Animals In Distress (A.I.D.)

My name is Maika

Video 25.2.2016 (photos 14.04.2017)
Name: Maika Ref: D-1505
Sex: Female Sterilised Yes
Born: 10.02.2015 Ok with Dogs Yes
Breed Podenco Ok with cats Will chase
Shoulder height 45cm Ok with Children Yes
Please note that size is approximate but we class Small = up to 40cm. Medium = 40 - 50cm. Large = 50+cm

MAIKA: A medium-sized Podenco. A sweet and gentle young lady with a loving character. She is super with other dogs and people. Maika is very attentive as you can see in the mini movie. Podenco's are very special, loyal and loving pets. In a well-protected environment, Maika likes to show off her skills such as running around and returning a ball. She runs neatly with harness on the leash. She deserves a wonderful place to live.

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