Galea






There goes my home!

Abandoned by the river
Another sad and lonely dog!
No telling where its owners gone
He didn't care for long.
The novelty wore off you see
Too much trouble, too much bother
But what he doesn't know is
His problem's onto another.

Three weeks now this dog's been at the river
No food, warmth, shelter or care
It's too easy though to throw him from the car
And leave him there.

Every step for this dog is agony
As his leg is fractured and twisted
But does his master agonise
With how he's acted?
No he's resisted!

Hopefully someone kind you may say
Will pick this poor dog up
And take it to the rescue place
Where they'll fix him up!
Think twice, do think twice
As they are busy as can be
And cannot save every soul
Abandoned out there you see!

Think twice before getting any dog!
It’s rewarding but a lifelong job.
Though, he would not dump you off and sneer
Or leave you out there in fear
He'd be your faithful friend,
For life until his end!

Conscience is the key you see
Everyone’s conscience these days is numbed.
Well there's no excuse for this act
It should be prison, that’s a fact!

Out there in the cold and darkness
He's alone, in pain and lost!
Who will help him, who will save him
Now he's just a number
Dead in the frost!

Think twice and recall
That poor abandoned soul.
A long three weeks he waited
Before being found dead in a hole.
Learn a lesson, don't reckon.
Think twice!  Think Twice!

A poem by Natalie Galea. Bor