Animals In Distress (A.I.D.)

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Joe - A.I.D. President happy endings

Joe & Janice run the AID animal charity since 2008. Our aim is to rescue abandoned, abused animals and find them forever homes

ABOUT US - For many years we independently helped animals in England. We moved to the Costa del Sol in 1998 and helped animals whenever possible.  A few years later we moved inland to Coin and became even more aware of the plight of so many animals.

In 2006 we started as fundraisers and worked with like-minded people to help the individual Foster homes and the small Rescue Centres that look after and home animals. 

Due to the volume of Stray and Abandoned animals we became more involved in 2007 rescuing and homing animals and in early 2008 we became a registered charity No. 7974 - CIF Nº G92937002 . All the Dogs are based in our shelter except the young and sick, which are taken care off in our home or foster home. We also have a small cattery. Please note that we do not take in people’s own pets. Our mission is to try to find good secure homes for the stray, abandoned, abused animals that we take in as well as networking with other charities to find homes here and in other parts of Europe. When financially able we also try to help the individuals and small charities that are overloaded with animals and lack the funds, so we provide food and medical care.

• Vet consultations
• Blood tests…
• Treatment for the above when positive
• Drops & Parasital collars for protection against flea, tick, Leishmaniasis
• Regular worming
• Sterilising dogs
• Sterilisng cats
• Vaccinations (3 for pups)
• Rabies vaccinations
• Cat vaccinations
• Special Puppy/kitten milk + food
• Micro chips
• EU Passports
• Dog food
• Cat food
• Cat litter
• Collars and leads
• Animal houses for refuge/foster homes
• Beds
• Toys
• Unexpected operations (road accident etc…)
• Travel costs for homed animals in Europe
• Road transport cost for homed animals here and to UK
• Sterilising feral cats when funds are available
• Projects expenses to help animals that come into our care.
• Paying for all expenses for our `long term´ animals
• Other unforeseen expenses to help the animals
• Collaborating & helping some private individuals that rescue animals as well as some dog charities.
• Running costs of the charity (rents, accountant etc…)
• We are classified as *Animos sin Lucro* Roughly translate means *Intentions without profits*


We do not receive any funding from the Government or local authority.

Our charity does not have any paying members and we are classified as ‘Animos sin lucro’, which an exact translation would be ‘intentions without profit’ in other words all the funds raised are used for helping the animals and none of our shop volunteers or the charity committee, which includes ourselves takes a wage in any way shape or form.

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