The new Cattery 1 January 2014

Last Chance-AID-Animal Rescue need help for the long term cats

If you cannot adopt a cat, have you ever thought of Sponsoring one?

For some of our cats, finding a home is extremely hard. This can be because of the age, breed, or long term treatment that some stray/abandoned cats may need.

These cats will probably have to stay under our care for a very long time and sponsoring helps to cover some of the costs like food, regular worming, vaccinations including rabies, passport, micro hip and neutering

Help us to maintain a happy and deserving good life for our long term cats. Your Sponsorship will help towards their care. We will email you a Certificate with a photo of one of the cat you choose

We never put an animal to sleep unless it’s very ill and only then under our vet’s recommendation

Cupcake - Born 1.12.2017. She was rescued when she was about 1 year old. Very friendly nature and was rehomed in 2019 to an elderly lady that eventually went back to UK and could not take her. We feel it was an excuse as well as the fact that since then, we have been told that Cupcake would hardly use the dirt tray and would do her jobs wherever she likes. She would be more suited as an outside cat, so adoption could be possible if the right environment was available?
From 5€ to 50€ per month
Luna - Born 1.01.2009. She was original saved from the street as a feral cat and has been with us foir many years, was very scared at first but now just timid. She has been in our cattery for so long that she sees this as her home. She is one of our long term cats.
Sponsor LUNA
From 5€ to 50€ per month
Blacky - Born 15.09.2014. He was trapped as a feral cat when he was about 2 yeras old. Had to be separeted in our cattery as he would d fight with the other cats. After several month, he was integrated and is now ok . and although there are still arguments, there are no claws geing shown. He is now friendly but very independent.
Sponsor BLACKY
From 5€ to 50€ per month
Timmy. Born 2009. He has spent most of his life in a cattery and was very terrified of new people. Everyone that comes to see our cats never offers to adopt him because he is not friendly with them, yet he rolls over for me and my wife as we are the only ones he trusts. Timmy is now one of our long term cats
Sponsor TIMMY
From 5€ to 50€ per month


I’m getting on in years,
My coat is turning grey.
My eyes have lost their lustre,
My hearing’s just okay.

I spend my day dreaming,
Of conquest in my past.
Lying near a sunny window,
Waiting for its warm repast.

I remember our first visit,
I was coming to you free.
Hoping you would take me.
And keep me company.

I wasn’t young or handsome,
Two years I’d roamed the street.
There were scars upon my face,
I hobbled on my feet.

I could sense your disappointment,
As I left my prison cage.
Oh, I hoped you would accept me,
And look beyond my age.

You took me out of pity,
I accepted without shame.
Then you grew to love me,
And I admit the same.

I have shared with you your laughter,
You have wet my fur with tears.
We’ve come to know each other,
Throughout these many years.

Just one more hug this morning,
Before you drive away.
And know I’ll think about you,
Throughout your busy day.

The time we have left together,
Is a treasured time at that.
My heart is yours forever,
I promise – This old cat.