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Adult Females Available for Adoption (See Below)

COLLECTING a dog in Spain. We ask for an adoption fee of 150 Euros,

What's included in the adoption fee?

DELIVERING a dog to Holland or Belgium. We ask for an adoption fee of 300 Euros for an adult dog or puppy & includes delivery to an airport in Holland or Belgium.

What`s included in the adoption fee?

DELIVERING a dog to UK. We ask for an adoption fee of 150 Euros. Delivery is by road via a DEFRA approved Pet Transport Company. Delivery charge is 250 Euros depending which area you are in..

What's included in the adoption fee?

Health check.
EU Passport.
Vaccinations against diseases.
Vaccinations against Rabies.
Micro chip.
Sterilised or Castrated if adult dog.
Blood test for Adults & for pups over 6 months.
Puppies to be sterilised when old enough by our vet.

Health check.
EU Passport.
Vaccinations against diseases.
Vaccinations against Rabies.
Micro chip.
Sterilised or Castrated (if adult dog).
Blood test for Adults & for pups over 6 months.

Health check.
EU Passport.
Vaccinations against diseases.
Vaccinations against Rabies.
Micro chip.
Sterilised or Castrated if adult dog.
Blood test for Adults & for pups over 6 months.

For delivery to other countries please telephone us (0034)626942427 or email
males available foradoption
puppies availablefor adoption

D-1703 Sita (L)




D-1666 Tipi an


ADOPTED - Holland P.W.



D-1681 Mercy an



D-1521 Ebony





D-1552 Beula an



D-1479 Julia an




D-1510 Eva



D-1515 Chica



D-1523 Emely



D-1505 Maika an




Ref: 9 Bambi



Ref: 4 Daphne



If you decide not to adopt, then why not sponsor one of these long term Females?
sponsor marina

MARINA and her three 7-week old girls were walking along the side of a busy road. Marina was limping badly so we took her to the vet only to find out that it is an old injury. Her front paw is crushed or badly broken and the same further up her leg. How much she must have suffered, poor little thing and on top of all done, getting pregnant. We have a dilemma as the vet says that it cannot be operated on with a good result do to the amount of fractures, this mean that she will be wearing out her paw from rubbing on the floor and we are not sure what pain she is in or will be in the future as she holds it up all the time. The other option is to take the leg off and she will probably be better off as dog on three legs still have a happy life. She is a real friendly little girl. Don’t know how she was suppose to hunt to help feed her litter considering the state of her leg?. We also did a Leishmaniasis test and was positive and very high so she needs expensive medication to keep the level down as well as tablets to control the level. The tablets will probaby be for the rest of her life.

To Sponsor Marina - Click here

Mina - Born 1.01.2013. This lovely little girl and her 4 pups were found abandoned in the countryside. She is very nervous but wants to be friendly. She has been with us a long time and still that trust is not quite there yet. She has Leishmaniasis and is on medication.

To sponsor Mina click here









Sita - Found starving sponsor sandie

This is SITA born approx 2010 - A starving female found collapsedon the side of the road by one of our foster homes. She was able to pick her up and was very friendly. Amazing how some animals just know and are grateful to be saved. We have been to the vet with her and she has a few things wrong with her as you can see nothing that cannot be resolve with love and attention. She will not be up for adoption until she has made a good improvement. She will need good food, treatment and lots of loves. Unfortunately, she will be going to our shelter in a few days time. We will have to squeeze her in somehow and although we look after our dogs very well at the shelter, she would be better off witha family. Please help towards her care by sponsoring.

To sponsor Sita click here

Sandie  - Found laying on the side of the road exausted and dehydrated. She is sweet and gentle natured and must have been someones pet at one time. She has Leishmaniasis and is on tablets at the moment. She is one of our long term dogs

To Sponsor Sandie - Click here







sponsor chiquita

Sox - She was dumped with her brother over a fence when she was a young dog, We have tried to home her several times but she was always afraid of strangers specially if you raised you hands or picked up a stick. This is sure signs of abuse by the previous owners and Sox and her brother Merlin have never really recovered from that. She is now part of our long term dogs.

To sponsor Sox click here.

Chiquita - She was found as a young dog, very thin and undernourished we brought her back to good health. No one ever seeemed to be interested in her and after a while we decided that she would be better off to stay with the rest of the long term dogs here at our home. She is one of our long term dogs.

To sponsor Chiquita click here



Pipa - She was rescued as a pup. She was very nervous and took sometime to get her use to us. She has always been weary of people and likes to be on her own rather than mix with other dogs. She is one of our long term dogs.

To sponsor Pipa click here

This is CANDY, she is a very friendly and lovely Podenco female. Loves her cuddles, is gentle, very alert and very agile, typical of her breed. She walks on the leash, however she can never be taken for a walk without a leash and can jump a 2m fence from a stand still position

To sponsor Candy click here

nana nana

This old Mastin female, which we rescued in August 2018 was 9 years old and looks like she had been abandoned in an Olive Grove and in a bad condition. How long has been around, no water or food. What can we do we are full already with others waiting to come in, but could not ignore this poor dog. Luckily a friend of ours has taken her in till things are sorted out. What a state she was in , covered in sores, had tic fever, absolutely covered in fleas, *high level Leishmania* and in a starving condition as well as a very bad rope or collar burn marks on her neck from being tied up a long time and seems to have a hip problem?  She is now one of our long term dogs. Please help towards her care

To sponsor Nana please click here


Ahí va mi casa!

Abandonado por el río
¡Otro perro triste y solo!
No se sabe donde han ido sus dueños.
No le importaba mucho.
Es que la novedad se disipó.
Demasiados problemas, demasiada molestia
Pero lo que no sabe es
Su problema ya es problema de otro.

Tres semanas lleva este perro al lado del río,
Sin comida, ni calor, ni refugio ni cuidado.
Es demasiado fácil arrojarle del coche
Y dejarlo allí.

Cada paso de este perro es agonía
Con su pierna fracturada y retorcida
Pero ¿agoniza a su dueño con
Lo que ha hecho?
No, él ha resistido.

Quizás piensas que alguien bueno
Recogerá a este pobre perro
Y lo llevará al centro de recogidas de animales
Donde lo cuidarán y curarán.
Piénsatelo bien, piénsatelo bien
Porque ya están muy ocupados
Y no pueden salvar a todas las almas
Abandonadas que haya, ¿Sabes?

¡Piénsatelo bien antes de tener un perro!
Tiene su recompensa, pero es un trabajo permanente.
Sin embargo, él no te dejaría abandonado con miedo, ni te miraría con desdén
Él sería tu amigo fiel,
¡De por vida hasta su fin!

La conciencia es la clave ¿sabes?
Hoy día la conciencia de todos está dormida.
Pues no hay excusa para este acto.
Debería ir a la cárcel, ¡Es la verdad!

Allí afuera en el frío y la oscuridad,
Está solo, dolorido y perdido.
¿Quién le ayudará? ¿Quién lo salvará?
Ya que es sólo un número
Muerto en la escarcha.

Piénsatelo bien y acuérdate
De esa alma abandonada.
Esperaba tres largas semanas
Antes de ser encontrado muerto en un agujero.
Aprende la lección, no hagas suposiciones.
¡Piénsatelo bien! ¡Piénsatelo bien!

Una poema por Natalie Galea

There goes my home!

Abandoned by the river
Another sad and lonely dog!
No telling where its owners gone
He didn't care for long.
The novelty wore off you see
Too much trouble, too much bother
But what he doesn't know is
His problem's onto another.

Three weeks now this dog's been at the river
No food, warmth, shelter or care
It's too easy though to throw him from the car
And leave him there.

Every step for this dog is agony
As his leg is fractured and twisted
But does his master agonise
With how he's acted?
No he's resisted!

Hopefully someone kind you may say
Will pick this poor dog up
And take it to the rescue place
Where they'll fix him up!
Think twice, do think twice
As they are busy as can be
And cannot save every soul
Abandoned out there you see!

Think twice before getting any dog!
It’s rewarding but a lifelong job.
Though, he would not dump you off and sneer
Or leave you out there in fear
He'd be your faithful friend,
For life until his end!

Conscience is the key you see
Everyone’s conscience these days is numbed.
Well there's no excuse for this act
It should be prison, that’s a fact!

Out there in the cold and darkness
He's alone, in pain and lost!
Who will help him, who will save him
Now he's just a number
Dead in the frost!

Think twice and recall
That poor abandoned soul.
A long three weeks he waited
Before being found dead in a hole.
Learn a lesson, don't reckon.
Think twice!  Think Twice!

A poem by Natalie Galea




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